This memorable volume


has been published by


on the auspicious occasion of


(50th Birth Anniversary)



of the Divine Life Society, H. Q. Sivananda Ashram,

Sivananda Ashram, Jodhpur Tekari,
AHMEDABAD - 380 015 - (Gujarat)

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The original edition was published by
Swami Sivananda Jyan yajna Nidhi
Divya Jiven Sangh, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad.



* Swami Chidananda

* Swami Krishnananda

* Pramukh Swami Maharaj

* Swami Madhavananda

* Swami Premananda

* Swami Brahmananda

* A Man Of Many Talents

* "an Astavadhani"

* From: Swami Satchidananda

* Lord Pandit Prof. Dr. Sir Anton Jayasuriya

* Mani Shankar Aiyar

* Loving Pranam

* Swamiji

* Swami Adhyatmanandji Maharaj

* Good Wishes

* Reminiscences Of Swamiji

* Vignettes & Gleanings: Swami Adhyatmanandji

* May He Live Beyond And Beyond!

* Joy Fountain

* Vini Vici Vidi

* We Need You

* Who Is He ?

* Swami Adhyatmanandaji-As I Know Him

* Golden Jubilee Year Of Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj

* Remembering Swami AdhyatmanandjI

* 'carrier Of Guru-Kripa'

* Swami Adhyatmanandji-a Saintly Character And A Multi-Faceted Personality

* Swami Adhyatmanandji-a Personality Unmatched

* Holiness Incarnate

* My Reminiscences About Shri Swami Adhyatmanandji Maharaj

* Golden Jubilee Of Swami Adhyatmanandjee's Birthday

* A Short Introduction Of Swamiji

* Swami Adhyatmanandaji-a Dynamic Spiritual Personality

* A Dynamic Soul With Love And Affection

* Sri Swami Adhyatmanandji A Practical Spiritual Guide To Many People

* Swami Adhyatmananda

* Charming Buddha-like Swami

* Swami Adhyatmananda-a Supernatural Being!

* Long Live Swamiji To Serve The Nation.

* A Dedication

* Swamiji's Engraved Episodes

* Yogic Magnet

* A Rare Combination Of Laughter And Seriousness-swami Adhyatmanandji

* An Ode To Mahatma

* All In One

* The Ever-Radiant Swamiji


H. Q. Shivanandanagar (U. P.)


Worshipful Homage to the Eternal Reality, the Beginningless and Endless Cosmic Spirit Divine.

Loving adorations to Gurudev Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj and all the Great Sages of Wisdom and illuminated Seers and Saints of the world.

May the Divine Grace of the Eternal and Infinite Reality be upon Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Saraswati at this auspicious juncture, when he completes 50th Birth Anniversary. May the Choicest Blessings of Beloved Sri Gurudev Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj be upon his grand disciple Sri Adhyatmanandaji now and always.

May the Divine Grace of the Supreme Universal Soul and Guru-Kripa grant him long life, good health and strength, energy and inspiration to carry on the wonderful good work that he has been dynamically doing in the service of our Nation and people of Bharat Varsha (India) as well as countries outside.

The nationwise propagation of the Wisdom Teachings of Yoga and Vedanta and the effective spread of the knowledge of Srimad Bhagavat Gita that Sri Adhyatmanandaji has been doing over the past more than 20 years, has brought about an effective spiritual awakening amongst innumerable people of all age groups and varied sectors of our present day Indian Society.

His highly praiseworthy work in the practical field of imparting scientific Yoga Training has spontaneously, evoked the admiration and gratitude of numerous highly placed persons directing the public sector organizations, like the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie the Institute of Administration Nainital the BHEL, Hardwar and Ranipet; the Pantanagar University, the Punjab Agricultural University (Ludhiana), the Patiata Punjabi University as also various units of our country's armed forces at Bareilly, Udhampur etc.

He has done inestimable good work among the deep coal mines workers at Singharam Collieries, Andhra Pradesh and other institution in Bhadrachalam Palvancha as well as the Gujarat university and universities at Baroda and Saurastra.

Sri Swamiji has been a great asset to the Divine Life Society especially in its field of Prachar-work ever since he joined the Sivananda Ashram in the year 1972. His deep compassion and understanding towards persons in distress and suffering and also his great spirit of service makes his life and work worthy of emulation. During his past twenty years of service of God and man, he has helped to salvage the life and career of many promising young persons who had become drug-addicts and some who had fallen into wrong company and taken to a career of violents. This is in my knowledge as I came into personal contact with such type of persons into whose lives Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji had brought a new light, a new hope and a new direction! He helped them by making them aware of a higher meaning to their lives and a sense of purpose in their living.

Sacred Bharat Varsha and our Bharatiya Sanskruti (Indian culture) have in him a dedicated worker in the cause of their sincere propagation amongst the people of our present times.

I am immensely happy that the Gujarat Divya Jivan Sangha is observing his Golden Jubilee Birth-day anniversary - with special programme at Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat. I am glad to send my very best good wishes in the form of this message for their Special Golden Jubilee Souvenir that they are bringing out upon this occasion.

May God bless Sri Adhyatmanandaji and make him shine with the light of a really Divine Life! As he enters into the 51st year, having completed half century of his earth life, I offer him my felicitations and pray that he may live to be hundred years so that numerous sincere seeking souls may be benefitted by his "Janata - Janardan Seva" (service to mankind).

Jai Sivananda

Swami Chidananda


Swami Krishnananda
General Secretary
The Divine Life Society, H. Q.
P. O. Shivanandanagar 249 192, Dist. Tehri-Garhwal, U.P., Himalayas, India.

Blessed Divinity!

Om Namo Narayanaya! Om Namo Bhagavate Sivanandaya!

Loving Pranams. My hearty felicitations and good wishes to revered Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj on the auspicious occasion of his Golden Jubilee Birth Anniversary. May the Almighty and Worshipful Gurudev shower their abundant grace upon this worthy spiritual son, disciple and dynamic swamiji of Sivanandasharam.

Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj for nearly the past two decades served as the ambassador of the Divine Life Society (Sivanandashram) teaching Yoga in Schools, Colleges and Universities; professional and technical and Governmental Institutions thus bringing Yoga in daily life and also adeptly conducted several Spiritual and Cultural Conferences both here in the Sivanandashram at Headquarters as well as outside. He is a shining example of dynamism in Yoga.

May God bless Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj with radiant health and long life to carry on for many more years to come with the noble and pious selfless service he is rendering to the mankind in general and spiritual aspirants in particular. I wish him all success.

With regards, prem & Om,
Yours in the Lord,
(Swami Krishnananda)


.. :i sv:aem:n:aray:N:: ev:j:y:t: ..
|| r svminryao vijayate ||


Shree Aksharpurushottam Sanstha,
Shahibaug Road,
Ahmedabad 380 004, India



The Organisers,

The Noble Idea of celebrating the 50th Birth Anniversary of Swami Adhyatmanand shall echo the age-old values of saintliness. He is the beloved 'shishya' of His Holiness Swami Chidanandji, a great spiritual master who embodies innumerable virtues. Goodness, humility, simplicity and deep spirituality are the real strength of Swami Chidanandji. By his grace Swami Adhyatmanandji, too has attained lofty spiritual heights. His zeal and hard work, high intellect and uncommon humility touch one and all.

Swamiji's continuous efforts to disseminate Vedic values and cultural ideals through lectures and practical guidance shall go a long way in inspiring both children and youths as well as the lay society at large. He speaks with conviction and clarity and delves deep into the subtle reality of life.

May God shower His blessings upon him on this occasion and may yet greater good find its way into our world through the hands of Swami Adhyatmanandji.

With my innermost prayers to Lord Swaminarayan and all the saints that have blessed our world.

With Prayers

NaaraayanSwarupDasna Jay Swaminarayan


RISHIKESH, The Divine Life Soceity HQ.

Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj
Gujarat Divine Life Society
President Office
Vadodara - 390001

Telegram 03 MAY 1994





Swami Premananda
Chairman, "Divine Decade"

The Divine Life Society
Distt Tehri-Garhwal (U.P.) India
29th August, 1994.



Worshipful adorations to the Lord Almighty, the Eternal Source, Support and Goal of all existence.

Reverential prostration at the sacred lotus feet of Satgurudev Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj.

It is indeed a delightful news to receive that our Swami Adhyatmanandji is completing the 50th year of his physical sojurn in this world-'Golden Jubilee' as we usually call this occasion. Naturally, I like to extend my greetings, good wishes and felicitations to Swamiji who has reached the ripe young age of fifty years. It is the age when a person's faculties are fully alert and alive. One is sobered by experience and attains maturity in judgment. It is a day of rejoicing and this self joins others in wishing him many many happy returns of the day.

Young and handsome Jyotindra Kumar (Kaushikrai) Vaishnav, as I remember, first visited this holy Ashram of revered Satgurudev Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj in the year 1965 from Gujarat along with late U. V. Swadiaji of Baroda and participated in the Sadhana Week connected with the celebrations of Sri Guru Purnima and Punyatithi Aradhana of most revered Satgurudev Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj. As I recollect, he also gave some performances which were indicative of his skill and liking for art. Afterwards, he stayed in the Ashram as an inmate-Sadhaka since 1972. His Holiness Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj ordained him into the holy order of Sannyasa on 1st April, 1974, on the auspicious occasion of Sri Rama Navami and he was given the name 'Swami Adhyatmananda' by his Holiness. Since then he has been in close contact with me in the Ashram and also outside during several tours and programmes.

Swamiji has a magnetic personality, melodius voice and is an expert in Hatha-Yoga, good orator and writer specially in Hindi and Gujarati. He is an energetic organiser and interested in giving programmes on All India Radio and television. He can also understand and speak several other Indian languages. He has always answered the call of duty with alacrity and had been unsparing in serving all specially those afflicted with calamities and disease. In Yoga classes and Sadhana weeks he is strict in discipline. The zeal and dedication with which Swamiji attends the Yoga-Classes and other programmes are remarkable. His dedication to revered Satgurudev Swami Sivanandaji and his mission is wonderful.

I am happy that a souvenir is being brought out on this occasion by Gujarat Divine Life Society. It is sure to throw light on his multifarious activities in the service of people which is the cornerstone of Gurudev's teaching.

I pray that the abundant grace of God Almighty and the blessings of Revered Gurudevji may shower upon him and bestow upon him radiant good health, long life, peace, joy and blessedness. May all the noble aspirations and earnest longings of his sincere heart be fulfilled and may his life be adorned by the spiritual beauty and vibhutis of a divine nature.


Swami Brahmananda, Sivananda Ashram, RISHIKESH


Om Namo Narayanaya.

Today I received your kind letter dated 22-6-94 regarding a short write-up for the Souvenir in connection with the Golden Jubilee Year of H. H. Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj. The following is my message:

"I pray to the Almighty Lord and Gurudev to bless Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj with long life, good health, all peace and joy to enable him to continue his noble service for the cause of the Divine Life Society. During this auspicious Golden Jubilee Year and the years to come may he enjoy all happiness and success in all his undertakings."

May God bless all. May there be peace everywhere.


A Man Of Many Talents

The Divine Life Society H.Q.

I know Sri Swami Adhyatmanandji Maharaj since 1965 when he attended 2nd Sadhana week at Shivananda Ashram Head Quarters. At that time on the last day of Sadhana week, he spoke about "How he came in contact with The Divine Life Society." It was very interesting.

During night Satsanga, he used to dance. Since, then he used to come every year to attend Sadhana weeks along with his uncle (late U.V. Swadiaji). Observing his talents in Dancing, H. H. Sri Swami Krishnanandaji Maharaj gave some historical topics to develop his dancing on those lines, to please the audience. Sri Swami Adhyatmanandji would immerse himself in the subject and dance in a very attractive sophisticated manner. His way of expression is really enchanting and thrilling.

In 1975, he was sent to Mussoorie to give Yoga training to Higher officials. Since then he is touring length and breadth of India and abroad also.

Wherever he goes he makes himself homely and endearing to one and all. He has great art of mimicry. He can also converse with them in their own languages and has got a special talent to express those languages.

Really, it is to my utter surprise to hear some Telugu proverbs from Sri Swami Adhyatmanandji Maharaj which were not familiar to me.

We, together toured many places for programmes during GURUDEV's pre-centenary year i.e. from 1985 to 1986 (nearly 8 months) throughout India. During our tour I saw many talents in him. He is very great Yoga teacher, great Karma Yogi, Orator, Singer and above all he is a dedicated person.

On this auspicious Golden Jubilee Year (50th Year) of H. H. Sri Swami Adhyatmanandji Maharaj, I offer my special prayers to the Lord Almighty and Sri Sadgurudev to bless him with perfect health, long life, spiritual strength and spiritual illumination.

Om! Sri Swami Adhyatmananda Maharajki Jai. Om!


"An Astavadhani"

Sivananda Centenary Boys' High School
Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar (ORISSA)

Rare are the gems. Similarly very rare are the gems among men. Our most Beloved and Revered Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj is such a rare human being, in whom Gurukripa is flowing abundantly. He is Sadhana Siddha; by his own Purusartha he has acquired those multifaceted divine qualities.

He has completely merged in the footprints of the Master, worshipful Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj. The more the surrender, the more grace of the Guru will flow to the disciple. This ideal disciple tunes himself with the Master when he is supposed to speak to the audience. He can spell-bound an audience in lakhs. He amuses his listeners. He makes the devotees thrilled with Asta Sattwika Vikaras like tears, horripilation, sweat, choking of throat etc, when he joyously sings high-pitch continuous Bhajans. Hundreds and thousands have learnt Yoga from this Yogacharya Swamiji.

Simultaneously our Swamiji can attend to eight things at a moment. He generates the Hasya Rasa, Karuna Rasa, Santa Rasa etc., in the persons who come in contact with him and they are elevated to a spiritual height forgetting their conditioned existence. Gurudev once greeted this dearest disciple of his as an Astavadhani -Astakalakusala (one who has eight faces and who is proficient in eight arts).

