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On the borders of Bharat at Kargil, Punch, Rajouri, Leh and Ladakh, there is a bitter cold for all the twelve months and in the winter, barracks are ‘covered by snow and the Army Javans have to sit continuously in this community residential places. The oxygen contents of the air are also much less. Under such conditions the Javans should hardly walk 4 kms a day and their stay in the mountain for longer periods do not allow, blood circulation in sufficient proportions. Under the circumstances, people living at heights of 1O, 12,or 15 thousand feet from sea level suffer from reduction of sexual desire. Those Javans who stay in such snow covered mountaintops and who visit their families for a month or two on vacation after a period of a year or a year and a half suffer from impotence. When this matter was known to Defense Institute of Medical and Allied Sciences, which is an Army Organization, they created a special Medical Board to find out a solution to this problem. It was ultimately decided that soldiers should not go over directly from snow covered peaks of mountains to their homes but should gradually be sent down from the mountains to the sea-level. But it was found that soldiers could not afford to remain at lower levels for six months before returning to their homes.

In those very days Major General M.L. Chibber AVSM, PVSM, Padma Bhushan, Ph.D. who was the (G.O.C) General Officer commanding of Northern Command invited Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh to depute some programme in Yoga and by the express desire of my Gurudev Pujyapada Shreemat Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj, a training programme of full 40 days was arranged at Udhampur. Udhampur is the head quarter of Northern Command. A teacher training Shibir was organized at that place. An order was proclaimed that only those Army officers who were willing to train other Army officers and soldiers should enroll for this Yoga training programme for teaching and it should be out of their own volition. Looking at the age of the trainee officers and the ranks of such officers, 50 trainee officers were given a training of Yoga-trainers for a period of 30 days. All those trainee officers used to train 50 other soldiers and officers daily what they were taught everyday. In this way at the end of 30 days 50 + 2500, besides other J.C.O.S, totaling 3000 Army Javans and officers arranged a ground and astonishing Yoga-demonstrations. The Leh-Ladakh scout officers arranged this demonstration.

This training is now introduced in Leh-Ladakh. The response of the Army men’s residence in that area was obtained after six months and it was learnt that they could easily now cover daily five to ten kms. By walking. In the earlier after snowfall, as the oxygen content in the air decreased heavily, soldiers and officers were hardly moving out of the barracks. Now they not only move out but also go in long tracking exercise and are now capable of walking 20 to 25 kms a day. The special effect of this training was felt on development of lungs, availability of enough of oxygen and supply of blood in enough quantity to the glands situated in the hollow girdle bone of back itself. Thereby their genital organs did not suffer any reduction in capacity. They were already capable both physically and mentally and now their main personal private life problem was also solved.

The male reproductive organs consist of testicles, dif­ferent glands of epididymis, vas deferens, semen collection center, ejaculatory ducts and the genitals. There are other procreation departments like prostate gland, bulbo urethral glands etc. the reproductive system performs the main job of preparation of the semen and keeping the self-propelled organization of impregnation ever-ready In addition of course there is the more common human requirement of satisfying the sexual urge.

Where can various problems arise in this entire system? 

 They are:

1.   There may be some defects in the genitals or in excep­tional cases genitals may not exist.

2.   The amount of spermatozoa in the semen may be lesser than required or may not be there at all.

3.   Physical incapacity or non-existence of procreation capacity or aversion.

In majority of the cases one may not really find anything lacking in the procreation system of the male but because of the mental tension or due to advanced age of procreation system may have lost interest. The most complicated problem of man reproductive system is incapacity of the semen to procreate. On the procreation area the biggest misunder­standing being created is that the female may have some defect but’ in the procreation system of females you can hardly find any defects. Out of all the problems one third of those are as a result of spermatozoa being almost nil in the male semen.

In such circumstances described above the males are not impotent. They are abbe bodied. They are handsome, with firm well-built body, having beautiful structured body and capable of rendering the lady partner sexual satisfaction through making the genitals capable and vigorous for copulation. Even then the defect could be in having not enough spermatozoa in the semen. 


Normal healthy semen has following details

  1. Quantity: between 2 to 5 ml (normal estimate is 3 to 5 ml)

  2. Quantum of spermatozoa: 60 to 120 million per ml.

  3.  Motility: 80% to 90%.

  4.  Morphology: 80% normal (oval head, neck and tail)

  5.  PH: acidic.

  6.  Liquefaction:

  7.  Fructose: Positive

The most suitable specimen of semen can either be obtained through masturbation or in chemical laboratory If one wants to have a correct examination and get correct chemical results as well as get proper estimate of actual situation, it is essential that at least 4 to 5 days before getting the specimen for examination there should be no wastage of semen. One should not encourage the specimen of semen, brought in by use of a condom, which is normally used for family planning. Such types of condoms are filled with certain chemicals, which do not allow the correct condition of the semen to be retained; the correct position could get altered and thus the correct report of the condition of semen may not be obtained. No final decision can be arrived at by basing the outcome on report of only one laboratory exact diagnosis of the disease can also not be made. Hence it is necessary that after the first examination of semen, 15 days later a second sample should be obtained and after thorough examination one should arrive at a definite decision and then only proper treatment should be obtained.

