Part Two: The Foundation and Fundamentals of Liberation
A. Introduction to the Foundation and Fundamentals of Liberation
20. Wisely Discern the Foundation and Fundamentals 
    of the Spiritual Life

B. What is Liberation?
21.What is Bondage? What is Liberation?
22.What is the Greatest Victory?
23.Is Liberation Possible in This Very Birth?
24. The Essence of All Spiritual Practices

C. Truth, Non-Injury, Purity
25. The true Basis of Morality
26.Never Abandon Virtue
27. A Call To Rebirth
28.The Glory of Truth, Non-injury and Purity
29. Truth
30.The First Step

D. Sure Guarantees of Success

31.Be Clear About the Goal
32. Developing a Longing for God.
33.Sustained Enthusiasm
34..Today Move Onwards and Upwards
35. How Gurudev Became What He Was 
36.Do You Have a Sense of Urgency? 
37. Belief, Faith, Being and Doing
38.Effort Linked with Faith
39.He is Your Guide, Friend and Philosopher 
40 See the Great Reality Even in Obstacles
41.Daily Life: A Test of Inner Sadhana

E. Discrimination
42.The Implications of the Law of Karma
44.Fine-tuning Your Discrimination
45.Practice and Dispassion
46.Duality in Non-duality

F. It's Your Choice
47.You Are What You Choose to Become
48.What Will Be Your Choice?
49.Choose to Dwell in Truth
50.You Choose What You Behold: God or Maya
51.Choose to Manifest What You Are

G. Self-Control
52. Liberation Has an Immediate Relevance
53. Self-management Is Essential for Liberation
54. The Overcoming of Oneself
55. Is Denial of Self-expression Doing Violence to Oneself?

H. Introspection
56. Take Responsibility: Introspect
57. Always Scrutinise Your Inner Motives
58. Ask Yourself a Plain Question
59.Metaphysical Introspection