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Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad 

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Divya Jivan Newsletter
Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad
April 2016

OM Namo Bhagawate Sivanandaya!
OM Namo Bhagawate Chidanandaya!
OM Namo Narayanaya!
"Glory to Sri Rama and HIS Name!" On auspicious Ramnavami Utsav (April 15, 2016)

"The Name of Lord Rama is the greatest purifier of the heart. It wipes away all one's sins. Not only this, but it wipes away the sinful tendencies as well. The Name is sweeter than the sweetest of objects. It is the haven of peace. It is the very life of pure souls. It is the purifier of all purifying agencies. It quenches the consuming fire of worldly desires. It awakens the knowledge of God. It bathes the aspirant in the, ocean of divine bliss. Glory to Sri Rama and His Name!.......

None but the righteous can be truly happy. None but he who has the correct sense of duty and the will for its implementation can be said to live worthily. One must be imbued with a definite conviction about the supremacy of moral principles, ethical values and spiritual ideals. These ought to guide one's day-to-day actions and serve as powerful means for the culture of the human personality. That is the purpose of life. That is the way to Self-realisation. That is the message and the mission of Lord Rama's Life on earth...... Swami Sivananda << More>>



16 th Brahmotsav of Sri Sri Ashtalaxmi Bahvan & Sri Chidananda Dhyana Mandir/Sri Ashtalaxmi Darshan (April 29, 2016)

Devi is synonymous with Sakti or the Divine Power that manifests, sustains and transforms the universe as the one unifying force of Existence. By Devi or Sakti we mean the presupposition of all forms of existential power, the power of knowledge, of omniscience. These powers are the glorious attributes of Godóyou may call Him Vishnu or Siva or as you like. In other words, Sakti is the very possibility of the Absoluteís appearing as many, of Godís causing this universe. Sakti and Sakta are one; the Power and the one who possesses the Power cannot be separated; God and Sakti are like fire and heat of fire.
Devi-worship or Sakti-worship is therefore worship of Godís glory, of Godís greatness and supremacy. It is adoration of the Almighty. - Swami Sivananda <<More>>


"Guru Darshan" - through Life incidence of Guru Maharaj Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj
Birth Centenary Celebration of Guru Bhagawan Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj (Sept 24, 2015 -Sept 24, 2016)

Chidananda - Giridhari :  There is the story of Giridhari for whom history may not have any time to space. Swamiji looked after Giridhari more than what he could have perhaps done for his dearest disciple. For twenty years or more, the patient was unable to walk and Swamiji was sending him food and looking after him in every possible way all these years. He used to send the best available medicines and small little presents every now and then from far off America to the poor little hut of Giridhari.

Mother Yvonne Lebeau, who chanced to find him in that wretched condition, did her best to preserve his life. The patient was so adamant that he refused to take even orange juice or grape juice. But the moment he was given to understand that Swamiji would return soon and that if he wished to remain alive to see Swamiji, he had to take at least the liquid fruit juice, he at once yielded. Then a miracle did happen. It so happened that Swamiji came back to Ashram two and half months ahead of the schedule. Swamiji went to Dhalwala to see Giridhari. He sat nearby and softly said "You can leave your body now. You can go in peace." Giridhari remained cheerful for sometime and then left his mortal coil.

Surrender And Be Secured : Swami Chidanandaji teaches us how to become secure. "If we only knew that what God does is always for our good, we would be like the kitten and not like the baby monkey. The baby monkey hangs on to the mother, and when the mother jumps from branch to branch, sometimes it loses its grip, falls down and dies. But the kitten lies down in one corner and cries for the mother. The mother cat comes and takes it away. There is no chance of the kitten falling down.

"We would know that self-effort is made only in order to know that no self-effort is necessary and we would surrender. 'Thy will be done' would always be our prayer
<< More>>

Yoga Learning from a Yoga GURU, Swami Adhyatmananda

Upcoming 37th YTTC (May 21, 2016 - Jun 9, 2016)
Transform your life to Yoga way of Living. Enhance your skill in Yoga, be a teacher and spread the knowledge to others. On completion of three weeks residential YTTC and successfully passing the test including theory and practical, the graduate will receive a diploma certificate recognized by Gujarat University.

 It is organized under the guidance & leadership of  Pujya Sri Swami Adhyartmanandaji Maharaj, who has conducted over 770 Yoga camps in the East & the West. Ashram's holy atmosphere is ideal for enhancing your spiritual growth as well as the skill in the science of Yoga. You can still enroll. Contact the ashram for the details - / Registration form ( Please note the change in the dates from earlier post)


"Patanjali Yoga Darshan" a discourse given by Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji at "Philosophers Meet" organized by Gujarat University. Swamiji wrapped up the essence of Patanjali Yoga Philosophy in very simple way to the understanding of even the beginners. There are so many commentaries on this text by many learned scholars, Spiritual Masters and Philosophy Teachers. Swamiji laid emphasis on regular practice of the knowledge learned from this text rather then just reading, discussing and intellectually understanding the subject. ( Divya Jivan spiritual journal - April issue page # 13- 16 ( Gujarati )

Highlighting News & Upcoming Events
Birth Centenary Celebration of Guru Bhagawan Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj  Continues ........ Srimad Bhagawat Katha by H. H. Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj on Vyasa Asan( Feb 29, 2016 - March 6, 2016). Jnan Yajana for seven days during Srimad Bhagawat Katha with daily discourses (from 3.30 pm to 7.00pm) impregnated with wisdom of Karma Bhakti & Jnana by Pujya Swamiji Maharaj - was indeed a spiritual feast for the Devotees at the ashram. Pujya Swamiji narrating the glories of Lord's Vishnu, Lord Rama Avatara, Sri Krishna Janmotasav, Sudama Akhyan, the Bhagawat dharma, Sri Lallaji's Sringar darshan, daily Kirtan, Lord Krishna's departure, Uddhav Gita and more......... all were wonderful.

We bring you video clip of  Sri Lallaji's daily Sringar darshan during Srimad Bhagawat Katha. Prabhu Darshan & Smarna is just enough for the true devotee to reach HIS beloved ..........the most enlightening Meerbai's bhajan ( Kaisi lagan lagai prabhu tose..........Teri pooja Jeevan mera ) by Mrs. Upali Kar, an ardent devotee of Gurumaharaj Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj ! Her heart melting singing arousing that bhav in the listener to go in TRANS.

Upcoming Utsav at Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad: Sri Ram Janmotsav (April 15, 2016), Sri Hanuman Jayanti (April 22, 2016), Sri Shankaracharya Jayanti (April 23, 2016) & Sri Ashtalaxmi Patotsav (April 29, 2016), 

News & Activity report for the month of March 2016
Divya Jivan / April 2016


For a sage who wishes to attain to Yoga, action is said to be the means; for the same sage who has attained to Yoga, inaction (quiescence) is said to be the means.(6:3)

When a man is not attached to the sense-objects or to actions, having renounced all thoughts, then he is said to have attained to Yoga.(6:4)

Let a man lift himself by his own Self alone; let him not lower himself, for this self alone is the friend of oneself and this self alone is the enemy of oneself.(6:5)

The self is the friend of the self for him who has conquered himself by the Self, but to the unconquered self, this self stands in the position of an enemy like the (external) foe.(6:6)

 The Yogi is thought to be superior to the ascetics and even superior to men of knowledge (obtained through the study of scriptures); he is also superior to men of action; therefore, be thou a Yogi, O Arjuna! (6:46)

Hanuman Jayanti (April 22, 2016)

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