The sperm in a specimen of semen gets affected both in quantity and in capability of procreation if a person is habituated to take intoxicants like liquor or smoking as well as chewing tobacco; insufficient intake of nutritive food, too hot a climate or stay in a place where there is tremendous mid. After repeated testing of semen at three separate laboratories a person can be branded as an azoospermic or a no-sperm person. These days in western countries of Europe, America etc. a vegetable known as Marijuana plant also called Cannabis sativa is employed in a big quantity for increase of spermatozoa. By the use of this medicine the number as well as vitality of spermatozoa increases to a great extent. In our country experiments are carried out for chewing and eating green wheat sprouts expecting that this add to power and capacity of semen. We can call this process ‘spermatogenesis and embryogenesis’.

We may now make some observations on the chemical condition of semen.

1.  CRYPTORCHIDISM: In some cases either both or one testicle may be under-developed or immature or they may remain in the abdomen only In such cases a male although has had a perfect conjugal and sexual partner­ship, he will be branded an incapable of procreation. Under such circumstances even without use of medicines, operation could bring fruitful results.

2. VARICOCELE (tortuous dilated blood vessels in the scrotum): One of the principal reasons for insufficient spermatozoa in male semen which could result in non-procreation is that as a result of high temperature in the internal secreting glands of male reproductive system.

3. If there are glands or nodules, which hinder the forceful and speedy ejection of semen, this could also be one of the main reasons for incapability of procreation.

4. There can be some hindrance or disease inside the tube of the gentile organ like urethritis, epididymitis, prostatitis etc.

5. It is also possible that some hindrance or disease in the testicles may result in plenty of blood coming out of the genital organ, which may result in weakness, and procre­ation may not be possible.

6.  SCROTAL HYPERTHERMIA: The temperature of tes­ticles of such persons remains higher than required for a long period. There are certain persons who work in vicinity of hot kilns, some persons put on very tight underwear whereas some people take bath with extra hot water. In such circumstances persons can have sexual disorder, which can be treated by hypothermia. The persons whose quantum of spermatozoa is found lesser than required, can get a big advantage by this treatment of hypothermia. But those persons who exhibit no sper­matozoa that are those who are in the condition of azoospermia (no sperm count), do not have any special effect.For the treatment of hypothermia the special instru­ment for hypothermia could be used for proper treat­ment. If following the medical advice long term use of such underwear is made than an appreciably big differ­ence in number of spermatozoa could be created. You can remove such special underwear only at time of having a bath or at the time of sexual intercourse; it is advisable to put on this special underwear for the rest of period as long as possible. This is a nonchemical treatment. The underwear is easy to put on and is light. By putting this on no sexual disorder is created. Therefore this is widely recognized.

7.If the prostate gland has grown to a huge extent, it can create disorganization of sexual life. It is likely that the male sexual life will be imbalance. If a couple has no children and if they are getting treatment by some medical persons, they should ensure that the personal life of the male should be examined initially and the problems observed therein should be first solved. Check up whether sexual life has got ebb as a result of having no children. It is essential that sufficient investigation should be undertaken for this cause. If a married couple remains childless for a pretty long period there is a possibility of internal strife but the greater possibility is that in the sexual life of the male can have insufficiency of coitus.

8.IMPOTENCE: This indicates that one has to spend a long time in the erection of phallus or the genital organs may be completely inactive or the ejection of the semen may take longer time or semen may not get ejected at all. Normally such occurrences are a result of psychologi­cal reasons, it is not impossible to get the solution to this problem by psychiatric treatment. Besides the above, patients suffering from diabetes, renal disease, trauma or consumption of some medicine for a very long period can also result in impotency in such circumstances one can undertake: (1) Psychological treatment (2) Medical aids and medicines (3) Vitalizing by mechanical means or by penile implants.

9.LIBIDO: If a person remain ever ready for sexual intercourse and regularly has a go or if he continues having daily sexual intercourse, then by such long term habit a man can stop procreating.

1O.STIMULATION: The male genital organ should essen­tially be capable of full excitement so that the organ should remain absolutely straight and erect than only he can enjoy the intercourse in a proper manner.If the genital organ is comparatively very short it is known as microfilms. If the genital organ is having too much of bends in it, this is termed hemi-hyper-trophy. The non-stimulation of the phallus is the main cause of impotence. But male’s upto to age of 60 hardly gets impotence due to this reason. If younger people have insufficiency of erection of the genital organ the main reason could be as described above, namely mental fear, worry, trauma, diabetes, etc.

