Glory to Guru

by Swami adhyatmananda

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Salutations and prostrations to Jagadguru Bhagawan Sri Krishna. Adorations to Sage Veda Vyasa, Prostrations to Sri Shankaracharya, Madhwacharya, Nimbarkacharya, Sri Gurudev Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj and most beloved and worshipful Gurubhagawan His Holiness Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj.

We adore Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Sri Swami Vivekanandaji Maharaj, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Beloved Papa Ramdas, Guru Nanakdev and other all Gurus of east and west of modern time and an ancient era. May all these Gurus' grace be ever upon all of us to live and lead the life divine to scale the highest peak of spirituality.

Gurupurnima is the day for worshipping the GURU. The Guru is a Master, but He never makes His disciple a slave. Entire mission of Guru is to turn His disciple into none else but great Guru only. The Guru says “AHAM BRAHMASMI”, I’m Brahman. But never the less “TAT TWAM ASI” you are that only. This purnima is a full moon day. When there is no hindrance between sun and moon, this moon shines in its full bloom likewise when disciple totally surrenders to His Guru, he too shines with Brahma Vidya. Brahma Vidya is knowledge of Absolute. Brahma Vidya is the highest knowledge after knowing that nothing remains to be known. It is the grace of Guru upon his beloved disciple that after having received Brahma Vidya, disciple has not to strive for any more gain. He becomes full; he becomes contented, he rejoices supreme BLISS. He dives deep in the eternity and divinity.

The spiritual path is not a straight line. It is all zigzags, like desire for rose flower but thorn also nearby or underneath. But those who had surrendered to his Revered Guru they should not fear, because Guru is protection for him. Guru is light upon his path to blessedness. Guru guides him. Guru holds his disciple's hand and make him reach to the kingdom of supreme. “Yad Gatva na Nivartante” from where disciple never looks back or comes back but rejoices the grace of realization of the ABSOLUTE!

Here, what is required is total faith, total surrender, dedication, devotion and commitment. Sage Patanjali says “Chitta Vritti Nirodha” the moment disciple controls his senses he obtains knowledge and abides in supreme peace. The Guru is the God on this earth. Lord Sri Krishna says serve your Master sincerely, work hard but never think of his grace. When you serve him, grace will follow by itself “Maa Phaleshu Kadachana” do not keep eyes upon fruits, just work, just serve, just dedicate and live the rest upon HIS WILL, that is the right way to receive the grace of the Guru. Without the grace, Realization is absolutely impossible. The Guru is the key to open the realm of kingdom of heaven. In front of Guru's grace or “Guru Krupa” treasure of three heavens is also becomes valueless. Thus, service of the Guru selflessly is the right path to attain liberation or “MOKSHA”.

Gurudev Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj says “On the path of spirituality, disciple has to take out his bones, crush them into powder, extract oil from it and then light wick with that oil for several years. Only then God appear before the disciple.

In Brihadaranyaka Upanishad the story of Lord of the heaven says, “King of the God Indra served his master for 101 year to receive the knowledge of Brahm Vidya then only he was satisfied and his divine Guru also was pleased. Hence sadhana is must. Spiritual practice is ‘SINE QUA NONE’. As per instruction of Guru, without budging your mind here or there, those who has dedicated their each breath in the search of truth, with the grace of their Guru and their sincere effort in the struggle for perfection, they have achieved the Goal of life.

It is not impossible, what requires is to conquer the pride. All Gurus of the east and the west are never claimed them as Gurus by themselves but the servant of the God. They said I am a servant, “Tav Dasoham”. This humbleness towards the Master only can bring or open the gate of His grace towards disciple to uplift him and install him upon the crown of truth.

A Guru is necessary. Never finds fault in Guru, any action by Guru will have a purpose in that; there is a meaning in that. Accept His commands, follow His instructions, just be humble, feel his hardship and serve Him whole heartedly because this is the only instrument that will lead you towards divinity. Once you know this secret, you will cross the ocean of birth and death and you will abide in the truth absolute. Thus, this is the glory of Guru. Seek that, embrace it and realize the ABSOLUTE in this very birth here and now.

 OM Shanti!

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