Swamiji is my friend, philosopher and guide. We have travelled together in air, road and boat in the length and breadth of Mother India during Gurudev Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj's Pre-centenary Prachar Yatra. My obeisance to Swamiji Maharaj. I wish many happy returns of this most auspicious Golden Jubilee Day of my beloved Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj. May we rise upto our Master's expectation so that He will be proud of us! OM.


From: Swami Satchidananda
Anandashram, - 671531


.. ! :i ram: j:y: ram: j:y: j:y: ram: ..
|| OM r rma jaya rma jaya jaya rma ||

Lord of the universe Papa

Beloved Ram:

"When the mind is extinct you will have the universal vision born of the realization of the universal Truththe Atman."

Swami Ramdas

Your loving letter of the 12th instant has been received. Glad to know that you are publishing a Souvenir on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of Sri Swami Adhyatmanandji, whose birthday falls on the 3rd of May. On this occasion we pray for Gurudev/Beloved Papa and Mataji's blessings on Sri Swamiji for good health and long life so that the great seva he is doing may continue for many more years for the benefit of humanity.

Deepest love and best wishes.


Lord Pandit Prof. Dr. Sir Anton Jayasuriya
Charter of Medicina Alternativa
(Alma Ata Declaration 1962)
Medicina Alternativa Hospitality, SRILANKA
18th June, 1994


I wish Sri Swami Adhyatmandaji good health and long years of life to carry out his great humanitarian services to humanity.

I am indeed proud to be associated with your movement.


Mani Shankar Aiyar
Member of Parliament

(Lok Sabha)


I was introduced to Swami Adhyatmanandji more than 20 years ago by my mother, Shrimati S. Bhagyalakshmi, who was herself a resident of the Shivananda Ashram and a fellow-devotee of the Divine Life Society. She had a very high regard for Swami Adhyatmanandji and regarded him as true embodiment of Swami Sivananda's motto. "Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize." I extend my best wishes to Swamiji on the auspicious occasion of his Golden Jubilee.


Loving Pranam


Regarding the Glorious Golden Jubilee of Shri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj. We-the members of D.L.S. Imphal Branch prayed in the Almighty and Sri Sat Gurudev Sivanandaji Maharaj for favour of granting Divine Ashirbad to Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj for peace, prosperity and long life and Divine strength (Shakti) for disseminating spiritual knowledge and D.L. activities for welfare of all the members of the Divine life family of all the Branches and also general public.

During Sat Sanga the attending members of Imphal D.L.S. Branch were chanting the Shanti Mantra and Mahamrityunjay Mantra with praying Bhava for the welfare and long life of Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj and all talked of Swamiji for Swamiji's loving and simple nature to all-'sama Bhava' and 'sama Dristri'-equal vision to all.

Wishing the Golden Jubilee with grand success.



Chairmen, Hero Honda Ltd. N. Delhi

I have known Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj for over 10 years and I feel that this has been the most satisfying period of my life. I vividly remember the day I got the opportunity to have his 'Darshan' for the first time. He was conducting Yoga classes at the Punjab Agricultural University in Ludhiana and his presence was so charming and his discourse so full of thought that everyone in the audience felt overwhelmed.

Swamiji attained Sannyas on the Shri Ram Navami in 1974. I am sure that every minute of these 20 years he has lived for the human kind. He works wonders on his disciples and followers. He can change the entire outlook of a person by talking to him for just about a few minutes. Personally speaking, I have found solace in his company and felt better equipped to face the realities of life after having met and talked to him.

He has the divine capacity to relate to people at their level. In the morning Swamiji can be talking to a group of children and he behaves like a child and can befriend even the most unfriendly of them. The same afternoon he addresses the Civil Service probationers in the Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy on a topic which requires a thorough understanding of subjects such as philosophy, religion, sociology, politics, etc. He combines intellectual capabilities, social concern, religious understanding, and the capacity to relate with people in the most optimal proportion. As a result of these qualities he has carved out a special place for himself in the Divine Life Society and with Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj.

Achieving so much in such a short span of time and sharing all of it with people makes him adorable. On the auspicious occasion of his 50th birthday, I wish him all the best in the years to come.


Swami Adhyatmanandji Maharaj


Golden Jubilee Year

[PROF. JAGANNATH MOUDGILL is 82 years energetic son of mother India. He was personal friend of Sri. Jawaharlal Nehru. He was personal adviser of Govt. of India for Technology and Tech. education in Delhi and India in General]

I have had the good fortune in having the first darshan of Swami Adhyatmanand, more than a decade ago. Since then I have had quite often the privilege of sitting at his feet, staying in his company for many days at a stretch and absorbing his abounding love and grace.

Swami Adhyatmanand is many personalities rolled into one; while he attracts notice with his cherubic face, rosy complexion, fascinating eyes, and sweet voice wherever he goes, his knowledge, both worldly and spiritual, surprises people and they fall in love with him.

It is not generally known that professionally, Swami Adhyatmanand is an engineer. He had served for some years with reputed firms like Larsen and Toubro of Bombay, and Jyoti of Vadodara. But soon he gave up the world due to his affliction with asthma of an acute type. He was mercifully taken under the protection of Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj at Rishikesh who cured him of his affliction, initiated him into Sanyasa and gave him the highest Jnana and Bhakti at an early age.

Swami Adhyatmanand is a versatile speaker and holds his audience in a spell while talking on many subjects, like many well known rishis of old did.

He is a very good Singer, both of classical and Hindustani Music, and enthralls his listeners with Bhajans and Sankirtans. His audio and video cassettes on music, japa and yoga are very popular.

He was a versatile dancer of classical and popular dances in many forms, a choreographer, a studio artist and a director of programmes.

He is always busy, teaching yoga, travelling, arranging functions, lecturing, appearing on T.V. and Radio, and doing whatever service our Gurudev gives him.

Swamiji started teaching Yoga to men and women all over India very long ago, holding camp after camp. With his yoga practice, he has overcome his acute asthma. He describes asthma as his dear friend, who accompanies him wherever he goes, but lives in the next room. Swamiji is ever vigilant and keeps asthma at bay.

Swamiji's daily schedule begins early in the morning. After his meditation he begins his Yoga Classes at 5.30 or 6.00 a.m., and repeats them at hourly intervals three or four times. Then he meets his yoga students for personal discussion and guidance. Then he visits ailing persons in the locality, relations and children of his students and friends. In the afternoon he may conduct more Yoga Classes, or give discourses, sing Bhajans and lead Sankirtans. He is free to sleep only after late midnight. This daily schedule has gone on, day after day, camp after camp, over long years without any respite.

Swami Adhyatmananda has a stupendous memory, almost photographic in many ways. He remembers the faces, names, relations and connected information of everybody he meets. He can quote from memory from scriptures, epics and learned books, mentioning chapter, verse and page numbers of books he has once read. And he is a versatile scholar.

Swamiji is a great linguist. He picks up the local language with great ease, wherever he is for a few days. And he speaks every language with correct local accent and pronunciation. I have heard him speak fluently in Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Oriya, English and French. Perhaps he knows many more languages and dialects.

He has had a splendid physique and stamina, doing all difficult manual works or lifting heavy weights and carrying them long distances, when required.

Once he told me of his strong faith in Yoga. He was travelling to Jullundhar in a taxi which met with a serious accident. He was badly injured, and a wayside doctor attended to him, put more than 50 stitches in his head, torso and limbs, and put him under sedation for rest due to his great loss of blood. When he woke up he insisted on being allowed to go immediately as he had an appointment to appear at Jullundhar Door Darshan that evening. The doctor reluctantly allowed him to go. Not only Swamiji kept his T.V. appointment, but started his yoga camp early next morning, lasting over a week. Only at the end of the camp he remembered that he had been seriously injured. Yoga had given him steel sinews and stamina which could overcome any injury or illness.

Swamiji is a very welcome guest everywhere. On entering a household, he immediately takes charge of its activities, including running the kitchen and services. He has immense knowledge of the culinary art and its beautiful presentation. He personally attends to the men, women and children of the household, including the servants, and he makes them all very happy; they ask him to come again.

As an organiser par excellence, he is in great demand. Whenever there is a major function to be held at any place in India by the Divine Life Society, he is sent in advance to organise and conduct the function. This may include planning, getting material printed, purchasing all requirements, making arrangements for the stage, seating of guests, food and refreshments; all this while conducting yoga and cultural classes. In the final stage, when the main ceremony starts, he will act as a compere, carrying with him the guests, learned speakers, musicians and performers in a very lively and efficient manner.

All this means great exertion on his part and missing sleep for days on end. I remember an occasion when Swami Chidananda's 75th anniversary was celebrated in September 1991, as an international conference of the Divine Life Society at the Sivananda Ashram at Rishikesh, with over 7000 delegates attending. After three weeks of continuous activity with many sleepless nights he compered the concluding function on 24th September, including the last cultural performance. Next morning he kindly accepted my invitation to go on a pilgrimage to Badrinath. As soon as he entered my vehicle, he put his head on my lap and went to sleep. He slept soundly till we reached Jyotimath some hours later, in spite of a rough journey.

In addition to his spiritual discourses, Bhajans and Sankirtans, Swamiji has been lecturing to the National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie; Railway Staff College, Vadodara; Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, and many factories, universities and colleges on yoga, health care, economics, organizational behavior, coordination between factory managers and workers, productivity and industrial peace. He once travelled all over India to lecture on national integration.

Swami Adhyatmanand was once sent to Pattamadai in Tamil Nadu, the birthplace of Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj, to organise a charitable hospital. In a couple of months he collected all the necessary donations to commence lying-in section of the hospital. Donations follow Swamiji wherever he goes, and royalties from his audio and video cassettes go for the benefit of the Sivananda Ashram.

Swamiji has been a source of inspiration and encouragement to all he has met. With his loving grace and encouragement, I was able to write two small booklets on (Auspicious Marriage Ceremony) and (University Convocation) on ancient Vedic lines.

Swami Adhyatmananda has not only devoted his whole mind to the service of our Gurudev, but he has never spared his body also. He has many times camped in inaccessible places in Orissa in hot weather, where drinking water was not available, especially when he was quite ill. He has been carrying heavy burdens on his shoulders when he was overseeing the service and help organised by the Divine Life Society at Uttarkashi after the severe earthquake in October 1991. He was climbing uphill and downhill many times a day to reach the distant villages affected by the earthquake, when he himself had a heart problem. Now even after bypass surgery, he follows a hectic daily schedule and continuous travelling relying only on his yoga practices.

In the end, in his golden jubilee year, I pray to our revered Gurudev to grant Swami Adhyatmananda his blessings, better health and stamina so that he may serve our Society for a long time to come.


Good Wishes


My family members are extremely happy to learn that you are celebrating the Golden Jubilee Year of Shri Swami Adhyatmanandji. It is a great pleasure to note the great respect that you are giving to Shri Swami Adhyatmanandji by celebrating his Golden Jubilee.

Although 3rd May has already passed but please convey to Shri Swami Adhyatmanandji whenever he visits Vadodara that we all send our humble pranams and heartiest congratulations to him on this auspicious birthday and we will remember this day for future. My family joins me in praying to the Almighty to bless Swamiji with a very long life which will be a great asset to many of his devotees particularly to those who attend to his Pravachans (commentary) every day whenever he visits their respective town. Although Swamiji enjoys the great blessings of Sri Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj and other respected Swamis of Divine Life Society but I feel the prayers for his long life of his earnest devotees will be most helpful to him and encourage him to devote more and more of his time in uplifting the noble souls of his devotees.

It gives us all great pleasure whenever we get opportunity of his lovable company when he visits Bombay for one day or few hours.

I will certainly be too happy to do anything whatever I am capable to do considering my age and uncertain health.

With most humble pranams.


Reminiscences Of Swamiji

Dr. M. K. GOEL (Padmashree)

Orthopoedic Surgeon, Lucknow

Shri Swami Adhyatmanandji Maharaj impressed me twenty year back when I came in his contact in Shivanand Bhawan. I was staying with my family during Summer Holidays for Sadhana. Swami Adhyatmanandji was also staying there. He used to teach me GURU STOTRA and SHANTI PATH. I found a special flavour and sweetness in his teaching which gave me an undescribable push to study Yoga. He is an excellent teacher with a clear orientation of the subject. Later on I came in more close contact when he taught Yoga Asan. He has earned a great fame in the art of the teaching of Yoga and is famous as "Yoga Asan Samrata". He has been teaching Yogasan, not only all over India and also in many in parts of the World. He is an excellent organiser and has been conducting several "Sadhana Camps" every year with tremendous success to Yoga student all over the country. They fondly cherish the days they had spent during Sadhana Week. This has helped thousands of young boys in their spiritual progress and many of them have taken to full terms Yoga and Sanyas. Swami Adhyatmanandji is a highly spiritual person and totally devoted to God and Guru. He is a very talented and a versatile person and can well accommodate himself to any type of jobs. His motto of life is "Be good, Do good, Be kind, Be compassionate". I admire his talent and his intense Bhakti to God and Guru.


Vignettes & Gleanings: Swami Adhyatmanandji

Dean, New Education, Pant Uni. of Agri. & Tech. Pantnagar U. P.

August 1978. After an employees' strike and a police firing in which 13 persons were killed, the University was in a state of turmoil when Mr. N. S. Mathur took over as Vice-Chancellor. One of his first acts was to invite Swami ADHYATMANANDJI for conducting a Yoga Camp.

The Camp began on wrong note. In those days it was fashionable to describe anyone whom one did not like as CIA agent. The word was spread that Swamiji was a CIA agent. His complexion, his knowledge, his ability to make contacts and gather information also helped in spreading this rumour. A group of students went to the University Guest House and attempted to force Swamiji to leave. The Vice-Chancellor was greatly concerned. He requested Swamiji to leave the campus under police escort. Swamiji refused. Within 3 days he was being invited to different families and hostels, social functions. Six Yoga Sessions were being held everyday for students, girls & ladies and staff members. On the final day a Yoga demonstration was organized in a playing field in which about 500 students including girls and staff members participated.

