Sant Adhvaryoo, an Embodiment of Indian Ideal 

H. H. Swami Chidananda 
(President, Divine Life Society 
Sivanand Ashram - Rishikesh)


Our Matru bhumi, Bharatvarsha is unique among the numerous countries of our world. The ancient past of our motherland has more predominantly spiritual rather than political, social or otherwise. Even geographically speaking, the Hindu view of our mother country considered all its forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, towns, cities and villages as sacred spots, spiritual in their character and worthily of reverence almost to the point of worshipfulness Much of this sanctity attributed to them is because of their being associated with one or, other Divine incarnations of God Himself This factor in itself namely, God incarnating Himself as an Avatara, constitutes still another uniqueness of India Gurudev Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj used to frequently say that India is a sacred land where God realisation is the goal of life. He used to affirm that India is the land where sages and seers abound. It is the land of Ganga and Himalayas, Upanishads and the Gita. 

In this our mother country, in this present twentieth century, India had an illustrious son in Dr Bhanubhai Adhvaryoo generally referred to by a large number of people as Sant Adhvaryoo in Gujarat Saurashtra Territory. He was born in a little village named Bandra, some eight miles away from the city of Gondal which was the capital of a native princely state of the same name. Very many times, I have visited and toured throughout Gujarat, Saurashtra area due to it containing numerous branches of of Gurudev's Divine Life Society, thanks to the devoted and dedicated efforts of Dr. Adhvaryoo Sahib. From these visits and my close mingling with the pious people of this part of western India. I have come to recognize that Sant Adhvaryoo is verily a “VibhutiPurusha “ God alone can say what all blessed and auspicious “sat karmas “this soul accumulated in a previous birth ! I wonder about this when I consider how from his very birth he was endowed with such a wealth of good samskars and virtuous vasanas that from his earliest of young age he manifested his noble nature in the form of spotless character perfect good conduct, obedience to elders and teachers . selflessness, friendliness towards all and innate urge to help others and benefit everyone. 

            He was pointed out as a model both at school and his own home as well. As he grew up his keen desire to relieve human suffering and confer happiness upon others made him choose medical profession as his career. in this field of humanitarian work he laboured incessantly right till the very last days of his Life. In this field of humanitarian work during his long period covering nearly half a century that his divine qualities began to manifest them selves in diverse ways his thought, speech and action. People beheld him as a veritable embodiment of Bharat Varsha’s  great ideal of Dharmic Jivan and Paropakar Relieving human suffering other become the main mission of his life, By his own personal example he inspired others to follow such a way of life . During his long career he has changed the lives of numerous people who came into contact with him. 

Gurudev Swami Sivanandaji admired Dr. Adhvaryoo's qualities of head and heart. He used to refer to him as an ideal disciple . Gurudev pointed out to Dr Adhvaryoo and told others, “you must follow him in your life and also emulate him in his personal daily life. His life was such that it disproved the popular notion that one cannot be vigourously engaged in the field of outer activity and simultaneously lead an effective and progressive inner spiritual life. His life was a combination of both dynamic action as well as continuous inner contact with God. May his life become a perennial source of inspiration and guidance to all people. His sublime memory will be cherished in the minds of all those who have known him , for many years to come. His life proves that even in this Kali- Yuga the divine vibhutis of god do manifest them selves if they can find a worthy channel for their expression. 

Jai Sivananda! 

Han Om Tat Sat!

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