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DATE OF BIRTH 01.01.1913

1928    Matriculation Examination of Punjab University; won scholar-ship and free tuition for intermediate classes.

1930, Intermediate Examination, Maharaja’s College of Science, Trivandrum, First class honors in Chemistry, Mathematics and English 

1936, B. A. of Madras University.  Physics as main Subject.  First class and FIRST in the Madras University, Many awards and prizes from the University and College. 

1936, B.Sc. Engineering (Electrical and Mechanical) Benaras Hindu University, First Class Honors, Many prizes, learn some mining and metallurgy. 

1937, Technical Institute, Jamshedpur; top ranker in metallurgy and Advanced Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, also studied course in telecommunication, accounting, first aid, safety, computerization of accounts, practical training etc., 

1938 to 1941,     Mechanical Engineer, Tata Iron & Steel Co., Jamshedpur, in the Blast furnace department; erection, maintenance, design of blast furnaces, heavy mechanical equipment, instrumentation, air and gas mains and valves, gas cleaning plant, locomotive and iron and slag cars. 

1941 to 1945,     Mechanical Engineer, Tata Iron and Steel Co., Jamshedpur, in the wheel, Tyre and Axle plants: maintenance of heavy forgoing press, rolling mill, high pressure hydraulic pumps, accumulators.  In got slicing lather, heating and heat-treatment furnaces; complete machine shop for manufacture and testing. 

1945 to 1953,     Thomason college of Engineering/ Roorkee University: head of the Mechanical engineering department: teaching, research and development of post graduate laboratories, workshops, first teaching in India of air-conditioning at University level.  Courses for specialist engineers from Industry in air conditioning refrigeration and cold storages.

1945 to 1948,     School of Military Engineering, Roorkee.  Construction of ice plants, cold storages and air-conditioning equipment. Teaching of Royal British Army Engineers and Indian Army Engineers, Majors and above in short and one year long courses. 

1945 to 1950,     Trained as Military Engineer, with rank of Captain, Commanding as company of sappers and minors, of the Indian Territorial army. 

1945 to 1953,      was responsible for workshops, electric and water supply and telephones, in the university and School of Military Engineering, and staff and student residences. 

1953,      vice principal, Government of India Delhi Polytechnic, Delhi; teaching, development of university level courses, administration and staffing of academic departments, constructions of laboratories and workshops; Dean, Faculty of Technology, Delhi University. 

1955 to 1962,      Planning the Indian Institute of Technology/ College of Engineering and Technology, Delhi, in collaboration with the Government of Great Britain and British industry, visited U.K. to study Universities, large Industrial Organizations and technical training Institutions; visited some Institutions in Europe.

Acquired land and built first academic buildings, workshops and hostels; equipped them and started academic courses, was Deputy Director/ Vice Principal of the institute.

1954 to 1962,     Member of Association of Principals of Technical Institutions, Founder Member of Indian Society of Technical Education, Convenor of the Society in Northern Region.

Consultant to the Union Public Service Commission, Delhi, Public Service Commissions in Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh, the Indian Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Defense Service Laboratories, many Universities and technical Institutes, Steal plant of Durgapur, Rourkela; for selection of Engineers and Scientists, at high level.  Examiner at graduate & postgraduate level in many universities and Technical Institute and U.P.S.C. 

1962 to 1967,     President of India’s as Visitor’s Nominee for five years, to the Indian Institutes of Technology at Kanpur, Bombay, Madras and Delhi for selection of senior academic staff and coordination of academic courses. 

1962 to 1967,     Founder Principal of The regional Collage of Technology (MACT) at Bhopal.  Built college buildings, laboratories, workshops, student and staff residence.  Established a liaison with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) collaborate courses, financial grants for equipment, for working of college teachers abroad and second mart of foreign professors; developed intimate connection with local Heavy Electrical Industries Ltd; Dean of the faculty of technology Universities of Ujjain. Coordinated in teaching at Indore, Gwallior, Vidish and Bhopal engineering colleges.

1968 to 1971,     Principal of Delhi college of Engineering, developed new postgraduate and under graduate courses.  Dean, faculty of Technology, University of Delhi; formal head of School of Planning and Architecture; specialist course in electronics and first courses in India on computer education, which led to the development of Netaji Subhash Bose Institute of Technology Delhi, (deemed University), to which I have been consultant from 1982 to date. 

1971 to 1972,     Indo Burma Petroleum Co., under the Ministry of

Petroleum and Chemicals, Technical Adviser and Engineering Manager of the technical division, dealing with the construction and design of continuous furnaces for heating, heat treatment and baking furnaces, drum making, bread and biscuits making, continuous bottling of aerated and nonaerated drinks, photographic equipment electronic temperature controllers and medical equipments. 

1971 to 1972,     Consultant Bhabha Atomic Research Center for commercializing their research products, person grata with the Center.  Selected high vacuum and low temperature equipment and instrumentation for manufacturing in Indo Burma Petroleum.  There is at present their factory at Nashik for the manufacturing of large pressure vessels for storage and transport of hydrogen, oxygen and industrial gasses. 

1971 to 1972,     Consultant to ATA Consulting Engineers, Bombay, my design of a high vacuum and extremely low temperature testing chamber at space conditions, was built by Indo-Burma Petroleum Co, with the guidance of Bhaba Atomic Research Center and erected in the Thumba Space laboratory at Trivandrum, of the Indian Space Research Organization, in 1973. 

1972 to 1974,     built a large aluminum fabricating and anodizing plant for construction of tall buildings, with doors and windows, with aluminum excluded sections and glass, for my son-in-law. This is now the biggest organization in India, known as ALKARMA, for making tall and large glazed air-conditioned buildings and has much foreign collaboration. Even now I am their consultant for major designs and developments. 

1978 to 1990     Member, Boards of Governors of various high academic organizations: Indian School of Mining, Dhanbad, Regional Colleges at Jamshedpur, Durgapur, Allahabad; CSIR Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory at Durgapur, Technical Training Institute at Chandigarh, Dean faculty of Technology of Delhi and Ujjain universities. 

1942 to 1990,     Membership of learned societies; member of Iron and Steel Institute, UK 1942, Member of Institute metals, UK, 1942, Member of American society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning society, 1952, Fellow of Indian Society of Refrigeration and air-conditioning engineers, 1948; life fellow of the Institute of Engineers, India; was member of APTI; member of the International Combustion Institute and Founder Member of the Indian Society of Technical Education and Convener of the Northern Regional part of the Society.

1940 to date, Travels: Have frequently visited in India many important academic research Institutes, large industrial organizations, important historical buildings of architectural, religious, archeological and artistic interest.

Have visited UK/Europe to study universities, technical institute and factories in 1949.

Have visited, along with my wife, many European countries, UK, United States of America, Canada, for four months in 1983. I have again visited UK on a three months visit in 1987.

1978 to date Hobbies: Study of ancient Indian literature, batik painting on cloth, engraving of religious subjects and staying at holy places.    

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