Students met him individually and discussed their problems, even most intimate matters. In three weeks he knew almost everyone. There were attempts to create problems and disrupt the activities but he was never upset. All his sessions started exactly on the dot and finished exactly after 45 minutes. He did not spare anyone, however high or mighty he may be. He did not permit any slackness or negligence but he was full of compassion.

He left a lasting impression. He could relate hilarious anecdotes and stories and speak on Vedanta with same poise. Due to his inspiration Yoga Camps are being organized in this University for the last 15 years and there are courses on Yoga in the New Education Programme. Every time I have met him, I have learnt something new about him, another aspect of his personality.

May he live for another fifty years and continue to shower his blessings on us.


May He Live Beyond And Beyond!

Dr. S. S. JOHL
National Professor of Eminence, Former Vice-Chancellor Punjabi Univ.,
Patiala and Chairman, Agri. Costs and Prices Commission Govt. of India

I came in contact with Swamiji in early 1985, when I was vice chancellor of the Punjabi University at Patiala. Those were real difficult days in Punjab after an "Operation Blue Star" at Golden Temple followed by assassination of Indira Gandhi and heart-less and senseless murder of sikhs in India. I was very apprehensive of Swamiji visiting the university and giving yoga and other discourses under such trying and inhospitable circumstances. But to my pleasant surprise he came as fresh breeze and a highly soothing balm for the mental and social body burns of the Punjabis. People listened to him with rapt attention and followed him like a docile flock. His radiant personality indeed emits rays of hope for the people in pain and trouble.

I have met him at various places several times after also. He is always the pivot of the environment he is in. To sit with him is soothing and to listen to him is learning from the very first sentence he utters. Once, while sitting with him, my finger got cut in the chair, I was sitting in. The finger nail got pulled out, my finger was like a profusely bleeding brush. Swamiji immediately helped me in emergency dressing. He was so seriously concerned and absorbed in the dressing process. It was a sort of strange pleasure to see him so focussed. I was feeling no pain, as if he had himself absorbed this whole pain. It is a matter of faith! It was enough for me that this Nirmal Atma was wholly with me at that time and was hundred percent focussed on me and me alone. I wish the experience repeats itself!

Swami Adhyatmanandji has lived every moment of his life for others. It does not matter how long one lives. More important is how well one lives. There can be no better living than living for others (all living beings) in harmony with the nature as it reveals itself. This is exactly what Swamiji is doing. I pray, many of us live to see his centenary celebrations! May he live beyond and beyond!


Joy Fountain

Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh (U.P.)

Year 1973. Time 7-30 P.M. of a blessed day at Sri Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh. "Out of your rooms-everybody - quick - satsang Time; Loo....Loo .... Loo." He made this sound with his mouth as if it was bugle. Most of those hearing him, as he moved from ground floor to first floor of Gujarat Bhavan (Sivananda Bhavan now), could not resist laughing at his trumpet like sound. That was Brahmchari Adhyatma Chaitanya (Sri Swami Adhyatmananda now) and that was his own typical way of exhorting devotees to reach satsang in night time.

One day, a few of us were sitting in his room having Satsang with him. An Ashram boy came and told him that Sri Swami Chidanandaji wanted to talk to him. Having quickly locked his room, he started running towards the main staircase of the Ashram yelling in excitement, "Guruji has called me". As if mesmerized, we too started running behind him. That reflected the regard and devotion he had for his Guru. He was a source of inspiration to everybody. His treatment, gestures and humble way of conversing made him practically a worshipful personage. His attraction made us regular visitors to the Ashram every year.

Over the years, he was initiated into Sanyasa Ashram. Slowly and gradually he became a roving Ambassador of Sivananda Culture as his Guru found in him an ideal saint and often sent him as his representative to various functions and conferences held at various places and branches. He told us one day, "I was sent to Chandigarh to attend a function at the local branch. While welcoming him, an office-bearer, a Sardarjee, spoke that the gathering was feeling blessed on having Sri Swami 'Adha-Atmanandaji' among them. You see, he called me Adha-Atma (meaning half Atman - in Punjabi language they don't use half consonants). We all had a very hearty laugh as he too joined us in that.

Swamiji has always been very liberal in giving prasaad or gifts to anybody who went to his room for Satsanga. He received sweets and other gifts from devotees as their love offering, and he would shower them on other visiting devotees. Truly he was following the forte of Gurudev Sivanandaji Maharaj.

One year, on reaching the Ashram, we were told that Swamiji was out, at Kankhal, Hardwar. He had been deputed to take care of an aged, ailing devotee, who was a heart patient and was admitted to Ramakrishna Mission hospital, at Kankhal. Next morning, we reached Kankhal hospital and found Swamiji attending to the old devotee who was bed-ridden, after a massive heart attack. Swamiji would humbly, but with a smile, help the patient in urination and passing stools. Truly, he was a replica of his Guru, who is known for attending to the wounds of lepers and put bandage on them, on his frequent visits to leper's colony at Laxman Jhoola.

As years rolled by, our attraction and respect for him went on multiplying. This year in 1994, we reached the Ashram in the last week of June and had the good fortune of sitting with him on three days. Suddenly, one morning, we were told that Swamiji had left for Delhi, for his bypass heart surgery! We were shocked and then felt amazed too because the previous night he was his usual self with the usual humility and humour. He never gave the slightest impression of his being a patient of such a grave and dreaded heart disease, which obviously would have been gradually aggravating over the past several years. We daily prayed for the success of his complicated surgical operation, till one day, in the afternoon, we were told by sources close to Sri Swami Chidanandaji, that they had received a telephonic message about the successful operation of Swamiji. We all felt overjoyed and prostrated at Sri Gurudev's Samadhi as our thanks giving. That day, after night Satsanga my elated daughter placed a packet of sweets at the Holy Feet of Sri Swami Chidanandaji. He asked "Eh, what is it today? Your birthday?" She replied in the negative and said that it was in celebration of the success of the surgical operation of Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji. "Oh, it is very nice of you. It is really an occasion worth celebrating", he commented. He himself opened the packet, ate one piece instantly and admonished her to distribute the sweet among the gathering of devotees. It was indeed a birthday, not hers but of Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji - a second birth - a new lease of life. Tears of joy rolled down my eyes, as I remembered our visit of 1973, when he used to fondle my two month old daughter in his arms, repeating, "This is my little, lovely sister." The sister had really been loyal! Jai Sivananda!


Vini Vici Vidi

(Rtd.) Director - Education
Sainik Schools. (Govt. of India)

He came, he saw, he conquered. Yes, That is how we assessed the personality of Swami Adhyatmanandji after we have had a fairly close interaction with him during yoga training course at Udhampur in Jammu and Kashmir Army H. Q. of Northern Command. His disciples, both commanders and soldiers were equally over-whelmed. It was his multi faceted and magnetic personality to which we could not but gravitate. His depth of knowledge, his piercing insight and his loving care, which tempered his occasional sharp retorts, left a deep and indelible impression on one and all. Swamiji taught Yoga and Pranayam and ably led the learners to the learning arena with speed. And with equal speed came the final, i.e., the Graduation ceremony. Both the "Brahmacharies" and the "Grihasthis" had graduated to the first rung of the ascending ladder of the yogic realm.

I have been knowing Swami Adhyatmanandji for about a decade and a half. Of all things, I have been particularly impressed with his sense of humour. Generally speaking, the ascetics and sanyasins delve deep into the cosmic relationships and the lighter vein remains untouched by their treatises. On the other hand, our Swamiji makes philosophical expositions quite earthly with mirth thrown in. His humour permeates the metaphysical and the mundane alike. I quite recall his self - introduction to the class wherein he said:

"I am Swami Adhyatmanand. Although my quest of truth is not yet complete; neverthe-less I should not be called as Adha - Atma - Nand".

The yoga class had burst into a spontaneous laughter.

"Shankha Prakshalan" is an important milestone in the course of imbibing knowledge of yoga. Quite a few students were awe-struck by its procedure and some were not sure of joining it. Swamiji made light of the heavy air by describing the exercise in the Army terminology of the "Grand Gala Shitting Programme". Thereafter the few fence-sitters joined the stomach cleansing programme without any reservations. Ladies led the way. It was a good-show indeed.

The Army personnel were very pleasantly surprised to see Swami Adhyatmanand arrive at the appointed place on the appointed time, just "on the dot." His name became synonymous with punctuality. He paid close attention to details while organising functions, and "military precision" was his hallmark.

"God helps those who help themselves", is an old adage. I find that God has been on Swamiji's side, always and everytime. An incident illustrated the point. On the eve of the Graduation ceremony of the Northern Command Yoga Class, it rained cats and dogs. Consequently, the programme was in the danger of being shifted indoors or was to be postponed. Swami Adhyatmanandji would have none of it. He prayed and his prayers were answered. The rains stopped in the nick of time and the yoga exercises were held outdoors as per schedule. As the "Surya Namaskar" was being performed, rain-laden clouds parted and the Sun shone brightly to bless the Guru and Shishya alike. The commentator took note of it and duly highlighted it.

When Julius Caesar landed on the English soil, England was his in no time. He said, "Vini, Vici, Vidi" (I came, I saw, I conquered). The same is true of Swamiji at Udhampur. Of course the former conquered with sword and the latter with love.

To sum up, I would say that Swami Adhyatmanandji is a Beacon Light which dispels doubts and darkness; spreads the light of knowledge. I pray: Lead, Kindly light:

t:m:s:: m:a jy::et:g:m:y: .
tamaso m jyotirgamaya |


We Need You

Pvsm, Avsm, Dehradoon

On the happy occasion of the Golden Jubilee Year of Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj our heart goes out to sincerely pray and seek of Almighty God, H.H. Gurudev Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj, Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj's blessings for his long healthy life. He is certainly one of the outstanding members and a pillar of strength of the Divine Life Society.

Both myself and my wife have had the good fortune of often meeting Swamiji. About a decade back my elder sister met him first. She unfortunately suffered from cancer and eventually passed away. Swamiji would go out of his way to call on her, now and then write to her which gave her the strength and will to bear physical suffering without a complaint. We are personally aware of many other cases where Swamiji's blessings & personal touch have helped so many suffering souls.

All members of the Society and other innumerable devotees ever look forward to meet him and derive the benefit of uplifting 'Satsang'. He does find time and opportunity to keep in touch with one and all. A livewire organiser who literally round the clock is there to help and guide.

With his radiant personality, cheerful disposition and ever smiling face, genuine feelings for others, he is doing a great service to the needy. Being quite a linguist, he is able to communicate with people very well and establish a rapport in no time. He is an adept Yogi and an excellent instructor who prescribes the right Yoga Asans/Exercises to suit an individual in keeping with one's age and physical/mental state. With great sense of humour, ever difficult situations become pleasant experiences.

In today's material world there is so much tension, unhappiness, physical and mental suffering. To alleviate this growing unfortunate condition and make one's life's journey bearable, in fact enjoyable according to Swamiji, the answer seems to be in an integrated physical, mental and spiritual approach. Towards this, saintly leaders like Swamiji make tremendous contribution to guide, help and keep them on the right path. May God bless Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj with many, many fruitful years ahead as we the devotees shall need his help guidance and blessings more than ever before.


Who Is He ?

Deputy Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, Govt. of Bihar

I am not a saint nor a scholar, so, I am not supposed to meddle with the philosophy and religion, Sadhana and spiritualism. I cannot dare to write something about Sadhana or "how to attain God-realisation" etc. But I know a little about this Mahatma whose Golden Jubilee is here. It may also be his silver Jubilee year in the Sivanand Ashram. He has been endowed with all the qualities of head and heart by God. He has earned Guru-Kripa by the dint of unstinted devotion to Sri Gurudev. Hard-work is also something behind it.

He played the role of Satyakama when he was assigned the duty at SatyaNarayan agriculture and milk dairy farm of the Ashram. He played the representative of Lord Buddha when he was assigned to visit Japan for Yoga propagation by Sri Gurudev. Yet, this golden- hearted Swamijee is most mis-understood and under-understood. He not only resembles Swami Vivekananda in look but he imbibes in him, his qualities as well.

I drifted to the Ashram in October, 1978. The first person who captivated me at that time was a bearded young Sanyasin managing the Annapurna. What a brilliance he had in his personality! Who is he? What forced him to become Sanyasin? He appeared fit to manage any big assignment of management and administration. Year after year I visited the Ashram, started coming closer to him. He managed many, rather most of the Sadhana Saptahs and enforced strict discipline, punctuality and orderliness. At times, even stalwart Sadhakas failed to gain entry in the hall or pandal, if late. He insisted on sitting erect with back-bone remaining straight. His admonition that Sadhana is not a casual affair but serious pursuit, went with the Sadhakas even after leaving the Ashram after the Sadhana-week. But his strictness had very soft interior, he admonished Sadhakas because he loved them and was their best well-wisher.

How many could understand him ?

I cannot forget that incident. H. H. Late Swami Vedvyasanandajee was invited to deliver a Pravachan to the Sadhakas in the Samadhi Shrine Hall. This young, humble and dashing Sanyasin was escorting that Swamijee. On his arrival in the hall, Swami Vedvyasanandajee said to H. H. Swami Chidanandajee Maharaj present there that "please give me this one Sanyasin in exchange of all my other Sanyasin". Sri Gurudev just smiled. Such incidents eulogizing this rotund-faced, white complexioned Sanyasin are numerous. This must have caused some hearts to ache as it was proved in subsequent years.

Swamiji is considered an asset to the Ashram, a rising Brahmagyani, a strong administrator and what not. Truth triumphs. Cherub like Swamijee moved to countries like Japan and Mauritius on the behest of Sri Gurudev. The Sadhakas of those countries considered themselves twice blessed in getting among them in their country such a perfect Sanyasin, a true representative of Holy Sivananda Ashram, nay, the true representative of Sanyasin and Yogis of Bharatvarsha, H. H. Swami Chidanandajee Maharaj once wrote in the Divine life Magazine about him as "most sought after Sanyasin". In the service of Gurudev he cared little about his own health and wellbeing. He silently suffered most heinous humiliation and machination.

