SWASTHYA YOGA SHIBIR 606 ( Nov 11, 2003–Nov 19, 2003)

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Spiritual Heads of Various faith at the Opening ceremony of Dhyana Yoga Shibir 606

 “With regular practice of Yogasana, Pranayama and Meditation common people can enrich their lives and avoid many problems of life. Meditation is essential for mental peace and higher spiritual growth. Said Rev. Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj  in the press conference held November 8, 2003  at Municipal Corporation Central Committee Hall, Usmanpura before the start of Dhyan Yoga Shibir 606. He further elaborated the relevance of Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation to modern day living.  

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Some news media coverage of this unique event

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 The Swasthya Shibir was organized at Sardar Vallabbhai Patel Stadium under the vibrant leadership of Pujya Swamiji in collaboration with Health Department of Govt. of Gujarat, Municipal Corporation of Ahmedabad and Ahmedabad Medical Association. It was attended by 6200 people in the early hours of dawn from 5.00 am to 7.00 am . The Shibir was inaugurated by Spiritual Heads of Hindu temples, Parsi Agiary, Mosque, Church and Gurudvara. All the religious heads of various faiths spoke about amity and unity among the people of all communities and religions.  

During the nine days Shibir Rev Swamiji introduced the simple Yogasana , Pranayams and Meditation technique, which would help to live happy, healthy and peaceful life, enhance general physical fitness and serve as an alternative therapy to various medical ailments.  Simple Pranayama were taught also and explained the benefits of its. Regular Practice of Meditation is essential for mental peace and higher spiritual growth. Candle Light Meditation on the last day of the Shibir was the culmination of this unprecedented and unique experience that will be cherished by all attendees.  

During the Shibir group of doctors under the leadership of Dr. Mayurbhai Patel, a leading Dibetologist and Dr. Mrs. Inaben Patel provided the diabetic education to pateints, especially the young and old afflicted with Diabetes. They further  stressed the importance of diet, exercise and medications for the prevention and treatment of Diabetes that is so essential part of managing diabetes. November 14, happened to be a World Diabetic Day. In the evening of Nov 16, 2003 Shibir, group of doctors made themselves available for answering heath -related problems and it followed by potluck dinner & garba at the Sardar Patel Stadium. 

Shibir concluded on Nov 19, 2003 with a very emotional speech of ninety-nine years old Revered Shri K. K. Shashtriji. He said, “ At the eve of my centenary, I am  blessed to see such a divine site of massive candle light meditation. I have never dreamt that it is possible. I am delighted and honoured to witness such enthusiasm and participation of people of Ahmedabad.”  

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At concluding ceremony Rev. Shri K.K.Shashtriji, Sri Mukesh Patel with  Rev. Swamiji   

Mr. Mukesh Patel, a successful entrepreneur present at this occasion said, “I have witnessed Swamiji’s nine year stay at the Ashram. His Yoga Camps have been in great demand and he brings a message of hope, peace and harmony. His commitment and dedication have been always appreciated and cherished by all who come in contact with him.”  

Extensive coverage by T V and News media  of this unique and awe inspiring event was given, especially massive candle light meditation (the experience that will be cherish forever by all), in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. There was a request by all to have such Shibir again soon.   

Appreciation Dinner  

On Nov 30, 2003 evening a gathering of volunteers of Swasthya Shibir 606 was held at the ashram. Respected Health Secretary of Gujarat State, Shri. Nanda Sahebji,  motivators of Shibir Dr. Mayurbhai Patel and Dr. Mrs. Inaben Patel of Ahmedabad Medical Association and representatives from Municipal Corporation and Sardar Patel Stadium also attended the function and efforts to make the event successful was appreciated. Sumptuous Dinner was served to all.  

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