11.ORGASM: (Experiencing tension at the time of sexual intercourse as a result of physical or mental stimulation) This is a very normal situation. One does experience very severe stimulation in the initial stage of copulation as well as during continuation of the process. But before the ejection of the semen one experiences in this condition the most blissful experience, which results in, a mental bliss experienced by the male partner. This type of condition is a common experience, which takes place just before the ejaculation of semen. This is a necessary process. There is no special capacity found essential for the stimulation that one gets at the time of sexual intercourse or at the time of ejaculation of semen.

12. Male procreation problem can also arise because of the addiction to alcohol, narcotics, and tobacco and anti­hypertensive drugs.

In all these conditions if some mental understanding is achieved, if in the conjugal life some amount of give and take is allowed and if the couple tries to have mutual understanding, goodwill and equipoise, then the majority of the problems of procreation by males can be solved. Yogabhyas removes mental tensions. The working capacity of the body increases to a huge extent. In addition body gets elastic, mental equilibrium is attained and blood circulation system gets extra advantages. By the practice of meditation mind becomes pacific and the mental composure as well as happiness becomes more attuned to understand the life partner for full co-operation in life. By the regular practice of Yogasana, Pranayama and meditation a novel insight, an inspiration, is obtained for the grasping of the nature all around, atmosphere and the world around.

All the above discussion points out to the fact that as much more blood should be pumped in the pelvic, girdle of the waist so that a good solution can be reache4 at for the sexual problem. It can thus seen that male reproductive disorder could draw a good help by practice of Surya­namaskara, Trikonasana, Sarvangasana, Matsyasana, Halasana, Paschimottanasan, Bhujangasana, Shalbhasana, Dhanurasana, Chakrasana, Ardha-Matsyendrasana Yoga­mudra, and Bhastrika Pranayma, Shavasana, Sukhpurvaka Pranayama as well as meditation. In addition Karnapidasana, Godohanmudra, Mahamudra and Yoganidra can be practiced for additional help.


  1. Lie down with the back on ground. (See fig. 71)

  2. Heels and paws touching each other. Palms of hands on ground.

  3. Inhale slowly, do not bend knees. Raise both legs. Take both legs on the backside towards the head till paws of both the legs touch the ground. Exhale when belly gets pressed.

  4. The above posture is Halasana. Now bend knees and let Both knees touch both the ears on both sides on ground.

  5. Take both the hands on backside of knees and touch the ears by this process of hands. This is called Karna­pidasana. In this position, there will be ample blood circulation in pelvic girdle.

  6. To return to starting position, make no hurry, extend hands the ground on backside on back. Extend legs towards the head.

  7. Slowly with no haste at all, without bending the knees, legs from present position of legs, which are near the head, towards the hands, come down, and breath normally.

           Karnapidasana  (Fig—71)


  1.  Heels and paws be kept touching each other. Stand vertically straight in Tadasana, palms of hands touching thighs, with eyes closed and keep an angle of 450 between paws of both legs. Now try to go in a sitting posture so that weight will be borne by paws of both legs. To achieve above posture, you will have to widen both the knees on naturally opposite directions. Now heels will go up from ground and will get nearer to each other now bring both the hands opposite the chest and make a pose similar to that for milking a cow. Close the fists, keep thumbs outside the fists and stand in a standing moun­tain posture.

  2.  The whole body weight is borne on paws of legs while one sits in a semi-standings-sitting posture, with pose as if one were milking cow.

Godohana Mudra (Fig—72)   

Lord Mahavir Swami realized absolute knowledge in this posture, it is narrated! In this posture, testicles derive maximum blood flow.


  1. Sit on ground with legs stretched in the front there­after heel of left leg should be placed at perineum place which is situated on a seam joining scrotum and anus (see Diabetes-3)

  2. Exhale and lean forward. The extended right leg paw be hold by right hand, and bring the left hand from above the head to catch heels of the heel of right leg. In this posture, testicles get extra blood supply.

   Pada. Angusthasana (Fig—73)


Sit on paw of left leg; keeping heel of left leg in perineum and right leg is kept in left thigh. One has to assume a semi standing-cum-sitting posture, balancing on only one paw. In this position, testicles obtain plenty of blood supply.


  1. Lie down on the ground, in a manner similar to Shavasana.

  2. Relax the whole body

  3.  Feel an experience that fingers and thumbs of both the hands soles of feet, heels, ankles, knees, leg muscles, thighs, buttocks, belly, chest, palms of hands, fingers and thumbs of hands, wrists of hands, lower hands, elbows, upper hands, arm-pits, shoulders, waist, back, neck, both the lips, cheeks, nose, ears, eyes, forehead, scalp of head, arms all relaxed. (See Asthma -2)

  4.  Listen to beating of your heart; concentrate mind on respiratory process. This relaxation process can aid de­velopment of mental power and provide satisfaction in sexual demand.

OM SHANTIH!               

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