After sixteen years of association with Swamijee I could know that he possesses the heart of an emperor, he is more caring than a mother. He is our friend, philosopher and guide. It is beyond my capacity to write about his greatness and virtues. In the State like West Bengal, where people are very critical and simply wearing of ochre cloth does not impress them, he is an astounding success. He is adored, respected and obeyed there.

I am no authority to gauge his spiritual attainments but I would like to narrate a personal experience. Less than a year back, I had to convey a vexing and difficult family problem to him in a sentimental way. He listened. Apart from giving practical advice, he silently prayed for my problem to be over and it was over. Yes, a disaster, an impending probable tragedy was averted. Such are the powers of his prayers and blessing. Seek it and find it.

He has earned not only Guru-Kripa but he had the fortune of being 'Kripa-paatra' of Holy Sri Sri Anandmayee Maa. He is liked and respected by everybody who comes in his contact. The list of his admirers include unemployed youth, estranged families, high Administrative Officials and Generals. He is a source of solace to all. God bless him with abundance of Guru-Kripa which is the only thing he likes most.


Swami Adhyatmanandaji-As I Know Him

Sri. D. V. BHATIA, I.A.S.

It is, indeed, rare to find a true Swami in this modern world. We are fortunate to have found one. My first encounter with Swamiji took place more than a decade ago when he came to hold a Yoga Camp at Chandigarh. At the very first Darshan, I was deeply impressed by his personality. As the years passed, I developed a feeling of great reverence.

Swamiji is a rare combination of an expert of Yoga as well as an exponent of spiritualism. He delivers his spiritual discourses with the same ease with which he imparts lessons of Yoga. He is modern in his out-look. His approach is practical. He does not force his views on any one. He is a man of simple habits. He is jovial by nature. He creates instant rapport with his disciples. He has a genuine concern for the poor and the down-trodden. He has a great love for the children. Infact, he is a rare blend of a yogi and spiritual teacher. He is a wonderful human being. He is a Swami in the true sense of the word.

Swamiji has created a rare rapport with our family. We are beholden to him. He is one of us and still above us. We had the rare privilege of celebrating his 50th birth year which is his Golden Jubilee Year, on the 3rd May, 1994 in our home when Swamiji came to bless us.

We pray for a very very long life to this wonderful Swami so that he continues to serve and enlighten the humanity at large.


Golden Jubilee Year Of Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj

(Retd.) FORMER: Food Secretary, Govt. of India
Director, L.B.S. National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie
Chief Secretary, Govt. of Orissa

It was during the summer of 1977, when I joined the National Academy of Administration at Mussoorie that I met Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj for the first time. The Divine Life Society has undertaken, in the spirit of service to the nation, to help impart training in 'YOGA' to the young probationers of "ALL INDIA" and "CENTRAL SERVICES" (Class I), who come to the Academy at Mussoorie for their foundation and other specialised training courses.

During the period I was in Mussoorie from July 1977 to June 1980, Swamiji was performing this task-a labour of love-with a sense of commitment which only a genuine KARMAYOGI can do. As a result, his yoga classes were most popular. He took personal interest in each and every trainee with his unparalleled human touch. He participated in the various cultural activities of the academy, bringing down the usual barrier between the teacher and the taught. The trainees would repose confidence in him and seek his guidance and help even in their personal matters, for which he would at times approach me as the head of the academy. Like a true benefactor, he did not hesitate to seek the help of all and sundry to provide solace to those who sought his guidance. He was readily accessible to one and all at any time of day or night.

His childlike mirth and the unfailing smile on his face, is another of his many human qualities-a superb combination of a great spiritual guide and a compassionate human being which inspired many of us at the academy.

For my wife, whom he addresses as Reverend Mataji, and I, he became a member of the family and continues to be so. We greatly cherish the memories of his associations and always fondly look forward to his visits and opportunities of meeting him.

A true KARMAYOGI, he is of late exceedingly busy in rendering yeoman services to the poor and needy besides the victims of natural calamities like the Earthquake in Utter Kashi U.P. Latur in Maharashtra and other places in the country.

We are sure that Swami Adhyatmanandji Maharaj, who has been ordained by the Almighty to the service of the nation and humanity will continue to enlighten and brighten the lives of many of common people for a long long time-he being a truly blessed soul. This is our earnest prayer.


Remembering Swami Adhyatmanandji

Dire. Gen. I.A. Govt. of Maharashtra, Bombay

More than the religion, human being, because of his distinguishing feature of having consciousness and choices, in his quest to know himself finds solace in a higher soul. It was sometime in July 1975 on a hilltop I came across those dazzling eyes and a face full of peace and tranquillity. Never thereafter it left my mind's eye and in my hard times, I got the inner response and courage to get over them whenever I remembered the Swamiji.

Going back to 1975, I still remember vividly the way he used to give yoga lessons to the probationers of India's premier service at Mussoorie. He picked me up from among the probationers. Though I was his choice as an ardent yoga practitioner, I was not selected for the competition for Director's Gold Medal. Before I could tell him, he realised my disappointment and instead of sympathizing me, he gave a hearty laugh. Enough to dispel my sorrow and suffering. The message was clear. One should not he surprised and disappointed at anything that happens in life. He compensated my unhappiness by selecting me for yoga demonstration before the Estimate Committee visiting Academy a few days later.

Ten years thereafter in a crucial moment of my life in another hill station, Gangtok (Sikkim), I felt a dire need of seeing him. I thought it was impossible as neither did I have his address nor did I know his whereabouts. It was a rain-soaked dull evening. In a pensive mood I was proceeding home from my office, "Mandalji"-a call I heard from the nearby bus stand. I turned to the tune of familiar voice. Lo and behold! the Swamiji with his broad smile and bright eyes there to answer my prayer. My heart danced with joy as it was a great surprise for me to see him all of a sudden when I needed him most. He came there to give yoga lessons to some senior officers of Government of Sikkim. He asked me to join and demonstrate before those officials without even asking me whether I still continued to practice yoga. Did he know that I followed him wherever I was, no matter what the terrestrial distance was?

Six years later when I was requested to give yoga lesson to a group of employees in Bombay I thought it appropriate to request the Swamiji to inaugurate yoga classes. I wrote him a letter. For one and half months there was no response. Internally I was feeling unhappy and bitter. One morning while taking bath, in my intense feeling I prayed, 'if you exist, you must respond to my call'. It was about 12.30 p.m. that very day, my office received a call from an Addl. SP Thane desiring me to speak. When I told my Personal Assistant that I did not have time to answer the call then, the caller insisted that I should speak if only for a minute. Very reluctantly I took the receiver, "Mandalji, you write letter but do not give your Telephone Number nor the address. So I have to trace you through Police of Bombay". It was Swamiji on the line.

Joy overwhelmed me. He responded to my morning prayer. Is it telepathy or response to one's heart's yearning for blessings? Inspite of his busy schedule he spent about two hours with us and gave enlightening and inspiring talk to the eager participants of yoga.

It is said that God always knows your need, and responds to your prayer. God transcendent is beyond us but God immanent is in man. Is this Swamiji an Ordinary Mortal?


'Carrier Of Guru-Kripa'

M.Sc. (Ag. Bot.), Ph.D.,
(H. P.)

My first meeting with Sri Sri Sri Swami Adhyatmanandji Maharaj in 1981 in a public function, at Ludhiana, Punjab, is the most memorable event in my life. It is only then that I started realising true meaning and purpose of life. Till then I always considered myself as the "DOER" of all that happened around me-in my home as well as in my laboratory. How foolish I was, I only realised after this meeting! Swamiji's simple but highly effective, penetrating and soul stirring words and teachings made me realise the living presence of GOD in daily life. I could then see HIS hand in everything being done and was thus put on the right path, becoming an humble seeker and merely a tool in HIS hands.

Soon after that I received Guru-Kripa and started getting true meaning from the texts of His Holiness Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj. These were in my possession since 1964, given to me by dear mother-in-law Srimati Manorama Kunchal nee Shroff, of Muzaffarnagar (UP), but I was unable to comprehend true value of these works. How I used to share with her my feelings that this treasure of "GYAN" remained hidden from me till 1981, come clearly to me today, and I realise that when she suddenly left for her heavenly abode (on May 25, 1994), I lost all opportunities to express deep gratitude which I owed her my first initiator on the divine trek.

It was then in 1983, when I had a new lease of life, that a realization came to me how close I was to our Revered Gurudev Sri Sri Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj, who was virtually with me when I was surrounded by medical specialists in the hospital at Patiala. Who else could have blessed me other than Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj, that our Sri Gurudev himself was there to save me on that critical moment. I was doubly blessed!! Then followed my formal Naamdiksha and journey towards spiritual awakening, and in this too Swamiji's aparkripa was abundantly available to me, wherever I was in India or abroad. I consider myself lucky that my present dwelling and place of work has had the good fortune of saying WELCOME to the LOTUS FEET of the LORD through our most revered Swami Adhyatmanandji Maharaj.

He has taught me how to cultivate faith, trust and Vivek using the sixth sense and the Buddhi.

I can only partly repay the deep debt of gratitude I owe to Swamiji by praying that our Lord bestows upon him many many more years of good health, devotion and sweet dynamism so that he can enlighten many more souls and disseminate spiritual knowledge. I also pray to the Almighty to grant opportunity to more and more people to come under the divine influence of Swami Adyatmanandaji Maharaj so that they come close to HIM through devotion, purity of heart, and Karmayoga.

In this Golden Jubilee Year, our congratulations to Swamiji for success in teaching us how to carry on this Adhyatmic battle and best wishes for still greater achievements in the coming years. May only the Bliss-Bliss spread all around us, through him.

Om Namo Narayanaya! Om Namo Narayanaya!! Om Namo Narayanaya !!!


Swami Adhyatmanandji--A Saintly Character And A Multi-Faceted Personality


I first had the privilege of making Swami Adhyatmanandji's aquaintance in 1973 or 1974, when I was Director of the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie. With the gracious help of Rev. Swami Chidanandji Maharaj, Yoga classes had been introduced for the first time in the National Academy, and Swamiji Maharaj had generously deputed his young Swamis and Brahmacharis to conduct the classes, which soon became very popular.

When one of these young Swamis came to the Academy, Swami Adhyatmanandji, I was struck by his good looks, confident bearing and dedication to his work. He mingled freely with the trainees and established excellent rapport with them as well as with Members of the Faculty. We were all to be soon amazed at his many accomplishments.

Once, while classes were going on in the lecture hall, I found a young man in Khaki breeches and sola topee (the prescribed riding dress), riding a horse in the Riding ground down below. Puzzled as to who could be riding horses during class hours, I went down to make inquiries, and learnt to my astonishment that it was the young Swami. He was so fascinated by watching the riding classes that he exchanged his saffron robes to Khakhi breeches and donned a sola topee to try out riding, at which he soon became quite adapt.

On another occasion, some people had come to give a demonstration of magical tricks. They took whole sheets of shining coloured paper and ran their scissors through them and then with a few deft folds, produced beautiful-looking flowers and birds, which they presented to my wife.

The following day Swamiji came and presented similar beautiful paper flowers to my wife. She inquired whether he had got these from those who had given the demonstration. Swamiji said that he had been closely observing those people and how they were cutting and folding the coloured sheets, and he had then gone and tried it out for himself and had been rewarded with the same results. We were all amazed at Swamiji's powers of observation and versatility. By just looking at how those people were cutting and folding, he had been able to follow the difficult procedure exactly and produce the same beautiful results.

But his crowning achievement was yet to come on the occasion of Krishna Janmashatmi. My wife had to produce an elaborate Krishna Leela Ballet, full of song and music and dance with young men and women from the trainees as the characters. In that particular year she was faced with a dilemma because there was no one in that batch of trainees who was accomplished enough to take on the demanding role of Lord Krishna. Even the girl who was to play Sri Radha was not fully equipped or confident, this being her very first stage appearance. When things seemed hopeless, Swamiji volunteered that rather than the Ballet being given up, he would himself play the role of Lord Krishna. It was then that he revealed that prior to his taking the robes of monk-hood, he had taken training as a Kathak dancer and used to be quite proficient at it.

And what a dazzling display of dance and acting Swamiji gave as Lord Krishna! It was almost as if the Lord himself had decided to put in an appearance before the gathering. Never had the role been played to such perfection. Not only his own role, Swamiji literally carried the nervous Radha with him and gave her the support and confidence to excel. It was really a revelation that Swamiji was such an accomplished artiste.

His presence of mind can be indicated in one small incident. In the prelude to the Gita scene on the battle-field of Kurukshetra Swamiji as Lord Krishna got down from the wooden chariot and came around when his dhoti got caught in the mouth of one of the wooden horses. The audience had just started to laugh, which would have destroyed the solemnity of the scene, when Swamiji turned the tables on them by gently patting the wooden horse on the head as if to allay its restiveness. The audience was left wrapt in admiration at this amazing presence of mind.

From what one knows of Swami Adhyatmanandaji, he would have made a mark as an Engineer for which he had trained, or as a classical dancer he would have risen to the heights. And yet at the call of religion, he had no hesitation in giving up everything and becoming a true sannyasi in thought, word and deed.


Swami AdhyatmanandjiA Personality Unmatched

Chartered Engineer & Ind. Consultant
R. I. District Governor, 84-85

My association with Swami Adhyatmanandji started with a chance meeting about eight years back when he came to Jalandhar and in a few days won the hearts & minds of a sizeable elite population. The whole town was singing praises of a youthful Sanyasi whose eloquence had the mingled resonance of the bells of a temple, the Bani of a Gurudwara and the Azzan of a Mosque, who could teach Yoga with the fluidity of a ballet dancer and who could sing and make tranquillity cascade on the listeners. The best synthesis of a modern out-look reinforced by deep study of ancient scriptures.

The compliments were too lavish and came from people known for their maturity of judgement. My curiosity was aroused and one fine morning at about 5.00 A.M. I also became part of a large number of people quietly going to Arya Samaj Mandir, Model Town Jalandhar for Yoga & Meditation Session.

