December 15, 2005

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December 15,2005

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Biography of Sri Ramana Maharshi - by Swami Sivananda on 126th Birthday Anniversary of Bhagvan Sri Ramana Maharshi (Dec 18, 2005)

"Ramana was a living example of the teaching of the Upanishads. His life was at once the message and the philosophy of his teachings. He spoke to the hearts of men.
The great Maharshi found Himself within himself and then gave out to the world the grand but simple message of his great life, "Know Thyself".
"Know Thyself". All else will be known to thee of its own accord. Discriminate between the undying, unchanging, all-pervading, infinite Atma and the ever-changing, phenomenal and perishable universe and body. Enquire, "Who am I?"  Make the mind calm. Free yourself from all thoughts other than the simple thought of the Self or Atma. Dive deep into the chambers of your heart. Find out the real, infinite "I". Rest there peacefully for ever and become identical with the Supreme Self." This is the gist of the philosophy and teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi."- Swami Sivananda <<<More>>>

Who Am I? - (Nan Yar?) The Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi
Spiritual Instruction of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi -An English translation of Updesh Manjari
Sri Ramanasramam Publications

Christmas- Its Spiritual Significance -by Swami Sivananda (Dec 25, 2005)

"Beloved seekers, usher in now the real and spiritual Christmas within your being, become desireless. Conquer egoism. Become embodiments of true humility. Develop meekness and lowliness of spirit by humble surrender unto the Lord. Be courageous to overcome all obstacles. Joyously renounce mammon. Welcome the descent of the Light of Grace within. Rejoice in the advent of the Divine. Thus celebrate the Christmas that ultimately leads you on the glorious climax of Transfiguration, Resurrection and Ascension. Be crowned with Divine glory. Attain immortality, perfect freedom and be for ever steeped in infinite bliss. Through Christmas realise the Christ-consciousness and the radiant light of Atmic (divine) Wisdom. Amen."- Swami Sivananada" <<More>>
"Christ's Divine Life- by Swami  Chidananda
"Christ Consciousness"- by  Swami Krishnananda
"God  is Here and Now" - Swami Adhyatmananda

Early Morning Meditation Talks from "PonderThese Truths" -  By Swami  Chidananda

"Spiritual Life"

"Blessed Immortal Atman! Spiritual life is an earnest endeavor to transcend sense-perceived, temporary appearances, unrealities, and attain to a vision and an experience of the super sensuous Divine Reality. It is an attempt to transcend changeful and passing sense appearances and to rise up and become established in the Reality that is ever-present amidst these ever-changing, temporary appearances as their very source, their support and their substratum."

"Spiritual life means growing in godliness. Sadhana in its various forms such as japa, kirtan, puja, svadhyaya, asana, pranayama and meditation is a process of purifying and transforming your normal human nature into godly divine nature. And to ensure that your outer life of day-to-day living—speaking, acting, interacting with others and all life around you—to ensure that it supports your inner sadhana, you are admonished by Gurudev to transform your present outer life into a divine process, a divine life, not the life that you have been leading in the past, but a divine life. You have to make your life a divine life by bringing into it ingredients and qualities that belong to God, incorporating into it divinity, godliness, qualities that we do not normally associate with man, that we do not normally associate with this world, this earth plane." <<<More>>>

Upcoming special satsangs & Yoga, Pranayam & Meditation Camps with Swami Adhyatmananda

Bhagvan Sri Ramana Maharshi's 126th centenary celebration at Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad (Dec 18, 2005)
A special satsang and worship services has been organized on the occasion of Bhagvan Sri. Ramana Maharshi's 126th centenary  celebration (8.00am-12.00pm)

Satsang & Sahshra Deep Archanam on Dec 31, 2005 - On the eve of New Year 2006, 1008th Gayatri Mahadeep Yajna (5.30pm-7.30 pm) has been organized at Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad. Please join  for this auspicious Yajna.

650 & 651 Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama Camps
(Jan 2, 2006- Jan 11, 2006 ). Prior registration is mandatory.

For  Details

May I Answer That?  -  Swami Sivananda

Q & A on Spiritual Life and Sadhana from “May I Answer That?”- by Holy Master Sri Swami Sivanandaji  Maharaj.

Why does not the benevolent, kind and all-merciful God help the righteous man and give him happiness? Why does He leave him to the mercies of his Purva Karma?

Karma is likened to the wheel. It has to work out; because the force that set it in motion has to be spent. It is a cycle of action and reaction. Just as the arrow once discharged from the bow cannot be withdrawn, even if the hunter feels that he has aimed at a wrong target, Prarabdha Karma, the fruit of those Karmas performed in previous births that have come up for experience in this present birth, cannot be annulled.

How then does God help His devotee? The all-merciful God does help His devotee by strengthening his will-power, his power of endurance, to bear the Karma-Phala with a cheerful countenance. The devotee is certainly not left to the mercy of his Purva Karma; he is beautifully clothed in the protective shield of His grace. Just as in the worst winter and violent storm, you remain unaffected in your own house and in your warm clothing, the devotee (though to the onlookers he is poor, sick or suffering) does not feel that he is suffering at all and is ever happy and blissful in His remembrance.

Incidence from Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj's Life

The protracted solicitations of the devotees of Johannesburg dragged Swamiji there on a long programme. On his arrival at Johannesburg a very touching event took place. An ardent devotee of Swamiji, mother Rose Kagan, popularly known as Sivananda Kausalya had been on the death-bed for quite sometime. Before she fell into a state of coma she had prayed for a final Darshan of His Holiness. It was, however difficult to believe that her desire could be fulfilled. But indeed her prayer was heard. The compassionate Swamiji who knows and responds to the hearts of the devotees was there beside her before she breathed her last. After his arrival at her bed-side, he prayed for sometime and the fortunate lady regained her consciousness for a few moments to behold him sitting by her bed. She greeted Swamiji with folded hands uttering distinctly 'Hari Om' and with this God remembrance and holy Darshan of the divine Guru she left her mortal frame. Fortunate was she indeed, for her funeral rite was also sanctified by the presence of His Holiness.


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 Books on Yoga by  Swami Adhyatmananda

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