News & Activity Report for the Month of April 2013

Sivananda Ahram , Ahmedabad 

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In the Month of April  2013 one after the another religious festivals, Yoga & Meditation camp, Spiritual Retreat, Satsang of Mahatmas continued here at Sivananda Ashram, as if  Utsav Ganga flowed in a true sense.

" Satsanga is the greatest of all purifiers and illuminators of man. It is extremely difficult to come in contact with saint and to be benefited by his company. It is through divine grace only one will get his darshan and satsanga. A realized sage or saint is a fountain of delight, joy and illumination.  Seek his company and evolve. Serve him with faith and devotion. Follow the teachings of saints and sages, the perfected Beings, the seers of truth." - Swami Sivananda     

759th Yoga, Meditation & Pranayam Camp (April 11  to April 20, 2013) 

At the Ashram Ten days Yoga camp  was conducted by Pujya Swami Adhyatmanandaji. It was inaugurated by H. H Sri Swami Ganganandapuri Maharaj, from Ganeshpur, Gawana, Uttarkashi. It was attended by mostly professional group including doctors and a group from ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) Dr. Mayur Patel, who is a well-known Diabetologist  gave a talk on the subject of prevention and treatment of Diabetes. 

Sri Ramnavmi Utsav (April 20, 2013) From April 11th to 18th April, large numbers of devotees joined in daily Parayan of holy Sri Tulsi Ramayan at Sri Ashtalakshmi Bhavan. It concluded on Sri Ramnavmi day with grand worship of Lord Sri Rama at Sri Rama temple of the Ashram.

Sri Hanuman Jayanti (April 25, 2013) At the  Ashram, Holy Sri Hanuman Jayanti was celebrated and Maruti Yajna was performed by devotees at Sri Dukhbhanjan Hanuman Temple of the Ashram. 

On April 15th, Ashram celebrated Revered Swami Gurusevanandaji Maharaj’s 95th birth day, he has been serving the ashram for the last twelve years. 

On  April 2, 2013 Board of trustee’s meeting was held. After Prayers and Guru vandana upcoming religious festival details was planned out. Also, other karma yoga activities, seva projects affairs were discussed.

 Spiritual Retreat - Gujarat Divya Jivan Sangh (April 28, 2012) About three hundred and forty-six people attended one day spiritual retreat held by Gujarat Divya Jivan Sangh here at Sivananda ashram, Ahmedabad.  Key members of  the most of the centers of Gujarat Divya Jivan Sangh were present. Pujya Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj welcomed all.

Address by Pujya Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj (in full, on the occasion)

Revered Swamiji Vidyaprakashananda of Tatvatirth, Sri Paramananda Gandhi of Swadhyaya Pariwar, M.M Sri Swami Advaitanandaji of Sri Advaita Vedant Ashram, Panvel, Mumbai, Sri Swami Asanganandaji Maharaj of Jnana Sadhana Ashram, Heranj (Nadiad) and Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji gave a talk on spiritual subjects.They all shared their thoughts on essence of spirituality, need of Daily Sadhana,  Vedant study,  Swadhyaya, Meditation, Japa, Be in Silence (Mauna) and Self introspection. Revered Swamini Vidyaprakashananda and other saints lit the lamp and  Sri Arun Oza thanked the speakers and devotees those who participated in retreat with great enthusiasm. 

On the auspicious occasion of 12th Patotsav of Sri Ashtalaxmi intense spiritual activities were organized at the Ashram. It commenced on April 28th and concluded on May 3rd  Devotees were fortunate to get darshan and satsang of Mahatmas. 

12th Patotsav of Sri Maa Ashtalaxmi Adishakti Peeth Utsav(April 29, 2013) The day began with early morning Sri Yantra Puja by devotees together with Revered Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj, followed by Holy Navachandi Yajna, Maha Aarti and MahaPrasad served to all. At evening satsang Vikaschandra Parikh and his student enchanted the large audience with devotional music in praise of Maa Sri Ashtalakshmi. 

