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July 2010

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July 2010  





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"The Sadguru is Brahman Himself. He is an ocean of bliss, knowledge, and mercy. He is the captain of your soul. He is the fountain of joy. He removes all your troubles, sorrows, and obstacles. He shows you the right divine path.
 Guru is God. A word from him is a word from God. He need not-teach anything. Even his presence or company is elevating, inspiring, and stirring, His very company is self-illumination. Living in his company is spiritual education.

 Guru is the Moksha-dvara (door to liberation). He is the gateway to the transcendental Truth-Consciousness. But, it is the aspirant who has to enter through it. The, Guru is a help, but the actual task of practical Sadhana (spiritual practice) falls on the aspirant himself"

" Worship the Guru with the flowers of faith and devotion. Satsanga with the Guru is the first pillar in the temple of Self-realisation.Grace of God takes the form of Guru. To see the Guru is to see God. Blind is the man who has not seen the divine Master. There is but one religion, the religion of devotion and love to Guru." - Sri Swami Sivananda <<More>>
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Early Meditation Talks from Ponder These Truths by Sri Swami Chidananda
Radiant Immortal Souls! For the being who receives the ahetuki kripaóthe motiveless compassionate grace of God and God-men like Gurudev, and taking it seriously puts it into earnest, diligent, daily practice in his own life, more and more is given. He who proves worthy, not by feeling or thought but by being and doing, by living and action, to that being, more and more grace is extended, more and more blessings are given. The law is such, that to those who due to their good fortune are thus recipient and responsive, grace flows perennially.

But those who receive and pay only lip-service, or even go contrary-wise in thought and action to the elevating, inspiring and liberating divine teachings of God, sent to us through His saints, prophets and spiritual mastersóthose individuals cut themselves off from the inflow of Godís grace.Godís grace is not withheld, Godís grace is not withdrawn. We cut ourselves off from Godís grace, and no lamentation will be of any avail except remorse, repentance, a transformation and a renewal of our life in the Spirit.

It is, therefore, entirely up to the seeker, the individual soul, whether he will work for a restoration of Godís grace or whether he will continue to be deprived of grace. More than anything else, deception, cunningness, concealed crookedness, double standards, which are all children of falsehood, asatya, completely cut off the individual soul from the influx of Godís grace. We set up a rock barrier between Godís grace and ourselves through all manners and shades of cunningness, crookedness, deception and duplicity. These are great enemies of a bhakta and sadhak. They put a great distance between oneself and the all-compassionate, all-loving, all-merciful, all-gracious Supreme Being. - Swami Chidananda    << More>>

Yoga Learning through  a book , " Yoga,  A  way of  Life " by  Swami Adhyatmananda
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"The true meaning of Prana is not only breath. The Prana is energy. It is universal power, brightness, light and intelligence. All these cosmic energies are named as Prana."Yatkinchit Jagat Sarvam Drishyate Shruyatepiva..This Prana is filled in all that we see and hear, the inside and outside of all things, all movement etc. in this world.
 The Prana is the source of all capabilities and the power in the universe. Prana is the only power behind the normal functioning of the system of respiration (inhalation and exhalation), blood circulation, digestion, excretion of urine and stool, system producing semen, structure of our bones and also the nervous system.The working abilities of sensory organs and motor organs improve as each cell  gets extra nutrition. The secret of beauty of skin, shining of the face, brightness of the eyes, intelligence power and development of mental power is the result of the practice of Pranayama. The practice of Pranayama means oneness with cosmic energy. Pranayama Sadhana opens the doors of subtle life from the gross life "-  Swami Adhyatmananda. <<More>>
 Highlighting the News 

Divya Jivan Sangh and Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad has been very active in publishing spiritual literature. In order to serve the local community, bulk of the publications are in Gujarati language. It has also published several well known multimedia publications like audio tapes and video tapes which are in great demand.
Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad has established a special publishing division call "Sivananda Jnana Yajna Nidhi" to facilitate spiritual publications. Holy Master Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj has written a wealth of literature for the upliftment of mankind, and additionally, there is so much knowledge to be gained from his disciples and organizations the world over. The Sivananda Jnana Yajna Nidhi has been doing absolutely wonderful job to bring bulk of the literature in local Gujarati language.
Publications & New release
Publications of Sri Swami Adhyamanandaji Maharaj
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for the purchase of the book, Please contact Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad
Sri Divya Jivan Sanskrutik Sangh, Sivananda Ashram, Jodhpur Tekari, Sivananda Marg, Ahmedabad 380015. Ph.: 079-26861234 Telefax: 079-26862345 email:

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"You are never alone , even for a split second of time. You are always under the gracious protecting presence of your Guru. The Guru never leaves the soul He has called.
He walks with you when you walk. He rests with you when you rest. He broods over you while you slumber.
 He is the one Being Who is unfailing. He is the one Being Who is eternally yours and always with you."

Sivananda Ashtotra Shata Namavali / Dev Dev Sivananda- ( audio Clip ) Lyrics by Swamini Hridayananda
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"Just as the Guru is channel for the individual soul to re-link itself with the universal Soul, even so, a channel between our Guru and ourselves is called Guru- bhakti. True Guru-bhakti is divine power,  it is divine force."

"The more adverse the circumstances, the greater the manifestation of grace; the greater the manifestation of Guru kripa. God's grace and Guru Kripa are the obverse and reverse of the same coin.
 Guru Kripa is God's grace manifesting in and through the Guru."-

"It is the Guru that points out the path and makes us see the path clearly. He points out the pitfalls and dangers upon the path, makes us alert, vigilant jagrit. And, even as the sun initiates activity,
so the Guru inspires us to arise awake, seek knowledge, attain illumination and become forever blessed. All this and more the Guru does."
What is the sun if not its light? The sun is no sun if there is no light. The sun is the sun because it radiates perennial light, an inexhaustible, unbroken supply of light even so,
 the Guru is His jnana upadesa." - Swami Chidananda




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 Books on Yoga by  Swami Adhyatmananda

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