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Swamiji eats simple yet sattwic food. Normally he eats whatever is offered without making any issue about diet. But then we think that the lady of the house never get satisfied until she serves the Swamiji with the best possible food and keeping that in mind we have offered some suggestions here. There is always some inquiry from kitchen department like - What should she make for Swamiji? As Swamiji eats meals in different homes everyday, some kind of uniformity and balance is desirable. Moreover Swamiji is a Yogacharya, hence regularity in diet is of utmost importance.      

General Instructions 

        Minimal fat
        Should contain plenty of fresh salad and leafy vegetables
        Fresh fruits
       Absolutely no fried food, oil, butter or ghee
        Mild spices
        No sweets
        Skim milk
        If you have any question regarding  this diet, please call Minal Naik at (630) 530- 5950.


            350 to 400 calories.  Please make up your own combinations.

1.5 cup of  skim milk

135 calories

1 cup of no fat Cereals -

100 - 110 calories

             Corn Flakes


             Raisin Brans




             Rice, Wheaties etc.


Dry toast with  (one table spoon) Jelly

70  (+ 25)  Calories

Two Idlies  (no oil)

Dhokla or Khaman (no oil)

Thepla (minimal oil)

Potato Pohva (minimal oil)



70 calories

80 calories

70 calories

80 calories

Banana small to  medium

80  to 90 Calories

1/4  Cantaloupes

40 calories

1/8 Honeydew

40 calories

1 pear

40 calories

1 peach (medium)

40 calories

1 cup strawberries

40 calories

10 cherries

40 calories

1 cup cubed Water Melon

40 Calories

1/3 Papaya (medium)

40 calories

1 Mangoes

80 calories

2 Dates

40 Calories

12 grapes

40 calories



3 oz. Pineapple juice

40 calories

2 oz. Grape Juice

40 calories

3 oz. Apple juice 

40 calories

8 oz fresh squeezed orange juice

80 calories

Lunch     -   450 calories 

Salad                10 calories

Boiled leafy and/or green vegetables                  20 calories

2 Roti (Phulka)                        50 calories

Subji without oil, small amount of chilly, garlic, onion and ginger  -  40 calories

            Egg plant


            Ochra (Bhindi)


Please avoid potatoes

Cooked beans subji -  80 calories


            mag dal

            green beans 

1/3 steamed rice 80 calories - 80 calories

2 bowls Dal or sambhar or Rasam  - 60 calories 

Fruits from above breakfast menu - 80 calories 

Mid-day Snack                       330 calories 

1 cup skim milk            90 calories

2 toasts or 1 bagel  - 160 calories

1 fruit exchange  - 80 calories 

Dinner             500 calories 

Dinner will be the same as Lunch with  a little liberal calories count.  

Night before bedtime   -  135 calories 

1.5  cups skim milk                               135 calories        


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