Sitting quietly in a corner I marvelled at the countless blessings showered on a very handsome, smiling, dynamic saffron clad Sanyasi. The very encounter converted me into an ardent admirer of Swami Adhyatmanandji. God was kind to me, many more opportunities for more intimate meetings were provided and admiration at first sight was transformed into a deep bond of respect for the knowledgeable Guru and love for the affectionate brother.

It had been my privilege to invite him to shower blessings on several occasions and every time I found him perfectly tuned to the intellectual level of the receiving audience and creating impact which his listeners cherished for years to come after the spell of his address was broken. Whether it were the Dist. Conferences of Rotary International, the top most events of Inner Wheel Movement, a group of Industrialists, a training class of Business Executives of an Industrial house or a group of inquisitive ladies & innocent children Swami Adhyatmanandji had the unmatched foresight of understanding their individual needs and responding to it with perfect ease thereby simultaneously establishing the relations of a Guru, a friend and a benefactor.

Through Radio and Television Swami Adhyatmanandji rendered un-paralleled service to the people of North India with his programmes on Yoga during which he imparted knowledge regarding the physical, medical and psychological aspects of the yogic exercises. His programmes were all time hits making him a spiritual matinee idol.

During the Golden Jubilee year of Swami Adhyatmanandji I wish and pray that blessings of Almighty should continue to be showered on Swamiji in great abundance and the chosen one that he is he may fulfill his mission of spiritual enlightenment of mankind to its climax.


Holiness Incarnate

Dr. Hemandranath, Mrs. Uma Rani
BHEL - Hardwar

It was almost exactly nine years ago that Sri Swami Adhyatmanandji Maharaj tip-toed into our lives. And, ever since, we and our lives have not been the same.

His silent and subtle yet all-encompassing vibrations have been our beacon and source of strength. His coming into our lives has been the most auspicious happening and continues to transform our lives. Verily, we have been blessed recipients of the Lord's Grace through the radiant, resplendent, vibrant, energizing and ennobling human transformer known as Swami Adhyatmanand.

Our first encounter is etched in our memories. It took place on April 29, 1985. No first encounter could, possibly, have had a more remarkable denouement.

I was a chain-smoker of more than a quarter century's standing. The habit had been taking an increasingly devastating toll on my own health and will power and, on the welfare and budget of the whole family. A few minutes in the Swamiji's presence had the electrifying effect of inspiring me to give up the habit spontaneously and for life. The far-reaching and continuing consequences of this single incident are enough to overwhelm us. And, this happens to be only the first in a chain of blessed happenings.

Each passing day and year of our association with Swamiji Maharaj makes us better appreciate the meanings of the traditional word HOLY and, its modern derivatives HOLISTIC/HOLISM. Every single minute of Swamiji's dedicated life is an inspiring exposition of the meanings of WHOLESOME, WHOLENESS, HOLINESS AND HOLISTIC.

May the Blessed Grace of Parmapujya Gurudev Sri Swami Shivanandji Maharaj and Sri Swami Chidanandji Maharaj continue to be showered upon us through their Priya Shishya Sri Swami Adhyatmanandji Maharaj for another hundred years.


My Reminiscences About Shri Swami Adhyatmanandji Maharaj


I met Shri Swami Adhyatmanandji about a decade back at Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., Hardwar where he had come to conduct yoga classes. I was then General Manager of Personnel & Administration of that Plant of BHEL.

Although I am not religious minded person but I was highly impressed by the wisdom and simplicity of Swamiji during my first meeting itself. When I mentioned to him that I did not believe in religious rituals, to my pleasant surprise he was not disappointed. On the other hand he narrated to me a few simple stories. The message behind which was that though I claimed not to be religious minded, I was at heart a true religious person. Since then Swamiji has been my friend, philosopher and guide.

I met him regularly whenever he was available at Sivananda Ashram or came to Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., Hardwar till 1987 when I was transferred to the Hyderabad Unit of BHEL. During these meetings with him I gained a lot of wisdom from him about how to keep the mind and body healthy and he inspired me to do my best for the Society.

Since 1987, when I came to Hyderabad I have been exchanging correspondence with Shri Swami Adhyatmandaji once in a while and he has been very kind to write to me once or twice a year. I have been heavy smoker till 1992 and Swamiji started each letter by writing "please stop smoking" five times. I developed heart problem in 1992. Then I realised the importance of Swamiji's advice. Probably I could have avoided the heart problem if I had followed his advice. Recently I met Swami Adhyatmanandji at Hyderabad, in connection with Silver Jublilee Celebrations of Divine Life Society of A.P. and I found that though he has travelled all over the country and abroad and is highly revered for his qualities & personality, he still remains very simple and modest and does not expect others to worship him unlike many other spiritual people.

He will offer with his own hands fruit, prasad etc., to all who come to meet him. He prefers to perform all functions himself and rarely asks any of his disciples and admirers to do any work on his behalf. He showers warmth and affection on each and every one who comes in his contact.

My wife is also a great admirer of Swamiji and she always accompanies me whenever I go to meet Swamiji and seek his blessings and guidance.

We sincerely pray God to bestow continuous good health and long life to Swami Adhyatmanandji so that the humanity gets maximum benefit of his knowledge, advice and guidance to improve their lives in all spheres. At the end I sincerely thank Gujarat Divine Life Society for giving me this opportunity and privilege to share my thoughts about Shri Swami Adhyatmanandji.


Golden Jubilee Of Swami Adhyatmanandjee's Birthday

Dir. General, Supreme Woolen Mills, Ludhiana
Dir. Osho. Inst. of Meditation, Ludhiana

I am delighted to know that Golden Jubilee year of our beloved Swami Adhyatmandaji is being celebrated by the Gujarat Divyajivan Sangh

Swamiji is an institution in himself.

He is many in one and besides his talks on multifarious aspects of life his very presence is greatly inspiring.

He radiates and penetrates with his thoughts. His knowledge flows from his being unlike many others who only quote and speak from scriptures.

Life is in its living and not in its Philosophy. Although such persons, whose thoughts and being are one are very rare, yet howsoever small in number they may be, they alone are the salt of this earth. Swami Adhyatmanandji is one of such persons and I have great reverence and love for him.

The need of the hour is to promote awareness and understanding of one's own life and Swamiji is doing a remarkable job in this direction. May God keep on showering His blessings on Swamiji and providing him with the strength for leading the humanity to divinity and bliss.


A Short Introduction Of Swamiji


Today 6th July, 1994, will remain as an unforgettable day in the memory of the entire Divine Life Society family as a great son of Divine Life Society undergoes a major heart surgery at Escorts, New Delhi.

I offer my respectful salute and prayerful Pranams to this great son Swami Adhyatmanandji with my whole heart, praying for his long life and good health.

There are many members of the Divine Life Society family like me, who will all be having the same emotions for Swami Adhyatmanandji as Kabir had for his Guru. Kabir prostrated his Guru first then Govind, because it is with Guru's Kripa that he has found Govind. Swami Adhyatmanandji is a great Guru to me who HAS SHOWN Govind in the form of Pujya Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj. After having his Darshan, after meeting and talking to him and having him as my Guru, the desire of seeing God is fulfilled; the quest for Truth is satisfied. He is the embodiment of God Himself. Whenever Guru's Darshan fills me with Bliss and Anand, I am grateful to this young dynamic king of Yogasanas Swami Adhyatmanandji. Like me thousands of aspirants of spiritual quest owe their gratitude to him for introducing us to the Divine Life Society and its great founder Swami Sivanandaji and present Great Souls Swami Chidanandaji, Swami Krishnanandji, Swami Madhavananadaji, Swami Dayanandaji and many more.

This dynamic young monk from Gujarat has an ever smiling face. He is always full of energy and enthusiasm. His fair complexion and tall figure reminds you of Swami Vivekananda. He is always active and involved in some kind of Karmayoga.

He was born on 3rd May 1945 at a place named Jam Khambhalia in Distt. Jamnagar, Gujarat. He had his primary education at Dwarka and Lakheri, higher education at Rajkot and Baroda. He joined Ramakrishna Mission in 1971 at Rajkot and served them for about one and a half year for its various projects like flood relief, Kutch draught relief etc. He was pioneer for raising funds. Along these projects, Ramakrishna Mission gave him vigorous training in being a disciplined Sadhaka.

Right from his young age, he felt he is looking for some different goal than the normal goal of earning money, name and fame. He had been visiting Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh since 1965. Finally in 1972 he joined the Ashram, had his initial training of Yoga from Swami Chidanandaji and Swami Krishnanandji and was initiated into the holy order of Sannyas in 1974.

His inherited qualities of commanding, leading and organizing, soon made him a champion of Yoga Camps, Sadhana Saptahas and personality development courses. His efficiency and proficiency can be admired in every field, right from cracking jokes to organizing grand functions like the Founder's birth centenary or campaign programmes of Amritmahotsava of Swami Chidanandaji. 'Yoga Training' is his passion, he will not leave a chance, if he is given, at a Railway Station or at Airport while waiting for the delayed train or flight. You can see him helping passengers in their scanty knowledge of Yogasanas, or Pranayams. Till today June, 1994, he has attended 450 Yoga Camps. University of Pant Nager, Nainital, Chandigarh, Ludhiyana, Punjab, Rajkot, Ahmedabad are the few privileged educational centres which organized the Yoga Camps for their students a number of times in these years. Many Civil and Defence Organisations like BHEL, Ranipur, Hardware, ONGC, Dehradun and Baroda, Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy of Administration, Defence Institute of Work Study-Mussoorie, Management Development Institute Gurgaon, Administrative Training Institute, Nainital, Nav Bharat Ferro Alloys Ltd.- Paloncha, A.P., Bhadrachalam Paper Mills, A.P., and many more centres of Army have been inviting him to head these Yoga treats for their trainees and staff. These kind of Yoga Camps and Sanyam Saptahas (self discipline week) at various branches are a regular feature of his year's programmes. Inner Wheel Club of Jullandhar and Rotary Club of Ludhiyana and Amritsar and many more Rotary Clubs invites him since 1988 for giving key note address in their annual gathering. He organised and conducted the Ashram's Camp at the Kumbha Mela at PRAYAG very successfully, during the Mela period, he conducted several Yoga Camps and classes besides giving discourses and Satsang.

Anyone who had the good fortune of having Yoga Training from him, does not forget him and his most disciplined training style. The most interesting is the last phase of his training camp, when he invites all yoga participants there and families under one roof or sometimes under a trees, with delicacies of their kitchen. He goes around and tastes from everyone's tiffin box, so that none of them are left with any complaint of not accepting their invitation during training period. It is a joy to see these picnic treats without any barriers of caste, creed, religion and with no difference of staff or manager, worker or master. His wide-spread cultural and yoga tours create a great impact on both young and old, scholars as well as students. The Government Media, Doordarshan and All India Radio have given him extensive coverage, it is difficult to give the full account of his talks and interviews, but among few are at Delhi, All India Radio, for Sri Swami Vivekanandaji's 125th Birth Anniversary's national broadcast. Doordarshan and all India Radio of Jullandhar recorded his speeches for the 100th birth Anniversary of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, former President of India, and other patriots of the nation.

It is inspiring to see him busy on his translation work and regular on his training schedules just a few hours before going for his major surgery.

On this holy occasion of the 50th Birth Anniversary Golden Jubilee of Swami Adhyatmanandji my husband and my children join me in my prayers to the Lord and the Holy Master to bestow their choicest blessings upon this great dynamic Monk for his long life and radiant health to continue his untiring spiritual service to humanity.

This is our humble prayer now and ever.

In service of Shri Gurudev Swami Chidanandaji.


Swami Adhyatmanandaji-A Dynamic Spiritual Personality

President, Divine Life Society,
Nava Nagar, PALONCHA (A. P.)

We started the Divine Life Society at Nava Nagar, Paloncha, Khammam Dist. A. P. on 4-5-'88 with the kind blessings of Swami Chidananda Maharaj with about 25 members initially.

As a part of our activities of this branch, we had organised the 1st Yoga Camp during the year, 1990 from 25th May to 3rd June under the leadership of Sri Swami Adhyatmanandji. This was the first time that I had the rare opportunity to learn Yogasanas and Pranayama, relaxation exercises from such a dynamic spiritual personality, who is tirelessly working for spreading the Divine Life message of Gurudev Sivananda Maharaj. This camp was very successfully organized under the personal supervision of Swamiji. We are greatly indebted to SWAMIJI in this regard.

About 175 employees from our and other neighbouring industries participated in the Camp. Consequently, there was lot of pressure and requests made from the local Doctors and employees working in industries to invite Swamiji for conducting Yoga Camps in our area again and again. We have organized similar Camps during 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994 also. Several hundreds of people were benefited by these Yoga Camps. Swamiji brought tremendous discipline and harmony among the participants and employees working in the industries and also on the Managements of various Organizations situated in this part of the State. He had evinced keen interest in inspiring these participants to become perfect in the practice of Yogasanas. Swami ADHYATMANANDJI has left indelible impressions and we feel that if such a simple, dynamic and highly disciplined, spiritual SWAMIJI makes visits to industries for conducting Yoga Camps it will certainly help facilitate the employees not only improve their efficiency in their day to day works but develop spiritual aspirations amongst them for the good of the Society.

We pray God he should be bestowed with Radiant health and long spiritual life for serving the Humanity for spreading Gurudev's message.

With best regards .....


A Dynamic Soul With Love And Affection

M.Sc.,M. Phil. Vice President,
Madurai Divine Life Society Branch

It was the Kumbh Mela period in Prayag. The winter was severe since it was mid January. Myself and Br. Seshan, correspondent of Madurai Sivananda Vidyalaya arrived in the late evening at the Sivananda Ashram special stall premises without any prior intimation. We were there in Prayag in connection with attending a religious conference and we met a friend from Madurai in the conference Pandal, who gave us information about the Sivanandaashram stall. The moment we got the information, we rushed to the spot and there we were received with all love and affection by our Pujya Sri Swami Adhyatmanandji Maharaj. Within a few minutes, he called the cook and asked him to prepare special South Indian dishes like sambhar, rice etc. When we took food, he sat with us and showed motherly affection in feeding us to the brim.

