Newsletter,  October 2016

Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad 

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Divya Jivan Newsletter
Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad
October 2016

OM Namo Bhagawate Sivanandaya!

OM Namo Bhagawate Chidanandaya!
OM Namo Narayanaya!
Durga Puja - a festival of Devi Worship during sacred Navaratri ( October 1, 2016 - Oct 10, 2016 )

Devi worship is, worship of Godís glory, of Godís greatness and supremacy. It is adoration of the Almighty. The worship of Devi, the universal Mother, leads to the attainment of knowledge of the Self. Sakti is all. She can do anything. She can make or mar. She can mend or end. For the sake of the continuance of Her Divine Play here, She Herself, as Avidya-Maya, has veiled the Truth from you and bound you to this Samsara. When She is propitiated through the practice of sincere devotion and unconditional self-surrender, She, as Vidya-Maya, removes the veil and enables you to perceive the Truth.
 No one can free himself from the thralldom of mind and matter without Motherís grace. The fetters of Maya are too hard to break. If you worship Her as the great Mother, you can very easily go beyond Prakriti through Her benign grace and blessings. She will remove all obstacles in the path, and lead you safely into the illimitable domain of eternal bliss, and make you absolutely free - Swami Sivananda  << More>>

" Chidananda Darshan" - through HIS Teachings
Essence of Sanatana Vaidika Dharma

 One common consciousness is in all existence. It runs through all the infinite outer experiences that make up phenomenal nature, variety is the law. This nature is a great display of variegated names and forms. But the central experience of our great ancestors was that in the midst of these endless diversities, there is an essential unity; at the center of all things, life is one. All things are filled by a subtle invisible Presence, a principle that is beginningless, endless and eternal; being all-pervading, it is ever present in all things. All religions seem to agree that their concept of the ultimate great Reality or the Supreme Cosmic Being is that He is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient. But the uniqueness of Sanatana Vaidika Dharma is that this concept and this belief is based upon the direct experience of the sages in the deepest center of their being. With this authority, the sages proclaimed, we declare upon the basis of our own direct experience that God IS; God is NOW; God is HERE, because in all things He is present as the one, non-dual indivisible, just as in the necklace made of beads of different materials, different shapes, different colours and in this beautiful variety runs one common thread that holds them together as a necklace. Even so, one common Consciousness indwells all beings and brings about unity in the midst of diversity. Diversity is a fact; the unity is a greater fact. Diversity may change, but this Unity does not change, and therefore it is the truth. This experience is the basis and origin of all Darshanas that comprise the body of the Indian philosophical system. And this Darshana finds itself in every scripture that later on was produced in order to make it easier to grasp the subtle truths of the Upanishadic literature given in a terse aphoristic manner. << More>>

Learning of  "Jeevan Yog" from a Yoga Acharya Swami Adhyatmananda
Through TV episodes of Jeevan Yoga Series by Doordarshan Girnar

Can those having High Blood Pressure practice Asanas? 
"Yes, they can practice Asanas; in fact they must surely practice them. All the Asanas excepting Shirsasana can be practiced. All the Asanas can be performed without any fear. But the special Asanas and Pranayama that can offer benefits are: Shashankasana, Shavasana and Pranayama carried out with ease.  <<Jeevan Yoga Episode -7> >

Highlighting News & Upcoming Events

Worshipful and Revered Guru Bhagawan Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaja's birth Centenary year Sept 24, 2015 - Sept 24, 2016 celebration has been a joy of Chidananda Chintan, Chidananda Mananam, Chidananda Darshan through planning, thinking, watching TV programs (live & recorded) of various branches of Divine Life Society, Head Quarter Risikesh, video clips (live & through Youtubes), documentaries (must watch of one brought out by Swami Chidananda Sevashram) & reading through website of various centers, organizing programs & being a part of it and more...... for countless devotees all over the globe.

The grand culmination of celebration was a absolute joy here at Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad. A spiritual presence of Gurumaharaj Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj was experienced by one and all - even the birds, squirrels and peacock rejoiced HIS presence and joined in the celebration at the Ashram. On the morning of Gurumaharaj's Birthday Sept 24, 2016,  a peacock danced in all its grace (got caught in video recording) in lawn garden of the Ashram and birds were singing glories of Gurumaharaj in their own tunes with the devotional bhajans & kirtans. Adding to that...... GuruMaharaj gave Darshan!   What is not possible for Gurumaharaj ? a devotee (from USA) called and shared with Pujya Swamiji her darshan of GuruMaharaj in dream on Sept 24th morning. How wonderful ! it is all GURU KRUPA. Glories to Gurudev !

It was a week (Sept 17, 2016 - Sept  24, 2016) of spiritual feast for all.  Highlight of the celebration : A Grand GURU Paduka Pujan, Sunderkand Parayan, daily Satsangh in the company of learned scholars & Mahatmas delivering enlightening spiritual discourses, feeding to Daridra Narayanas, Sadhu bhojan, devotional sangeet, sharing of thoughts filled with love & devotion by one who has lived with & served GuruMaharaj - H. H. Sri Swami Ramswarupanandaji Maharaj from Uttarkashi, H. H. Sri Swami Brahmanishthanandaji Maharaj from Delhi, H. H. Sri Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj narrating life incidences and their experiences with Guru Bhagawan Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj were beyond these finite words can express............... On Sept 24, 2016 in the evening two Acharyas from Juna & Nirvani Akhada and H.E. Governor of Gujarat, Mr. Om Prakash Kohli dedicated The  "CHIDANANDAMí by unveiling the curtain of Granite plaque engraved in golden letters in holy presence of  Juna Peethadhishwar Sri Swami Avadheshanandaji Maharaj, Nirvan Peethadhishwar Srimat Swami Vishokanandaji Maharaj, Mahamandleshwar Sri Swami Vishwambhar Bhartiji, Mahamandleshwar Srimat Swami Kalyanananda Bhartiji, Srimat Swami Parmatmanandaji, Arch Bishop Mekwan. The new satsang Hall at Chidanandam was packed with devotees to its maximum capacity. All Saints and H.E. Governor spoke praising Gurumaharaj Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj as a divine incarnation.......and the beautiful Souvenir "CHIDANANDAM"  was released.  

Now, to follow the words of wisdom (that have been in the forefront) of Holy Master Gurudev Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj, all through the year - the very purpose of the centenary celebration,

The Words of Holy Master Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj, .................. "Celebration of Swami Chidanandaji's Birthday is really worship of God."

"During the celebrations of the Birthdays of great men you hear of their actions, their thoughts and their instructions, and the way in which they led their life. You imbibe several good qualities from their glorious example. You try to emulate them. You put those qualities into practice in your daily life. Frequent Birthday celebrations are necessary.".....

"Practise compassion, service, humility and other virtues. Then shine like our Chidanandaji. This is my fervent prayer ! Chidananda is a Jeevanmukta, a great saint, an ideal Yogi, a Para Bhakta and a great sage. Swami Chidananda is all this and much more".

Let us continue our spiritual journey onward and forward to realize the goal of Life " God Realiztion ". 

News & Activity Report for the Month of September 2016
Divya Jivan /October 2016/ "CHIDANANDAM"

At the end of many births the wise man comes to Me, realising that all this is Vasudeva (the innermost Self); such a great soul (Mahatma) is very hard to find. (7:19)
Jai Sivananda! Jai Chidananda

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