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Yoga Teacher’s Training Camp (Dec 21, 2004 - Jan 10, 2005) 

Sri Divya Jivan Sanskrutik Sangh
Sivananda Ashram, Jodhpur Tekari, Sivananda Marg, Ahmedabad 380 015. 
Ph.: 079-26861234 Tele Fax: 079-26862345  
Website: www.divyajivan.org

Venue : Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad.
   Time:   Dec 21, 2004- Jan 10,2005


1                 Admission is available to person who have completed 20 years of age.

2                    Those who have practiced Yogasan and Pranayam in past and desire to teach to others in future or those who are interested in Yoga-Sadhana and accept it as a part of their life only are requested to join the program

3                    (1) In this training program participants will be taught Yogasan, Pranayama, Meditation, Kriya, Mudra, Bandha, Sankha Prakshalan, Yog-nidra etc.

(2) In addition to, Maharshi Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga, other types of important Yogasan, anatomy and hygiene will be taught by qualified insturctors.

4                    In the admission form the following details are to be given (i) Name (ii) Age (iii) Full Address (iv) Occupation  (v) Details of Yoga Studies (vi) Experience as a Yoga Teacher (vii) Educational Qualification (viii) Knowledge of languages (ix) Hobbies (x) Addiction if, any (Tobacco addiction in any form is prohibited in the Ashram) (xi) Disease if , any give details (xii) Do you have your spiritual Master?  If so give the name (xiii) Are you connected with any spiritual or social institute?  If so, give the nature of service you are doing. 

5                    In the admission form you have to state that you join this program  purely with the feeling of a Sadhak and willingly obey rules, regulations and discipline of the Shibir.

6                    During your stay at the Ashram you have to put on White trouser / Pant, White shirt/ clothes. During performing Asanas also you shall have to put on white dress.

7                    Please come with coverlet as per season, a carpet for doing Asana and things of your routine daily use.

8                    The fee for the entire course is Rs. 5000/- only.  This includes charges for your stay, food and education.  The fees are to be paid through Cash/ Cheque/ Demand Draft of Rs. 5000/- or $125  favoring Divya Jivan Sanskrutik Sangh” Payable at Ahmedabad and is to be submitted with the admission form on or before Dec 15, 2004.

9                    The aim of this Shibir is to impart education to persons who are really desirous and fit to undergo the course.  If you are offered the admission, you are requested to come to Sivananda Ashram, Jodhpur Tekri, Ahmedabad-15, on Dec 20, 2004 by 10.00 am in the morning with necessary things of your daily use.  After the Shibir is over, you can go back to your destination after 4.oo pm,  Jan 10, 2005.

10               The fees are non-refundable, if the participant is sent home for any reason of breach of Ashram discipline or the participant leaves the Shibir of his own will. 

The aim of organizing the Shibir is to cultivate healthy mind and practical efforts to experience God.  


Registration  Form



Surname                          Name                     Father/Husband’s Name


Phone :Mobile:


Give details of Yoga- Studies if any:

Give Details of your experience as a Yoga Teacher if any:

Educational Qualification:

Give Names of languages you know:

Sate your hobbies:

Do you have any addiction?

Are you suffering from any disease?  Give details.

Do you have your Spiritual Master? If so, give Name:

Are you connected with any spiritual or social institute?  Give the details of service you perform:

I have gone through all the rules of the Training Program and they are acceptable to me.  With this form I pay Rs. 5000/$ 125 as necessary fees for the program. 


Signature of the participant

P.S. For the International Student : If needs further assistance, pick up from & to the Airport etc.. Please do not hesitate to contact  the Ashram.     


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