Part Three: The Path to Liberation
A. The Supreme Vision Of Sanatana Vaidika Dharma
60.The Vedic Vision of Life
61.The Harmony Between Grace and Divine Power
62. The Indian Hindu Experience of the Personal God 
63.The Life Breath of Sanatana Vaidika Dharma
64. The Greatest Discovery of Our Upanishadic Seers
65. Life Is Upheld by Sacrifice

B. The Understanding and Practice of The Supreme Truth
66. Brahman in Time and Space
67. The Central Purpose of All Spiritual Practices
68. The Heart of the Spiritual Problem
69. By What Light is Consciousness Known?
70. Understanding Thou Art That
71. The Realm of 10,000 Awakenings
72. Abide in  Your Self!
73. How We Should Approach Great Truths
74. Practice the Great Revelation
75. Non-duality and You
76. It is What You Are and Do That Counts
77. Knowledge,  Meditation and Spiritualising Your Life

C. Liberation and The Mind
78.  Be Aware of Your Interim Dimension
79. With What You Have, Make the Highest and Best Use
80. Convert Your Mind into a Liberator
81. Our Relationship to the Inner and Outer World 
82.  Abide Beyond the Mind
83. Living Concentration
84. Withdrawal of the Mind Through Prayer
85. You Decide the Direction the Mind Will  Take 
86. Mind Was Not Given To Be a Problem

D. Devotion, Faith, Surrender
87. Undivided Love
88. Devotion That Liberates
89. Faith Must Be Living
90. What Should BE Our Bhava at the Feet Of the Lord?
91. A Faith That Sustains 
92. Responding to the Call of God 
93. The Sure Solution
94. Real Surrender and Adoration
95. Divine Bhava Must Be Constant

E. The Living Of Our Life
96. Keep Moving Towards the Great Destination
97. The Truth About Karma
98. How Action Will Not Bind
99. Work That Liberates
100. Expand Your identification to others
101. Dynamic Selflessness
102. Liberation is the Ultimate Simplicity
103. Do it Because it is Right
104. The Life That You Meant to Live
105. To Live for God Is Life
106. Bear Witness to the Truth