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August  2012

Divya Jivan Newsletter

August 2012  



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Lord Sri  Krishna- Divine Incarnation, Purna Avatara
  on auspicious Janmashtami ( Aug 9,  2012 )

"Bhagavan Sri Krishna is the immortal manifestation of God in all His splendor, that man was ever given the fortune to behold. Man! Blessed thou art, that hast visualized with thy fleshly eyes the mighty Dignity of the Supreme Sovereign of the Universe! Thou art purified; thy birthright is to realize Him; thy fortune is a part of His Greatness! Sri Krishna may be called the "Collective Man", who represented all beings hungering and thirsting to gain the Highest Freedom and who voiced forth their deepest aspirations in the loudest possible tone. He came to release man from the thraldom of vice and correct his vision so that he could walk along the ever-illumined path to perfection. Sri Krishna is the articulation of the pure longings that are buried in the hearts of people.

 Sri Krishna is not merely a historical man who came and went, like others, but the Eternal Purusha who dwells even now and shall live in the everlasting future, in the core of all manifestation. It is the Symbol of the Absolute descended into relativity that we call Krishna, the ever-beloved protector of all that breathe and air."- Swami Sivananda  << More>>
Early Morning Meditation Talks from " Ponder These Truths " by  Sri  Swami Chidananda

Temptation: Kamah krodhascha lobhascha dehe tisthanti taskarah jnanaratnapaharaya tasmat jagrata jagrata—Lust anger and greed, they are dacoits to rob and plunder the pearl of wisdom, not coming from outside to assail or invade you, but residing within your own body. Therefore, be awake, be awake,” says Sankaracharya in Vairagya Dindima."
"We invite temptations; we go into that area where we are tempted. We cultivate the company of such persons who are our temptation, who are our downfall, who are the ones through whom these lower propensities assail us, by whom they are stimulated and made manifest".......

"Turn to God for help and you will receive it without fail, unfailingly. Turn to Him every day in meditation—meditation with faith, meditation with love, meditation with humility. And be on guard against these inner enemies to which you are host, inner enemies dwelling within your self, meaning you no good. This is the mystery of God and His creation, the great maya which is duratyaya (difficult to cross). Be on guard, never lay down arms, never give way. Always know that one day you have to overcome and you will overcome".- Swami  Chidananda <<More>>

Yoga Learning through  a book  "Yoga, a way of Life" by Swami Adhyatmananda 

Prana - "The true meaning of Prana is not only breath. The Prana is energy. It is universal power, brightness, light and intelligence. All these cosmic energies are named as Prana."Yatkinchit Jagat Sarvam Drishyate Shruyatepiva..This Prana is filled in all that we see and hear, the inside and outside of all things, all movement etc. in this world.
The Prana is the source of all capabilities and the power in the universe. Prana is the only power behind the normal functioning of the system of respiration (inhalation and exhalation), blood circulation, digestion, excretion of urine and stool, system producing semen, structure of our bones and also the nervous system.The working abilities of sensory organs and motor organs improve as each cell  gets extra nutrition. The secret of beauty of skin, shining of the face, brightness of the eyes, intelligence power and development of mental power is the result of the practice of Pranayama. The practice of Pranayama means oneness with cosmic energy. Pranayama Sadhana opens the doors of subtle life from the gross life "-  Swami Adhyatmananda. <<More>>

Divya Tour 2012  of  Sri  Swami Adhyatmananda

"It was very hectic four day program at Chicago. Pujya Swamiji's day began at 4.00/4.30am(wake up call for host and Swamiji) starting from home after prayer & meditation for morning yoga class at 5.45am until 10.30pm touching down at home, traveling from one place to the next, attending devotees' request for Bhiksha, home visit, evening temple satsang etc but, when it is satsang time and Swamiji starts speaking, HE was found ever fresh and in a different realm. Every word and every sentence HE speaks enters right into the heart of listeners and has a message so inspiring and energizing" -sevak  

For Individual host it is a few days of hectic schedule but For Swamiji it is everyday the same hectic schedule. He is fountain of energy. What is the secret ?  HE has dedicated His life and each breath of His to the service of Humanity and to fulfill the Mission of Holy Master Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj. HE inspires others to join in and stay in to be a part of SIVA's Mission. 

Pujya Swamiji’s Divya Tour 2012 has commenced in USA from Chicago on June 28, 2012. Swamiji has completed his programs at  Chicago, Madison, Detroit, Toronto, Toledo, Bloomington, Charlotte and Atlanta. His Morning Yoga, Pranamyam and Meditation sessions are popular all across USA and Canada. Evening discourses on various spiritual subjects are full of wisdom teaching and helpful tips for day to day living. "Satsang with Swamiji through Divya Tour" is an essence of Swamiji’s talk during the various places. You will find it inspiring, elevating and solacing.

Contact your local organizer for the details of the program schedule in your area and get benefited. You can find Sri Swamiji's tour related information's @ Divya Tour 2012 website

News &Activity Report for the month of July 2012
Divya Jivan / June 2012 
  Lord Krisha's Utterance ,  "Geetamrutam "

Perform action, O Arjuna, being steadfast in Yoga, abandoning attachment and balanced in success and failure! Evenness of mind is called Yoga. (2:48)

Acts of sacrifice, gift and austerity should not be abandoned, but should be performed; sacrifice, gift and also austerity are the purifiers of the wise.(18:5)

For, verily the true nature of action (enjoined by the scriptures) should be known, also (that) of forbidden (or unlawful) action, and of inaction; hard to understand is the nature (path) of action.(4:17)

Having abandoned attachment to the fruit of the action, ever content, depending on nothing, he does not do anything though engaged in activity.(4:20)

The world is bound by actions other than those performed for the sake of sacrifice; do thou, therefore, O son of Kunti, perform action for that sake (for sacrifice) alone, free from attachment! (3:9) 


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