Part One:  The Spiritual Preceptor and the Disciple
A. The Essence of the Guru-Disciple Relationship
3. The heart of the Guru
4. Guru-Bhakti
5. Guru Sishya Yoga
6. The Essence of the Guru-Disciple Relationship

B. What Should be the response of the Disciple
7. Self-awareness As Distinguished From
8. Supreme Grace And Self-effort: The Life Triumphant
9. An Awakening Must Be Followed By
    Purposeful Action
10. True Discipleship
11. Permeate Your Life with Divine Bhava
12. Be Aware of the Guru's Presence

C. What Gurudev Taught us
13. Gurudev's Awakening Call
14. Die to Live
15. The Penetrating Vision
     that Beholds Everything As a Blessing
16. Our Relationship with God, World and Self
17. Why You Are Called Radiant Atman
18. What Gurudev Taught
19. How to Lead the Divine Life