For a few moments, we closed our eyes and saw our worshipful Gurudev H. H. Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj in Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj. We had the darshan of our Pujya Gurudev in our Ashram in 1962 and personally tasted the warmth of his Divine love and affection.

After our meals we attended the Satsang and Swamiji asked me to speak on the greatness of Sri Gurudev and I did. That night we stayed there on the special request of Swamiji Maharaj, since he wanted us to participate in the next morning 'Prabhat Pheri'. I was wondering whether it will be possible for us to attend the early morning Nagar Sankirtan in that biting cold. We got up by 4.00 a.m. and to our astonishment we saw all the Ashram inmates with Bhajan accompaniments, gathered in front of the Ashram premises and Swamiji was there leading us with his melodious and inspiring bhajan, dancing in ecstasy in the streets of Holy Prayag.

Swami Adhyatmanandaji is a Yoga expert, a melodious, Sankirtanist, an inspiring speaker and a good guide.

It was an unforgettable experience in Pattamadai during the Divine Life Conference in Oct.'91, where Swamiji's contribution was remarkable. Though he was mainly in charge of the speakers and the function on the dais, he was seen everywhere. Remarkable was the early morning Asana Class held in the Ramaseshier Higher Secondary School, where our Pujya Gurudev H. H. Sri Swami Sivandandaji Maharaj studied in his early days. Swamiji is a good teacher and he made the Asana Class very lively by speaking in many languages and explaining each and every detail in his own inimitable style. In this connection, I have to mention about the early morning Yoga Class for Doctors and Mela officers at Prayag Kumbh Mela, which was well attended and appreciated by one and all.

Swamiji, during his service at Pattamadai hospital, learnt Tamil to such an extent that he was able to speak to the audience in that language during his classes, in the Head Quarters Ashram, in all the major functions, Swamiji's role is something unique and commendable.

He has visited Madurai, the temple city, many times and appreciated the dance and drama performance of Sivananda Vidyalaya children at the Pattamadai Divine Life Conference. One incident is still fresh in our memory. In one of the items entitled Sivananda Day to Day, one fifth standard student of Sivananda Vidyalaya, played the part of gurudev Sri Swami Sivananda, conducting satsang in the Ashram. It was so captivating that the whole audience was fully absorbed in it. At that time suddenly Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji, who was watching the scene with full attention, forgot himself, fell flat on the ground and prostrated before that child, uttering "Bolo Sat Guru Sivananda Maharaj ki Jai". The entire audience was shocked and surprised at this incident. But Swamiji was totally unaware of what took place. He was fully absorbed in that ecstatic seen depicting Gurudev's Life.

Once, during one of his visits to Madurai, he took special attention to visit our residence and pay his respects to our aged, mother Smt Ramani Ammal, who was a great devotee of our Beloved Gurudev. Pujya Sri Swami Chidanandji Maharaj also during one of his very busy schedule in Madurai allotted some time to visit Sivananda Nilayam and bless Smt. Rajmani Ammal at her residence. This is the greatness of Mahatmas. However busy and great they are, they become so humble and simple that they lower themselves to lift up their devotees. Swami Adhyatmanandaji while prostrating the aged mother, Smt. Rajmani Ammal, not only touched her feet but also went to the extent of holding her both hands and placing them on his head, requesting her to bless him, considering him, as her another son. She is a very orthodox lady of a highly reserved type, not allowing even her sons to touch her. But Swamiji did this with all reverence and respect. What could she do? Though she was taken aback, she blessed him whole heartedly. That is Swamiji's simplicity.

Swamiji's lectures are thrilling and soul elevating. His cassette on "Om Namo Narayanaya: Om Namo Bhagavate Sivanandaya' has a unique spiritual spell on the listeners.

It is the good fortune of Gujarat that Swamiji has been entrusted with the noble work of coordinating the Divine Life activities.

Let us all pray to Pujya Gurudev Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj and Pujya Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj to bless Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj with many more years of devoted and dedicated service to our DIVINE LIFE MISSION.


Sri Swami Adhyatmanandji A Practical Spiritual Guide To Many People

D.L.S., Warangal Branch

I have had the good fortune to have the darshan of Sri Swamiji Maharaj for the first time when Pujya Swamiji Maharaj visited Warangal in November 1985, in connection with the pre-centenary prachara yatra of Sadguru Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswathi. During his visit at Warangal Swamiji Maharaj gave message to Scientists, Professors, Engineers and Students on YOGA and VEDANTA.

Later on I have continued and kept a close association with Pujya Swamiji Maharaj. During Sadhana Week organised every year at RISHIKESH, Yoga Camps at various places in India, Divine Life Conferences and International Spiritual and Cultural Conferences, Swamiji Maharaj is playing vital role for their total success. Swamiji Maharaj is an expert guide and "YOGACHARYA" in Yogasana, Philosophy and Spiritual practice in daily life.

At the ashram headquarters Swamiji Maharaj is seen doing selfless service in an unattached manner but practically he will be attending all the activities with great vigour ceaselessly in addition to organising Yoga Camps in and out of India to teach and train the students, officials and Citizens in the Sivananda Philosophy.

Sri Swami Adhyatmanandji Maharaj loves all beings with inner depth of the heart and renders noble service. Besides Swamiji Maharaj is very ardent and firm in maintaining the discipline and punctuality. He will not like to have any excuses in this aspect.

In the view of Bhartruhari, a good teacher is one who must teach all the students of the class without exception to grasp the entire teachings of the subject and also live in it. Like wise Pujya Swamiji Maharaj will take extreme care on every Sadhak during Yoga camps and Sadhana Saptah and make the participants to feel at home so that they can reach to the highest pinacle in Yoga. It is indeed doubtless that Sri Swami Adhyatmanandji Maharaj is the best Yoga Acharya of modern times.

Swamiji Maharaj took the Sivananda teachings to the door steps of the remote 'Adivasi' people in the entire India and made them to live as "HUMAN'S BEINGS": Swamiji Maharaj contribution to uplift the youth and students of India has no bounds to measure. In fact that is the need of the hour.

This Sevak is much more benefited by Swamiji's teachings as a devotee, as secretary of a Divine Life Society Branch and as a Sadhak.

On this holy occasion of Golden Jubilee Celebrations of His Holiness, Sri Swami Adhyatmanandji Maharaj, I pray to God Almighty, Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj and Pujya Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj to bestow Sri Swamiji Maharaj with interior Pilgrimage to lead the people of great Bharat Varsha towards God realization.

Om Tat Sat.


Swami Adhyatmananda


"A multifaceted saint" is how I will describe Swami Adhyatmananda based on my association with Swamiji extending over a period of 20 years. It is infinitely rare to easily locate a saint so spiritually elevated moving about in the world in the garb of a man of the world. One hasn't got to go to the Himalayan caves to discover him; he is easily approachable to anybody and possesses the unique quality of meeting and influencing you at your level as a man of the world. For a moment you forget if you are in the company of a saint who is listening to you, talking to you, playing and joking with you, genuinely interested in helping and guiding you in all your problems of day-to-day life and still a saint to the very core of his being whose sainthood shines in each word and act of his.

I considered it my good luck when I, by God's Grace, met him at Nainital where he had come to conduct a course on Yoga and was taken by him, as if, at first sight. And who wouldn't be! Since then we have been the best of friends as far as human relations go and, at the same time, in the all-important field of spiritual learning and advancement, I find him a dependable, unfailing and trustworthy guide. I admit with a sense of pride that since meeting Swami Adhyatmananda my life is tension-free, joyful, at peace with external environment, purposeful, flowing progressively towards the attainment of the ultimate objective of Evolution through a state of Awareness. I still need his hand of friendship and guidance as I find the path difficult with pitfalls at every step. I still maintain my optimism as, with every fall, I am aware of his hand that lifts and puts me back on road with ever-growing confidence.

On his Fiftieth Birthday I consider it a unique honour and a proud privilege to give my retrospection of Swamiji based on my contact with him. I consider him one of the rarest saints available to man on earth who, I pray, should be available to help and guide mankind for years to come. I most heartily felicitate him on his Birthday and wish him a long and blissful life so that man's life on earth is made more purposeful and less painful. God Bless him and may he live long.


Charming Buddha--like Swami


Swami Adhyatmanandji Maharaj has a charming personality. His sharp features are chiselled like a Gandhar Buddha. Wherever he goes he sheds an aura around and the people are drawn into an undefined peace.

He is an impressive organiser and can handle huge gatherings. Drawing up programmes and implementing them with a finesse is his forte. Here his melodious voice is a great asset and commands attention of the audience.

I saw him in action during the centenary celebrations of Most Revered Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj at Rishikesh. His compering is of professional standard and he is punctilious about every detail. If called upon, he can also keep the crowd in good humour.

His work during the earthquake in Utter Kashi and Upper reaches of Rishikesh was remarkable. He served the victims relentlessly, even at the risk of his health. Wherever there is a calamity, or a call for duty, he is there, all keyed up to serve. He follows the teachings of Gurudeva-Serve, love, give, purify, meditate, realise.

He is full of energy and action, as if passing through the Rajoguni phase. Nothing purifies more than selfless service. Constant nididhyasana and abhyasa and above all Gurukripa-leads to dhyana, like a fickleless flame, and then to realisation.

May the Lord almighty and the benevolence of Gurudev bestow all the spiritual bounties upon him, my Gurubhai, on the auspicious occasion his Golden Jubiliee Year.


Swami AdhyatmanandaA Supernatural Being!

Sri H. K. LALL
President, The Divine Life Society, Chandigarh

Two words came to my mind when I sat down to write this page. But these, 'prodigy' and 'precocious', got melt away immediately as the flood of light, emanating from the innumerable qualities generated by the aura sustained by him, was too much, too much. A flash dawned on me. Supernatural! Yes, he is a supernatural being!

Whenever you meet him, you feel a joy. A joy oozes out of the heart on coming across him. It is all because of his sterling character, regularity in Sadhana, Japa, Meditation and Tapasya.

His dynamic nature, his love for strict discipline, his marvellous punctuality, his clock like regularity, unfailing memory, power of observance, melodious and mellifluous voice, charming eloquence, synthesizing the qualities of head, heart and hand, love for the high and low, young and old, infant and child, quick grasping power, obedience to the superiors, complete surrender to the Guru, utmost faith in Holy Master's teachings, burning zeal for untiring service, zest for lifting others, divine healing touch, vast knowledge of languages, control of senses, wonderful detachment from mammon, feelings for the lowly and downtrodden, through & through magnanimity, devotion to the saints, leech like tenacity to Japa and Dhyana, consistent and constant Tapas, writing power, maiden discourses full of devotion, philosophy, yoga and so on, easily understandable teaching techniques, love for yoga, his knack for learning new techniques, scientific nature, love for Indian culture, love for spreading spirituality, constant prayerful mood, organizing and managing ability, physical agility, mental alacrity, aesthetic sense, nature to work in a beautiful manner, discerning dispassion, firm faith in scripture, aptitude to adapt and adjust, are few qualities that I narrate for the reader. His personality, charismatic aura, the halo and the wonders achieved by these, cannot be described here because for that I shall have to devote this whole souvenir. Infact I have a desideratum to publish works like, "Swami Adhyatmananda, a Divine Healer", "Crest-jewel of Divine Life Society", or "A personality beyond the realm of words". But paucity of funds is a thwarting factor. His whole being is so multifaceted that it cannot be circumscribed in the precincts of words.

I shall now describe a few miracles wrought by him, because, as stated in the preceding para, it is not possible to put into black and white the all. Dr. (Mrs.) Nirmal Bhatia got cured of her chronic arthritis. Savita Sharma (now married) was ailing for the last many years, but her chronic fever disappeared after coming into contact with Swamiji. My colleague, Shri Man Mohan Singh Bhatia, Manager (Administration & Insurance), was suffering from Parkinsonism since long. I took him to Patiala where Swamiji was holding Yoga Camp in Punjabi University on 2.10.1985. He gave a yogic prescription and he is now almost cured although Post Graduate Medical & Research Institute, Chandigarh, had declared him incurable. But Swamiji Maharaj never bragged about these.

I was myself suffering from acute pain in the back, could not even move and I could not go to receive him even. But during the day his healing touch made the pain vanish to such an extent that in the evening I walked all the way from my house in Sector 37-D to Govt. Yoga Health Organisation in Sector 23-A. Such instances are many.

His nature to feel the joys and sorrows of other as if he himself was passing through that happiness or agony, has been appreciated by one and all here. No one considers him an alien. Everyone feels that Swamiji is just one of his or her family member. I leave it to you to probe the reasons for the same. Miles away when he comes to know of a tragedy in some family here, he finds time despite his busiest and tight schedule to rush to console the members of the family. Sometimes the members do not intimate him such a news lest he would have to cut his valuable time being devoted by him for altruism. But on coming to know, he grudges with the members of the family as to why he was not even intimated as one family member does with another. He felt very much and grudged with Mr. P. N. Manocha, a member, as to why he had not been even informed of his mother's death. He also comes all the way to participate in marriages and would pour his blessings with prayers to the couples. It brings to my mind the saying of Lord Rama in Ramcharitmanas where qualities of a saint are enunciated:

ev:\:y: Al:p:X s:il: g:n:akr, p:r dHK: s:K: dK: p:r . (7-37-1)
viaya alapaa sla gunkara, para dukha sukha dekhe para | (7-37-1)

Similiarly in Gita Lord Saith:

s:K: A:r: ka s:m:J: Ap:n:a hi s:K:, dHK: A:r: ka s:m:J: j:: Ap:n:a hi dHK: . j:: s:b:k: kr Ap:n: j:m:a Ky:al:, s:n: Aj:n: k y::g:: h v::h b:a km:al: ..
(g:it:a 6-32)

sukha auro k samajhe apan h sukha, dukha auro k samajhe jo apan h dukha |
jo sabako kare apane jaim khyla, suna arjuna ke yogo hai voha b kamla ||
(gt 6-32)

He has not only imbibed but is also imbued with the qualities mentioned in our scripture. During his visit to the city with Yatra party and somewhere else also, he felt annoyed with us because of the sins and dins committed by us and he declared that he would never visit us hence onwards. But after the Sadhana Camp at the Ashram last year when I came back and was pursuing the collection of advertisements vigorously for a souvenir, wherever I went the first question put to me invariably was as to why Swamiji had not come this year for the camp. It naturally impeded my campaign. I wrote a heart-rending letter to him seeking his forgiveness for the nuisance on our part and craved for a Yoga Camp here. He discarded his annoyance aside and granted a camp. We all naturally felt jubilant. While reciting Gita paths for the Centenary Year, I noticed that Lord hath mentioned the quality of forgiveness at six places, while no other quality has received such emphasis. It is twice in discourse 10 at verses 4 and 34, then in discourse 12 at 13, in discourse 13 at 7, in discourse 10 at 3 and in the last discourse at 42. Similarly in Ramcharitmanas Lord Shiva says:

It is just one example. He has exhibited this great magnanimity on a number of other occasions whereas no worldly person does so early.

