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November  2009

Divya Jivan Newsletter

November 2009  





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 Glory of Bhagawad Gita on the auspicious Gita Jayanti ( Nov 28, 2009 ) 
  " In all the spiritual literature of the world there is no book so elevating and inspiring as the Gita. It expounds very lucidly the cardinal principles or the fundamentals of the Hindu religion and Hindu Dharma. It is the source of all wisdom. It is your great guide. It is your supreme teacher. It is an inexhaustible spiritual treasure. It is a fountain of bliss. It is an ocean of knowledge. It is full of divine splendour and grandeur.

The Gita is the cream of the Vedas. It is the essence of the soul-elevating Upanishads. It is a universal scripture applicable to people of all temperaments and for all times. It is a wonderful book with sublime thoughts and practical instructions on Yoga, devotion, Vedanta and action.

The Gita contains the divine nectar. It is the wish-fulfilling gem, tree and cow. You can milk anything from it. It is a book for eternity. It is not a catch-penny book, with life like that of a mushroom. It can be one’s constant companion of life. It is a vade-mecum for all. Peace, bliss, wisdom, Brahman, Nirvana, Param Padam and Gita are all synonymous terms."  << More>>
Quotes on Gita

Amaanitwam adambhitwam ahimsaa kshaantiraarjavam;
Aachaaryopaasanam shaucham sthairyamaatmavinigrahah. ( 13 : 7 )

Humility, unpretentiousness, non-injury, forgiveness, uprightness, service of the teacher, purity, steadfastness, self-control,

Indriyaartheshu vairaagyamanahankaara eva cha;
Janmamrityujaraavyaadhi duhkhadoshaanu darshanam.( 13: 8)

 Indifference to the objects of the senses, also absence of egoism, perception of (or reflection on) the evil in birth, death, old age, sickness and pain,

Asaktiranabhishwangah putradaaragrihaadishu;
Nityam cha samachittatwam ishtaanishtopapattishu. (13: 9) 

 Non-attachment, non-identification of the Self with son, wife, home and the rest, and constant even-mindedness on the attainment of the desirable and the undesirable,

Mayi chaananyayogena bhaktiravyabhichaarinee;
Viviktadesha sevitwam aratir janasamsadi. ( 13 : 10)

Unswerving devotion unto Me by the Yoga of non-separation, resort to solitary places, distaste for the society of men,

Adhyaatma jnaana nityatwam tattwa jnaanaartha darshanam;
Etajjnaanamiti proktam ajnaanam yadato’nyathaa. ( 13 :11)


Early Morning Meditation talks from" Ponder These Truths" by Sri  Swami Chidananda

Know Yourself
Anything that is active in your antahkarana, in your mind, that is not of the Reality, not of Divinity, not of the Spirit, that indeed verily constitutes your bondage. Be it emotion or sentiment, thought or desire, imagination or anticipation, memory or wish, anything that actively occupies your inner being, your psyche, and vibrates on that level—this outside universe, yourself and your life in this outside universe, in this temporary frame of time and space, name and form—constitutes prapanca, samsara, your own created bondage, the level of your ignorant “I am the body” personality. And it is exactly, precisely this that we have to transcend.

We have to know ourselves. And to that end, Gurudev said to make resolutions, draw up a daily routine, maintain a spiritual diary and do self-analysis. See what it reveals. It will tell you many things about yourself which you did not know at all. A spiritual diary not only keeps careful note of your morning to evening spiritual routine, it also keeps careful note of how you were, how you reacted, what you did: how many times you lost your temper, told lies, failed in controlling your senses, what virtues you are trying to develop, what self-punishment you did, etc. So, it tells you a great deal about this inner being which is the true source of all problems, all troubles, all vexations, all bondage, all your sorrows. <<More>>

  Yoga  Learning through " Yoga way of Life " by Sri  Swami  Adhyatmananda

Kapalbhai Kriya

Kapal in Sanskrit means forehead, and Bhati in Sanskrit means Shining. Practicing Kapalbhati on regular basis leads to shining face with inner radiance. Kapalbhati is highly energizing abdominal breathing exercise.

What we do in Kapalbhati Pranayama ?

In Kapalabhati we do quick exhalation and natural inhalation. Normally exhalation takes one fourth of the time of inhalation. Quick exhalation and natural inhalation follow each other. << More>>

Highlighting the News and upcoming events 

Upcoming YTTC ( Dec 11, 2009 - Dec 30, 2009) -  Yoga Teacher Training Course at Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabada is designed to offer you the experience of living Yoga way of Life and to present the necessary techniques that will enable you to pass these great teachings on to others.The program syllabus includes detailed instructions for each posture with their benefits. Also, in depth practice of different pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation,  relaxation (Yoga Nidra) techniques are taught based on Patanjali Yoga philosophy. At the concluding of the program and passing the test graduate receives certificate recognized by Gujarat University.
For more details, Contact / # 079- 26861234

News & Activity Report for the Month of  October 2009
Divya Jivan (Gujarati)/ November 2009
So Says Swami Sivananda
  •  Conquer the hurdles. Give a bold front and continue the spiritual practice vigorously in right earnest.

  • Persevere. Plod on your Sadhana, Give up idle talk, tall talk, gossiping and back-biting. Save your time. Idle talks and criticism of others only distract your mind and make you forgetful of God.

  • Practice self-analysis, self-introspection and self -purification. This is the way to final Emancipation or Eternal Bliss.  

  • Be regular in your Japa, Kirtan and Meditation. You will feel refreshed, renewed , rejuvenated, uplifted and inspired.

  • When you are doing Sadhana regularly, when you are growing into God, there is no despair.


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Regular Activities and Services at the Holy Sivananda Ashram

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