 Divya Satsang on April 30, 2013;  H.H.Sri Swami Viditatmanandaji shared enlightening thoughts on the subject of “Gita Chintan” and  H. H. Sri Madhavpriyadasji spoke on the subject of “Bhagawat Chintan”. Divya satsang on May 1, 2013; Revered mother Anantananda Tirth spoke on "Manav Seva" and Revered mother Purnaprajna from Raiwala-Rishikesh spoke on "Atma Chintan". Divya satsang on May 2, 2013; Revered Mahant Sri Devprasad Bapu of Sri Anandabava Ashram, Jamnagar spoke on the subject of “ Sri Ramcharit Manas”. Sri Ajaybhai Yajnik’s Ram Bhajan filled air with deep devotion in already charged atmosphere.

Birthday celebration of Pujya Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji( May 3, 2013)  With deep devotion devotees at Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad, celebrated 69th the birthday of their beloved  Pujya Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj. As always, it was celebrated in a spiritual way with more Japa, Meditation and in the presence Holy Saints on May 3, 2013. The day began with group prayers in early morning which followed a special felicitation program by morning yoga attendees. Sri Swamiji Maharaj distributed prasad to all students.

After paying homage at the shrine of Sri Gurudev at Chidananda Dhyan Mandir, Sri Sri Ashta Laxmi Bhawan, Sri Rama Hanuman Temple & Sri Vishwanath Temple, Sri Swamiji Maharaj joined the devotees in "Aayushya Homam" which continued till mid-day. At mid-day a delicious lunch was served to hundreds of the Daridranarayana in underprivileged area of the town. At the ashram hundreds of devotees were served attended maha-prasad.

Evening session commenced at 06:00 PM with devotional classical vocal music by Pandit Sri Nirajchandra Parikh. Revered Bishop, Joseph Appavu, Gyani Ratan Singhji from Gurudwara, Madam Kamar Mohsin, Revered Didi Sarlaji from Brahmakumaris. Maha Mandleshwar Sri Vishwambhar Bhartiji Maharaj (Junaharh) M.M. Sri Advaitanandaji Maharaj from Panvel, Mumbai. Sri Swami Paramanandaji from Vadodara, Revered Maa Poorna Prajna from Raiwala, Rishikesh, Swami Yoganandaji from Rishikesh, Swamai Vivekanandaji from Gita Mandir graced this blessed occasion. Devotees expressed their love, reverence and gratitude to Pujya Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj in so many different ways & in different words for his praiseworthy work creating Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad a blossoming spiritual center that provides the field to spiritual aspirants to evolve in their spiritual journey forward, onward & Godward. 

In response, Pujya Sri Swamiji in HIS overwhelming devotion to His Master expressed  humbly his core feelings that initially, I used to see this “Sivananda Ashram” as a body of my “Master Sri Swami Sivananda”, but now,  here, there and every where I see, feel Revered Gurudev Himself. So, my mission is to serve, serve and serve until my last breath, this body will allow.

The evening function continued in festive mood and culminated in guided meditation by Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj at midnight. Thus the whole day's celebrations concluded very late at night. 

Satsangs & Tours of Pujya Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj during the month of April 2013 

Ahmedabad: On  April 11, 2013 on Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj inaugurated all religion meet at hotel Sarovar. About two hundred delegates from famous world religions gathered. They came from Germany, Japan, Spain, U.K. Mexico, Brazil, USA, China and other parts of India. In His inaugural speech Revered Swamiji talked about unity of all religion. He said that how we enjoy different ethnic foods  like Mexican, Italian, Chinese or Indian so, why can’t we have tolerance for other’s religions? The need is the religious leaders, great bishop, fathers, Maulvis, Gyanis of Gurudwara or saints and sages of Hindu should come together and work towards bringing harmony, respect and love for each other. The function was attended by very high office of Christian dais and Mosques.