I wanted to quote a few others, like his detachment from money after which we are running day and night, self surrender, devotion, dispassion and so on but the lack of space is hammering me to call it a day.

I am fully aware that I have NOT at all done justice to Swamiji by narrating it all in a small space.

May the Holy Master shower his choicest blessings upon him and grant him a long life as envisaged in the Vedas! Although by that time we shall cease to exist but posterity shall have the privilege of the joy of his blessings, and imbibe a few of his marvellous qualities for a heavenly abode.


Long Live Swamiji To Serve The Nation.

Orthopedic Surgeon

P. P. Swami Adhyatmandaji will be completing fifty years in May 1995. May the Supreme grace him with a long and active life and eternal youth for the benefit of his subjects.

We in our family have known Swami Adhyatmanandaji for the last two decades. He came first as a teacher in Yogasanas and Pranayama from the Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh at the behest of Divine Life Society of Baroda for the benefit of the Physiotherapy School of the Shri Sayaji General Hospital, Baroda. The classes at that time were kept after 4.30 p.m. (after school hours) and were entirely voluntary. On inquiry after a couple of days from the In-charge. I was surprised to know that all the students were attending regularly and that P. P. Swamiji would be completing the fundamental course in yogasanas and pranayamas in ten days! Nobody then knew his name.

I came to know that he was staying in a room in the Satyanarayana Bunglow, Goya gate, far off from the school with no special transport facilities. I requested him to stay in the upper room of the quarters allotted to me in the hospital compound, both for privacy and easy approach to the various places for yogasana classes that he was conducting starting at 4.30 a.m. With timidity and constraint, I asked him his name and place of origin, after which we came to know more about him. His dynamic nature, profound energy and easy method of teaching helped all the members of my family and the pranayamic exercises he taught helped the asthma sufferers including my wife and Smt. Anjliben Mehr teacher of Bharat Natyam in the school of M. S. U. Needless to state that he was subsequently a teacher of yogasanas and pranayamas for the physiotherapy school every year till my retirement.

His qualities and achievements are many and to assess them all is beyond my limited powers of perception.

However the few that are enumerated here are for the benefit of young aspirants in the yoga path and by no means represent his many attributes.

1.      His personality, his luminous countenance and his speech respecting all, enhances his respect. His humility and kindness to all living creatures can only be appreciated on personal and intimate contact; yet, his strictness in conduct and speech has to be appreciated and understood.

2.      His phenomenal memory for numbers, names and places has to be seen to be believed.

3.      He is very particular and methodical in teaching, in menial things like packing of articles or arranging the shoes or other items. No deviation from the high standards that he wants is acceptable.

4.      His capacity to teach and get co-operation from the youngest toddler to the eldest make him a unique teacher liked by all and well nigh impossible to get elsewhere. He can get the best from the people who come in his contact. He thus stands alone in high esteem and irreplacable to his Guru and his fellow inmates of Shivananda ashram. As Swami P. P. CHIDANANDAJI Maharaj has stated, he is a unique diamond of the Shivananda ashram!

5.      His deep knowledge of the world and his capacity of knowing and talking in many languages of India like Gujarati, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, English, Tamil, Oria, etc. is an achievement that others lack.

6.      His versatility, knowledge of scriptures and the capacity to make any subject interesting makes him a teacher above all, extremely popular and very much in demand.

7.      His popularity with all whether young and illiterate or old and highly well-read, makes every one come more and more in his contact with a desire to be intimate with him.

8.      His activity during the day or night with the total absence of fatigue appears many times to be unnecessary and tremendously exhausting both for the body and mind.

9.      Finally he carries out sincerely to the letter the maxim of Gurudev Swami Shri Shivanandaji Maharaj vis. SERVE, LOVE, GIVE, PURIFY, MEDITATE AND REALISE.


A Dedication

Gujarat Divya Jivan Sangh,

On the welcome occasion of Golden Jubilee of birth of Swami Adhyatmanandaji, this is a garland of appreciation offered at the feet of Gurudev for giving this young energetic, dedicated, active guide to impart training in Yogasanas and scriptures on behalf of Gurudev.

This is not a eulogy but simple, honest appreciation of good, one amply notices in Swamiji, so much so that his different aspects of human goodness percolate in those coming in, not even close but cursory, contact with this fountain of virtues, bubbling with zeal, ever-ready to serve any one in the sacred name of Gurudev.

It is said that one should not try to see the origin of a river or the family-tree of a saint. I will be right in not discussing what I know of Swamiji's lineage as this is not a biography. All the same, let one feel satisfied by the information that Swamiji vividly fulfills Geeta's assurance. "Shuchinaam Shreemataam Gehe, Yogabhrashto' Bhi Jaayate."

A monk destined to be a friend, philosopher and guide to, literally, millions has to have developed qualities of head, heart, physique and psyche thro-Science of seven Cultures, by yoga of synthesis for which habits ingrained in childhood of painting, art, singing and Geeta chanting have made a deep impress on Swamiji's later development into an idol of many. All those who have visited Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh in later sixties and early seventies of the century have no doubt been impressed by this young, vivacious Brahmachari running errands and serving needs of a variety including personal help in cleaning, obtaining food, Swamiji's contact, ever reminding each visitor in time to attend Satsanga and other programmes in Ashram. And all this in a very endearing language. At the same time, his sense of discipline, cleanliness, order and constant awareness of being serviceable attracted attention as being exemplary.

A comparatively short period was required by Swamiji to spend as Brahmachari as in year 1974 he was initiated as a full fledged sannyasi by Rev. Swami Chidanandajee Maharaj and named Swami Adhyatmanadajee, a very befitting name, as later life proved that in all he does, the basis is spiritual bliss (Adhyatma) (Anand).

Swamiji was fortunate in having an initial period of service of Gurudev Swami Chidanandajee. Swamiji's absolute dedication at the feet of the Master and effect of continued Satsanga due to proximity afforded by remaining in personal staff implanted rare qualities of benevolent magnanimity of head, meticulousness in work, charity of spirit even towards severest critics, remaining at service to all and sundry, depth of spiritual contemplation and expression of mind true to inner feelings. After a short but thorough grinding period in close supervision of Master, he was selected to be sent off as Yogacharya at places like Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy for IAS, IAAS, IPS etc., Adm. Inst., Nainital, C. B. Pant Agriculture University, BHEL at Hardwar and Hyderabad, various colleges in the country, ONGC, Rly. Staff Training College, Baroda etc. and to Divine Life Society Branches to organise Yogasana Classes as well as Sadhana Sibirs and Conferences.

Contacts with a variety of people of all classes and communities and Swamiji's deep interest in human beings, made him a linguist where he is able to fluently converse in more than eight languages. This has made Swamiji one with people of all different states of India.

Swamiji was deputed to Mauritius, Japan etc. and has earned love and respect for himself and for D.L.S. and Gurudev in particular.

Swamiji's indexed memory will leave anyone flabbergasted. He can quote names, dates, events, places from olden episodes and is found correct to details of dashes and apostrophes.

With his goodness, kindness, softness to every living being, he is a strict disclipinarian firstly with himself and by example to others as well as a hard benevolent task-master.

Many aspects of his multifaceted personality were revealed during my tour to various cities of Gujarat where I accompanied Swamiji and lived with him all day in and day out.

People whom he met any time in life came before his mental curtain in full details of past events, location, timings and settings and he narrated such instances of 10, 20 and even 30 years back. His vivid memories reminded one of power of Brahmacharya so eloquently eulogized by Swami Vivekananda.

He knew a person never casually but very intimately, as persons confided in putting extreme faith to relieve them of burden of their problems.

His culinary skills were appreciated even by skilled ladies when he discussed details of preparations as if he was a born chef.

He talked to audiences of Kinder Garten Children, School and College students, factory workers, lay public, artists, doctors, highly educated audiences, all with felicity of one knowing the subject presented in depth and with such sincerity and moving examples that touched the hearts of hearers. Audiences cherished memories of his expositions from depth of their hearts with deep feelings.

His impromptu and extempore speeches delivered at very short notices were full of studied illustrations drawn from daily life and one could feel that Gurudev's grace alone could have enabled such soul-stirring and knowledgeable talks.

He was found at home in any circumstance and never demanded any personal attention. He set an example of Adjust, Adapt, Accommodate, of Gurudev as a living embodiment.

Above all, his Gurubhakti and Samarpan Bhav are worth emiliorating.

This is just a general appreciation of one who is bound to succeed and whom all, coming in contact, start loving, respecting and cherishing.


Swamiji's Engraved Episodes


I had the pleasure of meeting Pujya Swami Adhaytmanandji Maharaj first time when the Surat Branch of the Divine Life Society was opened in the year 1981.

After I met him, our Branch had from time to time organized a number of Yogasana Camps and discourses on Geeta at Surat and I came in close contact with this multifaceted personality. It was only on account of his guidance that we could carry our certain projects such as printing books, literatures etc. as well as making our cassettes on Yoga Asana and Art of Relaxation; cassettes on 'Namsmaran' & 'Namkirtan' as well as "Shivanand Ashram Prayers". All these cassettes received huge response in India as well as abroad. His lovable personality would influence anyone who met him. His abundant knowledge on spiritual matters, his versatility with different languages, and his photographic memory are the natural gifts that he is bestowed with.

I would like to recall two very important events, which had occurred during my association with him:

I had organized a spiritual camp at our Surat Branch where we had invited spiritual personalities from different religions. A Spanish Father J. Trevesa from Catholic Church in Surat, was invited and he gave a lecture on "Spirituality according to Christianity". Father had given lecture in English and ultimately many participants, who were not familiar with English, requested translation of the lecture in Gujarati. To the surprise of every-one including father (who knew Gujarati well, but cannot deliver lecture in Gujarati), Pujya Swami Adhyatmanandji repeated the entire lecture in Gujarati, covering all the points which the Father had made. This stunned one and all.

On 23rd January, 1986, Pujya Swamiji was in Surat, and we were going in a car to visit one of the devotees of the Divine Life Society, whose mother was seriously ill. On the way, we saw a huge procession of Dawoodi Bohras passing through. The procession was remarkable in the sense that it was extremely disciplined; all the participants being in uniform and walking silently in rows of 4 to 5, signifying silent protest against an attack made by some miscreants on their religious head, His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb. Swamiji enquired as to what this procession was about, and appreciated the discipline and unity of the community. However, after visiting the ailing mother of the devotee, we were returning on a different route and we saw that the procession had gathered in a meeting to offer prayers at a Ground. Swamiji expressed his desire to go to the meeting and pray for His Holiness. So we went to the meeting place, requested the Organizers that we belong to Divine Life Society, we believe in all the religions and our Swamiji would like to pray and address the meeting. The permission was granted and accordingly, Swamiji offered prayers, and thereafter addressed the gathering which was spellbound. Every word that he spoke at the meeting received admiration and spontaneous applause. Next day, newspapers carried headlines about Hindu Swamiji's appearance at the Mohamedan meeting. A video recording of the entire proceedings at this meeting was subsequently seen by His Holiness at Bombay, who desired to meet Swamiji. I was requested by a Bohra friend of mine to arrange this meeting. A meeting was arranged at Bombay where His Holiness appreciated Swamiji's involvement and offered blessing to him and presented shawl. This incident still lingers not only in our minds, but also with many in Bohra Community.


Yogic Magnet


Swami Adhyatmanandaji was soul and heart united with the Centenary celebration of Gurudev Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj during 1987. The inspiring words uttered by Gurudev Sri Swami Chidanandji Maharaj in sacred Samadhi Shrine at headquarters in early September 1987 bears ample testimony to this vital fact. The Gurudev was then speaking at a function wherein he had agreed to reserve the services of Swami Adhyatmanandji Maharaj outside headquarters due to some pressing circumstances. The worshipful Swamiji then said, "neither Uchhrangray Swadia, a veteran devotee from Baroda, nor Ramswaroop nor I could replace Swami Adhyatamananda. But if Uchhrangray Swadia, Ramswaroop and Swami Chidananda decide to work together, we might be able to replace Swami Adhyatamananda". Swamiji was pretty serious when he uttered these words which succintly summed up the caliber, devotion and integral involvement of Swami Adhyatmanandji with Centenary celebration of Gurudev Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj.

The diligence of Swami Adhyatmanandji is experienced by one and all who have the good fortune of meeting with him. The popular Yogasana & Pranayama classes from 5 to 7 a.m., inspiring lectures on Bhagwad Gita or other spiritual subjects in the evening, writing couple of letters and own thought digest, visiting aspirants in need of help and running for the cause or THE DIVINE LIFE SOCIETY epitomized by the words of president Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj circumscribe his hectic day schedule.

Devotion is one part of his multifaceted personality. The other side is light heartedness and abundance of humour spread by his words and deeds. This is not mere reflection of his nature and taste for sweet and pleasant things, but an outcome of serenity and steadiness of his mind from deep within.

