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Mandukya Upnishad


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          " The wise think that the fourth, Turiya, is not that which is conscious of the internal (subjective) world, nor that which is conscious of the external (objective) world, nor that which is conscious of both, nor that which is a compact mass of knowledge, nor that which is simple consciousness, nor that which is insentient. It is unseen, unrelated, incomprehensible, undefinable, unthinkable, indescribable, the sole essence of the consciousness of the Self with no trace of the conditioned world, the peaceful, all-bliss, non-dual. This is the Atman, the Self and it is to be realized. "          '

The fourth, Turiya, cannot be described in words. lt is the transcendental state that has to be realized through meditation. Therefore it is described by negative attributes. The Atman is incomprehensible because it is beyond the reach of the senses. It is undefinable because it has neither qualities nor form, neither color nor shape. It has neither sound nor touch, neither taste nor smell and therefore it is indescribable. The reader may doubt here as to the very existence of the Atman. Hence it is said that the Atman is the sole essence of the consciousness of Self, Existence Absolute, the Self of all, an embodiment of calmness and bliss, one without a second, part less, homogeneous essence, Akhanda-ekarasa.

Antah-prajna: knowledge of impressions as in dreams.

Bahih-prajna: consciousness of external objects. It is Alakshanam. Therefore, it is beyond thought. The fourth state, Turiya, is distinct from the waking state, the dreaming state, an intermediary state between waking and dreaming, and the deep sleep state. It is perfect awareness or pure Consciousness. Turiya is distinct from Isvara. Turiya or Brahman has no relati6n with the world, whereas Isvara governs the world. Brahman is Nirupadhika, i.e., free from the Upadhi of Maya, whereas Isvara is Sa-upadhika, i.e., with Maya. Brahman is supra-cosmic, Isvara has cosmic consciousness. Strictly speaking Turiya is not a state. Turiya or Brahman is an embodiment of peace and bliss. It is the substratum for the other three states, viz., waking, dreaming and deep sleep. lt pervades the three states. It is Existence Absolute, Knowledge Absolute and Bliss Absolute.

Turiya or Brahman cannot be grasped by the senses. Therefore it is transcendental. It is Svatasiddha, self proved. It is the basis for all proofs. It exists before the act of proving.

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