News & Activity Report for the Month of July 2014

Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad

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" The Guru is the boat, To cross this ocean of Samsara; 
The Guru is the passport, To the kingdom of Eternal bliss; 
The Guru is the ladder, To lift you to the peak of perfection. 
Serve your Guru well with Bhakti. You will obtain his grace, And reach the goal of life." - Swami Sivananda

Month of July was highlighted with sacred Gurupurnima satsang, Aradhna day satsang & Holy Shravan Month worship at the Ashram.

Gurupurnima Satsang  (July 12, 2014)  Guru Purnima was celebrated in great reverence and devotion at the Ashram. The satsang began with recitation of Sri Jai Ganesh prayers, Sivananda Panchkam , Guru Strotras. Over six hundred devotees participated in Gurudeav’s Paduka and satsang. Smt. Surekhaben Sonar, Smt. Rupaben Majmudar, Smt. Sunita and Shri Shaishavbhai Shah, Shri Birendra Das and Shri Suryakantbhai Chhatbar shared their experiences of Guru krupa prasad. Miss Sangeeta Thawani sang a bhajan in glory of the Guru.  Prasad-dinner was served to all.

On July 20, 2014 satsang was held on the occasion of 51st Mahasamadhi day of Gurudev Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj. Large number of devotees participated in paduka pujan Prasads was distributed to underprivileged and needy people as Narayan Seva.

Holy Shravan month celebration ( July 27, 2014 - Aug 24, 2014)  -  The holy month of “Shravan” has special significance for worshiping Lord Siva. Holy Shravana Ashram is like a pilgrimage place (Yatra Dham). Devotees are coming to offer special  Puja, Rudrabhishek, Rudri Path, Parthiveshwar Puja, Prahar Puja, Abhisekatmak Laghu Rudra & Sava Lacs Bilva-Patra archana to Lord Vishavanath Mahadev at the Ashram. Evening discourses on Shiv Puran Katha by Bhagavatacharya Respected Shri Vinod Pandya Sahastriji has been organized and large number of devotees are attending to listen the glories of Lord Shiva. Katha will be concluding on Aug 24 with grand worship on Amavasya day.

A regular activities of the ashram; Yoga classes, Beginner’s Yoga Training, Reiki training, daily satsang, weekly satsang, Poor Feeding three times/ month, Grocery distribution, Yoga therapy, Homeopathic treatment etc were carried out as usual during the month of  July.


Adhyatma Tour 2014 of  H. H.  Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji
 ( June 13, 2014 - Sept 2, 2014) to USA, Canada &  UK)

Adhyatma Tour 2014 reflection

 Sharing the experiences of devotees ..............


People asked Pujya Swamiji the secret of His ever Vibrant, Radiant & Joyful nature? "Abide In The SELF",  He says………." In all condition I am Bliss, Bliss, Bliss Absolute"……Adopt, Adjust &  Accommodate" ……And each breath of His, is in the remembrance of GOD and in the service of His Gurudev Sri Swami Sivanandaji Mahahraj & Gurubhagavan Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj. Their ever flowing Grace is the force behind everything.

Yes, that is what we observe being with HIM in proximity during HIS Adhyatma Tour. Pujya Swamiji carries a spark of love, light & joy. He kindles and inspire people, who ever come in contact with HIM. HIS Divine satsang and Yoga teaching has brought joy, peace & bliss to countless spiritual aspirants and yoga enthusiasts in the West. Devotees appreciate His simplicity, sincerity and down to earth simple living, a Yoga way of Living, in the true sense

Adhyatma Tour 2014 of Pujya Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj commenced from Chicago on June 13. Pujya Swamiji received warm welcome by Naiks. Swamiji call Chicago His " Mother Center".  Swamiji's Adhyatma tours get organized as per SIVA's WILL, ever since Pujya Swamiji has established Holy Master Swami Sivanandaji at HIS abode.

Adhyatma Tour is moving smoothly with Gurudev's grace & blessings – The programs at Chicago, Madison, Corpus Christi,  Los Angeles, Atlanta, Charlotte,  Milwaukee,  Indianapolis, Detroit , Toledo, Toronto are completed and now in its last segment to New Jersey ( Aug 5 – Aug 17). Spiritual and Yoga Retreat at Sanatan Mandir (at Parsippany) and Srimad Bhagawat katha at Bharat Sevashram have been scheduled around NJ area.

Pujya Swamiji's day typically starts early with morning yoga session, home satsangs, home visits, bhiksha to honor devotees' wishes, evening satsangs, special requests, press interviews, visit to sick ones, prayer for depressed ones and more till the late at night most of the days. His Mission is service to humanity, service to known and unknown. HE has been continuously spreading the message of sages of the yore and sharing the knowledge of ancient cultural and scientific heritage of ancient India through Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation. 

Some of the highlights of Adhyatma Tour programs.................

Pujya Swamiji's happy 70 years celebration and Gurupurnima celebrations with Naik family gathering (at Chicago),  Pranprtishta Mahotsav of Lord Sri Satya Narayan Deity (at Madison Mandir), a story of healing blessings to Nartan's (San Jose organizer) Dad at Nursing home, Key note address at Rotarian Meeting, Srimad Bhagawat Katha at Sanatan Mandir, Meeting Health Minister of Goverment of India - Sri Harsha Vardan (at Atlanta), a story of 10 year old boy, Deepak Laugani (at Detroit),  Devi Bhagwata Saptah at Toronto and more .......

 Here, we bring wonderful experiences of peace and joy, sentiments of deepest gratitude of devotees and organizers in their own words …..…. << More>>

Latest Additions.........

Sivananda Yoga (Yoga DVD)

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Atam Mahek (Gujarati) / Fragrance ( English) - Swami Adhyatmananda

Yoga, A Way of Life - Sri Swami Adhyatmananda


"Yoga and Health" - a complete book with Question & Answer section by Sri Swami Adhyatmananda  


 Books on Yoga by  Swami Adhyatmananda

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