Jaipur Pilani: (April 3, 2013 to April 10, 2013) Pujya Sri Swamiji Maharaj was welcomed by Members of Divine life society Jaypur and devotees of Gurudev Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj. Revered Swamiji Maharaj visited the branch of DLS Jaipur and had a darshan of newly installed Panchmukhi Shiva Deity, made out of gold.

Sri Swamiji addressed to youth at Sri Swami Keshwananda Institute of science. Swamiji’s inspiring message to Youth was to be loyal and faithful to your own self. Regards and respect for your mother land, mother tongue and respect your  mother. Hold on to your rich heritage and culture. speak your mother tongue, feel great honor to be a Indian. Be bold, build your character on bases of virtues then you will shine and prosperous. A grand blood drive and tree plantation was organized here.  Late in the evening  Pujya Swamiji attended  a big spiritual congregation at Ganganagar house Jaipur.  

On April 5, 2013 Revered Swamiji arrived Birla Institute of Technical science (BITS) at Pilani. Revered Sri Basantkumar Birlaji, Revered Mother Sarladevi Birlaji and family members of late Sri Kumarmangalam Birlaji and Sri Madanlal Dalmiyaji welcomed Revered Swamiji Maharaj. Sri Swamiji Maharaj inaugurated 3rd exhibition gallery at the BITS and also addressed a big gathering at BITS and at Dalmiya research centre. 

On April 6, 2013 A group of devotees with Sri Swamiji Maharaj, Mahamandaleshwar Sri Swami Jagadishapuriji Maharaj (Kota) Sri Swami Rajeshwaranandaji Maharaj (Indore, MP) visited holy shrine of salasarji and Revered Dadi Ranisatiji at Zunzunu. Rajasthan.

On April 7, 2013 A special satsang was organized at Sri Dalmiya center and at Birla Institute of Technical science (BITS) at Pilani to mark upcoming Vasant Navaratri and Sri Ramanavami. Sri Swamiji Maharaj spoke learning from Sunderkanda, purity, character and vigor of Lord Hanuman. Dinner followed a satsang organized by Revered Sri Dalmiyaji at Navalgarh, Engineering College. Blood donation drive on large scale was organized and tree plantation was done also. On April 9, 2013 Sri Swamiji addressed teaching staff of KIST and GIST educational institute of higher education in technology.

Tour to Saurastra ( April 20, 2013  & April 23, 2013) On April 20, 2013 Sri Swamiji Maharaj,  Pujya Sri Swami Ganganandapuri and a devotee group visited Bhavnagar, Virnagar and Rajkot. Then they went to Jamanagar, attended the platinum jubilee function, Ayushya Homa and felicitation of Sri Kishorebhai Dave a renowned Gitacharya and founder president of Sadhana Mandir, Gita Vidyalay Jamnagar. He has been serving the Sadhana Mandir for the last sixty years.

Jhanor, Khedbrahma, Ambaji & Nadri (April 23, 2013 & April 24, 2013): Here at Jahnor village devotees organized grand holy Sri Navachandi Yajna, About fifteen thousand  people joined the Puja and festivity. Revered Sri Swamiji graced the occasion with his holy presence. Pujya Swamiji remembered H.H. Sri Swami Bhumanandaji, who spent fourteen years of his life sojourn here at Jhanor at the bank of Narmada. On the way Swamiji’s group had darshan at Ambaji and proceeded to Khedbrahma and Nadri. At Nadri 111 Kundi Ati-Rudra Yajna was organized for three days. About 20,000 people attended this grand Yajana. They all got blessed by Pujya Swamiji’s holy presence and satsang. Swamiji praised their sacred sankalpa of having Ati-Rudra Yajana performed on such a large scale and explained a meaning of  Yajana.  To sacrifice ego, lust and anger is a true Yajana spirit.  Om Shanti!

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