News & Activity Report for the Month of June 2012

Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad




 June 1, 2012 Holy Sanyyasa day of Sri Gurudev Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj was celebrated with prayers & meditation in the hours of dawn and a special Satsang in the evening. 

Chariot Festival (Ratha Yatra) of the Lord Jagannatha at the Ashram ( June 21, 2012 )

 The significance of Chariot Festival as per Vedic scriptures is that anyone who sees Lord Jagannatha or pulls His chariots earns an immense spiritual benefits. By His supreme potency, the Lord agrees to personally enter the form of Deity, just to accept the loving service of His devotees. In this sense the Deity is non-different from the Lord Himself. And once a year Lord Jagannatha comes forth in His entire magnificent splendor to enjoy the Ratha-yatra parade and show Himself to all.

At our ashram, we had a graceful Ratha Yatra on June 21, 2012 . The Idols of Lord Sri Jagannatha, brother Balaramji & sister Subhadraji were adorned splendidly after ceremoniously worshipped by temple priest. Then the idols were  mounted on the silver thrown in decorated chariot and brought out for the procession. It was a joyous occasion for all. Devotees were singing and dancing in the praise of the Lord. Devotees present on the occasion experienced the Divine Presence of the Lord.

A meeting of Ashram’s executive samitee was held on the  June 17, 2012 before Sri Swamiji Maharaj’s departure for "Divya Tour 2012"  to the West. Trustees, executive board members, life members of the trust all were gathered at the Ashram. They discussed the activities, programs held in the previous year as well as programs, projects in the coming financial year. At 10:00 am annual trustee meeting of  Divya Jivan Sanskrutik Sangh, Ahmedabad was held. After that trustee meeting, Annual General Meeting was held under the Presidentship of Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj. In the meeting it was anonymously decided that Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj will be permanent President of the Sri Divya Jivan Sanskrutik Sangh.  

On June 18, 2012 Pujya Swamiji paid visit to Ambaji temple before departing for the Divya Tour. Also, Swamiji had darshan and blessings of His Holiness Sri Pramukh Swamiji Maharaj.

Regular Ashram Activities

At Ashram regular Yoga classes in seven batches for beginners and advanced yoga students carried out this month as usual.

Sivananda Clinic at the Ashram -  Dr. Snehal Amin’s consultation on how to cure diseases by yogic science continues and  number of patients who got benefited increasing day by day.

 Many devotees participated in regular religious worships at the Ashram namely Guru Paduka Pooja on Thursday, a special evening worship at Sri Ashtalaksmi Bhavan on Friday, Sri Sunderkand Path on Saturday, a special Satsang on Sunday and daily night satsangs. Also Sri Lalita Sahasranam at Sri Ashtalakshmi Bhavan and Sri Satyanarayan pooja on full Moon day were performed.

As always, on first Sunday Grain distributed to needy and on 3 rd of the month feeding to poor were done. Nutritious food was provided to children under Narayana seva project run by the Ashram. About 600 Kg grain was distributed to underprivileged families. Daily Satsang and pujas are performed regularly in the temples.

 Other News 

Pujya Swami Adhyatmanandaji's Divya Tour 2012 to the West 

Satsang through Divya Tour 

Germany ( June 22, 2012 – June 28, 2012 )
Pujya Swamiji visited Aachen University and also ancient church which was established in 1758 A.D. Swamiji was brought to a famous town hall of Aachen which is being graced by international personalities like Pope John Paul second, Mr. Tony Blair, Mr. Bill Clinton and other dignitaries. They were recognized for their humanitarian services. Sri Swamiji addressed a gathering organized by protestant church for inter religion dialogue. During his stay Swamiji visited Flower expo 2012 in Venlo (Netherland). On June 28, 2012 Swamiji departed for U.S.A. 

Chicago ( June 28, 2012 - July 1, 2012 )
Pujya Swamiji’s program at Chicago was great. Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago organized Yoga-Spiritual program of Sri Swamiji Maharaj. People young and old, beginner and established yoga students came to attend morning yoga classes (6.30am to 8.30am). Each one derived benefits from Swamiji’s yoga teaching because Swamiji included simple, easy and useful yoga postures for the beginners more advanced postures for the established students. HTGC big hall was full with Yoga enthusiasts. They expressed their gratitude to Sri Swamiji.  

Evening satsang at the Vivekananda center of the HTGC on the subject of “Way to Bliss” was well received by the attendees. “Denting of I (ego), surrendering to the Lord and through selfless service, one can achieve Bliss; was the theme of the discourse. Swamiji’s satsang on different subjects like “Japa sadhana”, “Inward Transformation”, “Living Yoga way of life” & “Gurubhakti Yoga” were very enlightening to keep listener’s mind hundred percent attentive including sevak, who is moving around with Swamiji all day and exhausted. It was very hectic four days for Swamiji, the day started at 4.30 am ( wake up call for the host and Swamiji) and starting from home for Morning yoga at 5.45 am until 10pm, traveling from one place to the next attending devotees’ request for Bhiksha, home visit, evening temple satsang etc but when it is satsang time and Swamiji starts speaking, he was found ever fresh and in a different realm.

Tree plantation was done in the HTGC campus garden by Sri Swamiji together with HTGC President Sri Gopalan, Sri Bhima Reddy, Sri Prasadji, Yoga committee chair & other committee members. HTGC is serving Chicago community for about twenty five years and it has bloomed into one of the finest religious and cultural centers in Chicago metropolitan area.     

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