This is for beginners and experts alike. More than mere physical fitness, "YOGA a way of life" is a complete mind-body system for attainment of life long wellness. This is a superior quality one of a kind. There is nothing like this you will find anywhere.


Expert demonstration, 120 minutes long
Easy to follow step by step instructions
Nice instructional booklet for reference
Sixteen basic YOGA postures
Seven Pranayams for lasting peace of mind and contentment
Meditation techniques

Learn how to:

develop physical and mental fitness
keep cheerful at all stages of life
breathe for life and vitality
be free from stress and tension
increase your power of concentration
experience supreme blessedness


Yoga with Sri Swami Adhyatmananda

This is an unique video-cassette in which all the exercises have been demonstrated by H. H. Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji himself. This cassette was initially published by the Noble Thought Foundation of the United States. It covers Basic Relaxation Exercises, Pranayama, Surya-Namaskar and Shavasana.

What we feel unique about this cassette is the format in which one can do the Yoga exercises with Swamiji on the screen and finish the whole routine within 45 minutes.


Bhakti Yoga
Love and Devotion for Peace

Yoga means the union of individual consciousness with the Cosmos. Yoga shows the way to explore the infinite potential power of self and achieve harmony of the Body, Mind and Spirit. It is a technique for attaining the purest form of self awareness which leads to attainment of Peace, Power and Prosperity in life.

To highlight various facets of Holistic Living and Yoga Learning for Peace, Power and Prosperity, Ahmedabad Management Association organized a week long Lecture series during September, 1997. These have been recorded in video form so that persons who could not attend the evening sessions could watch and take benefit of this unique lecture series.


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