The streams of joy often sprout form his activities and endeavours. A Sadhak speaking at a function at Baroda once remarked that Swami Adhyatmanandji required no introduction to that audience. Swamiji suddenly intervened in between saying No and almost exhorted that Sadhak to give full introduction! The poor devotee was caught unaware and knew not what to speak following Swamiji's witty remark. The greatest amongst his characteristic humorous outfall was witnessed in recent past when Swamiji visited our residence to offer his heartiest prayers and pay homage to my deceased father. At the end, I inquired about Swamiji's health and how long the cardiac surgery could be withheld which apparently seemed very urgent. Swamiji took a pause and replied in gentle words beginning with stirring words that, he could withhold the operation until his heart stopped throbbing!! I call it a witty remark because it is very difficult, impossible, to make such a light remark at such an awesome moment particularly when the onus lies on one's ownself.

What is more, Swamiji's light and inspiring heart has triumphed over its ailment. It is our most sincere prayer at the lotus feet of Gurudev and Almighty to shower His choicest blessings and auspicious offerings upon this peerless servant of mankind and Gurudev.

Swamiji's life and work can be summed up in Gurudev's very revealing words that Yogasana and Pranayama constitute the powerful instrument to achieve the ultimate goal of life-God realization. But instruments are means to an end and they should not be misconstrued as an end in itself by spiritual aspirants. Swamiji's magnetic personality and love for Yoga has endeared him to devotees of Gurudev in particular and mankind in general.


A Rare Combination Of Laughter And Seriousness--Swami Adhyatmanandji

Founder President, Shri Sadhana Mandir
Gita Vidyalaya, Jamnagar

What a great occasion! I get the privilege to contribute something in the celebrations for Swamiji.

How to start and what to write is a puzzle for me. I have had the opportunity to be closer to Swamiji. I have witnessed his entire culmination and cultivation till today. What to trace out and put forward? There is nothing which can be put aside. There is nothing which is less important. I left it to Almighty and he has selected the title of this article!

There is a hymn:

')B: t:r: m:ehm:a eks: v:D: g:aU ?'
'prabhu tero mahim kisa vedha g.N ?'

The supreme Lord is the combination of infinite Qualities. I feel that each and every individual possesses the infinity of qualities. That is why no narration can have the complete account of the individual personality. Especially when we think about the sages, this aspect is very much there.

It is said that the laughter is a sign of intellect. No other creature except man has the quality of laughter. But when we look to the masses, we feel that very few of us enjoy the right to laugh. The burdens and worries of life make us so. Hence, the person who can laugh and make others laugh is loved by all. Swamiji is such a person. Whenever he is at a public meeting or at anybody's residence, he will utter something and make all laugh. He does not like over-seriousness. Let me cite a recent event. Swamiji visited 'Sadhana Mandir'. At the entrance, he was welcomed by a Brahmin with Tilakam and Akshatam. Vedic Hymns were being chanted. Swamiji started making Tilakam to all present there. A young boy was standing there. He was very serious. When Swamiji started making tilakam to him he became very serious. Immediately Swamiji remarked "Why so serious? Learn to laugh and be happy, otherwise your life will be dull."

And then Swamiji entered the hall. Hundreds of children and some elders were sitting there. Swamiji was in a completely different mood. Instead of giving lecture he started singing. All followed him and what a miracle! Everybody was laughing at every line of the song seeing Swamiji's acting. Continuously for half an hour Swamiji clapped and everybody was simply laughing and laughing. He did not care for his dignity and decorum. Everybody present at the occasion felt that this highest peak of Himalayas has turned himself to sand. This is how he has melted his 'ego'.

To speak serious things is rather simple. But to make others laugh constantly is very difficult. Only the personalities having Divine Grace can have this capacity.

Swamiji's seriousness is seen is his punctuality, insistence to adopt right methods and strictness for discipline. Long ago, he was invited to a college. A crowd of students and professors were calmly attending his lecture. Meanwhile a lady entered the hall and a student made some strange and shabby remark, immediately, Swamiji's anger blasted like a bomb. Everybody was stunned. The boy-the culprit could not decide what to do so as this was beyond his imagination. He became pale. After this event, the youths started adoring Swamiji in right perspective.

He is serious when he talks about the deepest truth of life.

The most important thing is that these two contrary qualities which can not reside in one place have been reconciled is Swamiji's personality like right and left eyes. This is rare. It is not the outcome of individual effort. It is the sign of the Divine grace.

Long live Swamiji. In the days to come we will have some other marvellous secrets from this glittering globe.

l::k::raN:a c:t:aes: k: n: ev:wat:m:het: ?
lokottar cetsi ko nu vijtumarhati?

Let us bow down at his holy feet.


An Ode To Mahatma

Nav Bharat Ferro Alloys Ltd.,
Paloncha (A. P.)



AN ARDENT DEVOTEE OF GURUDEV,                                             A
ANUMAN OF SRI GURUDEV,                                                          H
OUTH HAVING DIVINITY!                                                                Y
N EMBODIMENT OF DEDICATION,                                                A
HE DIVINE MESSENGER OF GURUDEV!                                        T
ODERN SAINT OF DIVINITY,                                                         M
LWAYS STRIVES FOR THE EXCELLENCE!                                    A
IGHTINGALE OF THE DIVINITY,                                                     N
NAVA JYOTI OF GURUDEV,                                                               N
A DIAMOND OF THE CROWN OF DIVINITY!                                  A




All In One

U. N. Vaidya
Bank of Baroda
Sukhsar, Dist: Panchmahal,

Swami Adhyatmanandji is a marvellous combination of multiphases like a moon. He is an extra-ordinary personality, possessing manifold characteristics. He has a wide knowledge and interest in all subjects. He imparts knowledge and not just blankly speaks or quotes from the religious books.

He is an impressive organiser. To his credit, he has delivered innumerable sermons in the best way possible. The sweetness in his speech is a unique gift of god. He can. He can very efficiently conduct any kind of meeting in a superb way. His illustrious speeches have brought vast changes. Some very essential qualities like respectfulness, friendship, discipline, humanity and harmony have been ingrained in the participants. This appears indeed like a philosopher's stone, the touch of which can turn iron into gold.

Swamiji is a master of languages. He can translate spontaneously in any language. He is a fabulous poet also.

He is a well-known Yogacharya. Amongst the many arts that he has mastered one is the art of Lord Shivji. As a part of his versatility, since last 20 years he has been organising yogasan camps, spiritual and cultural programmes and personality development programmes in several universities, govt. and private institutions. One more adjectival phase of Swamiji is his photographic memory. He also makes an everlasting impression in the minds of the people who meet him. Simplicity, modesty and tenderness are his virtues. It is worth mentioning that Swamiji has been successful in organising and supervising the kitchen affairs at many places.

His work in Uttar Kaashi for relief after the earthquake has been remarkable. His style of working is such that people would like to work with him, and for him. Accuracy and time have been prominent factors in his works. Among some quality attached with him one is punctuality.

One of the aims of his efforts has always been to be of optimum help to the needy and down-trodden. His style of inter-action in general is very modest. He is a child with children, i.e. he does not keep the difference of being an elderly person when among children. He is a youth with the young. Swamiji is an example of liveliness and modern trend as well. He is equally tranquil, venerable & dignified. He is humble with the elderly. He has tried to guide people in right direction by means of letters, articles, books and sermons.

Since about last ten years, I am in close contact of Shri Swamiji. By his grace and personal advice, I have been benefited to a great extent. He has taken keen interest in me, to inspire me. He is a very nice personality, painstaking and caring for one and all. Whosoever comes in his contact, he tries for their upliftment in all spheres of life, spiritual in particular.

Swamiji is pursued by many people. There have been various programmes on TV. and radio by Swamiji with regards to yoga and spiritual talks. Many institutions like the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy for Administration, BHEL, ONGC and various universities have invited him to train their staff and students. His articles in magazines and periodicals have attracted many readers.

Perhaps there are no words to describe Swamiji's greatness and kindness and his personality.

Swami Shri Yajna Valkyanandajee has said that Swami Adhyatmanandaji is a spiritual gem of Gujarat. Let us put it as not only of Gujarat, say, even outside the country.

Swami Adhyatmanandaji is a great personality and most deserving devotee and disciple of His Holiness Gurudev Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj, who is JANGAM TIRTH and SAKAR-SWAROOP of God.


The Ever-Radiant Swamiji

I.P.S. (Retired) Bhubaneswar (Orissa)

My first encounter with Swami Adhyatmanand Saraswati Maharaj was at Rishikesh on 12-9-91 when I with my wife went to Rishikesh to attend the "Sadhana Week", followed by International Spiritual and Cultural Conference and the Platinum Jubilee celebration of Gurudev Swami Chidananda Saraswatiji Maharaj on the occasion of his Seventy fifth birth day. We were provided with accommodation at Govardhan Dham. After finishing our late breakfast when we were proceeding to the Pandal to have an over-all view of the huge covered area, which will be the seat of a week-long Sadhana, suddenly I was accosted by a radiant and vibrant Swamiji, immaculately dressed in his ochre robes. He was not walking. He was literally rushing towards me and before I could realise what was happening, he told me.

"I have told your A.D.C. that both of you will be served your meals in your suite at Govardhan Dham."

Me? My A.D.C.? I have retired from Indian police service about four years ago. Since then I do not even have a domestic servant because none is willing to serve a private individual unless the latter possesses the capacity of providing the chap with a Government job. So how can I have an A.D.C.? Obviously, there is some mistake. This Swamijee is mistaking me for some dignitary.

Lo & behold! The Swamiji has read through my thoughts as his own open palm. He immediately added with a hearty laugh.

"No No. I am referring to you. You are so-and-so. Isn't it? Somebody accompanying you, although in plain clothes, requested me for this concession for his Saheb and Memsaheb. So I told him, 'Granted'."

Now I realised what had happened. As I had undergone a cardiac bye-pass surgery a few months before, I had requested my friend who had succeeded me in Delhi, to give us a vehicle and an officer, who knows the locality. He had been very kind to provide these comforts. On arrival at Rishikesh I had requested the Sub Inspector to change to plain clothes as a khaki uniform will hurt the eyes of the devotees, assembled to do Sadhana in this sombre and sylvan atmosphere. O My God! He has not escaped the hawk's eye of this Sannyasi, who refers to him as my A.D.C., with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. When I was going to fall at his feet (till then I had not done this, because I was flabbergasted by what was taking place). Swamiji held my shoulders and embraced me with love and affection, candour and compassion, which I had forgotten after my father's death more than 33 years' ago.

And he was SWAMI ADHYATMANANDJI MAHARAJ, the life-force of the HQ Ashram at Sivanandnagar, Rishikesh, in general and the ten-days-long function at Rishikesh in connection with Amrit Mahotsav of Gurudev His Holiness Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji Maharaj in particular.

Since dawn till midnight, Swamiji was on his toes, now sitting on the dais conducting Satsang, next moment talking to students of Sivanand Centenary Boys' High School, Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar, asking them in his half-baked Oriya such questions that they were literally shaking with laughter. Next moment, he is closeted with Gurudev and they were discussing serious matters. He will be found escorting a VIP guest. Then he is keen for formation of a real queue to come to the dais to receive Gurudev's blessings. He is near the Ganga ghat praying Mother Ganges in tune with GANGA ARATI. He is also at the head of NAGAR SANKIRTAN escorting the large flow of devotees without interfering with normal flow of road traffic. He is also present in Annapurna Kshetra broadly overviewing the distribution of food. He is also a volunteer restraining the audience from mutual talkings when Maha Mandaleswaras are addressing the Sadhakas. He is also at the cultural performances at night directing the artists to sing Siva Tandav by Ravana in tune with the dance taking place, simultaneously. He is requesting leading singers to sing NIRVANA SATKA by Adi Sankaracharya. He is not looking at the book while chanting Srimad Bhagavat Gita as a part of the SATSANG programme. My eyes were literally riveted on him for the entire ten days of my stay. I was trying to make out how and from where he was getting so much energy. There was not a speck of strain on his moon-like lustruous face, whereas people like me without doing any work were feeling restless and spent out.

Swami Adhyatmananda has practised whatever he had read, literally following the directive of Param Gurudev Swami Sivanand Saraswati Maharaj that "an ounce of practice is more valuable than tons of theory." Adhyatmanandji is a living example of practising whatever he learned from the scriptures and the advice of great saints in course of Satsang. Unlike many of us, he is not satisfied with writing down and memorising what he heard or read. That is apparently the secret of his inexhaustible source of energy.

I had the good fortune of meeting him again at Bhubaneswar when he accompanied Gurudev to Sivanand Sanskrutika Kendra, Ashok Nagar, Bhubaneswar in 1992. When he got down from the vehicle he carried his own luggage from the car and refused our offer to do this seva for him. Here also, he was following Gurudev. "Do not depend on others for your own personal duties."

Rishikesh is far away from Bhubaneswar. We do not get opportunity to visit it very often and get the Satsang of Swamiji as other saints of Sivanandnagar Ashram. But even at Bhubaneswar, without closing my eyes and doing meditation and concentration of senses I can at any time see in my mind's eye Swami Adhyatmanandji, his benign smile, his mischievously joking eyebrows. Even now while penning these few lines, I feel he is sitting on the chair closely beside me and with a half-smile on his ruby-red lips, trying to make out a joke about my seriousness in performing this sacred duty on the direction of Mankodiji.

I would crave the blessings of the Radiant Tapaswi to show us light and rescue us from the clutches of the darkness of Ajnana. He is now only fifty. May God grant him a long, long life to lift distressed souls from the whirlpool of SAMSARA. May we get infected by his NIRASAKTI and his practice of doing KARMA without waiting for the result. He may teach how the mental attitude of non-doer-ship can be cultivated within ourselves so that we shall do all KARMAS as medium of the benevolent Lord.

On this auspicious occasion of Golden Jubilee of this ever-radiant and ever-vibrant Swamiji, I convey my heartfelt obeisance, salutations and prostration at his holy feet.