Be Content in Whatever Way God Keeps You

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Almighty Lord, Father of entire humanity, beloved God of grace, compassion and love! At this moment of our prayerful gathering here, this servant at Thy Feet prays that Your divine grace may shower upon all. May your divine grace grant them a spirit of right enquiry, philosophical reflection, active discrimination between the permanent and the passing, the eternal and the non-eternal, between the Self and the non-Self, between their real essential nature and the merely added, temporary, limited adjuncts like body, senses, prana, mind, intellect, ideas, imaginations, memories and aspirations, discrimination between these temporary adjuncts and their ever-full, ever-radiant, imperishable, indestructible, permanent, eternal, true Self which is beyond time and space, beyond name and form, which has neither birth nor death! Bless them with active discrimination or viveka which leads them gradually towards recognising their essential nature. Grant them the privilege of living as radiant spirits and divinities, parts of Yourself, rather than live and move as poor caricatures of the resplendence which they are, or as mere anomalies of the Truth! May they radiantly live in Truth, in Reality and shine with divinity! This is my humble prayer at this moment.

O Gurudev! I pray to you that your awakening touch, your glance of grace, may awaken them all and fill them with aspiration to lead a life in accordance with your lofty teachings, your sublime vision of man. Bless them and grant them the gift of divine life, a divine life of devotion, of selfless, worshipful service, a divine life of ceaseless service and constant devotion, a divine life of steady, unfailing, regular, daily meditation, a divine life that is a gradual, progressive process of blossoming into full Self-realisation that liberates them forever from pain, sorrow, suffering!

Blessed Divinities! Great mystics have appeared in India and placed before us a shining example of an ideal spiritual life, an ideal ethical life of righteousness and spirituality, of ethical conduct, character and devotion. They are for us shining examples to be earnestly emulated and followed. Many of them have also given to us wonderful philosophy and very mystical teachings of Yoga in the form of musical compositions, in the form of songs. Using mystical terminology and beautiful music, melodiously sung, these minstrels have gone from door to door trying to bring about an awakening, an understanding of the hidden truths within us, through devotional songs, bhajans.

These bhajans were all directed, meant to inspire, meant to awaken, to impart instruction. These songs are standing monuments of their abundance of love, their goodwill for fellow souls. They wanted all to walk the path of light and attain supreme blessedness in this very life.

One such bhajan, which has come into our life through various devotional singers, I wish to share with you. It is full of instruction, full of inspiration full of great strength, and full of great marga-darsan (light on the path). It goes to the heart of the life that overcomes and triumphs over all obstacles, all impediments, all tests, trials, tribulations, everything. Its starting two lines also form the refrain: “Sita Ram, Sita Ram, Sita Ram kahiye, Jahi vidhi rakhe Ram tahi vidhi rahiye.”

The gist of it is: “O man, in whatever state the Lord has placed you, so far as your outer, earthly, secular life is concerned, be content. Be where God has placed you, and be full of inner serenity, be full of inner joy. Never mind what your mind may say. Never mind what people may say. For you know that all comes due to the supreme will of the Almighty, the Universal Being; everything is in His hands. He brings about all things. Knowing this be at rest, be serene, be peaceful.

“In all conditions, at all times, amidst all experiences, events and occurrences, in all tests, trials and tribulations, be serene; rejoice in the Lord, knowing that you are safe in His hands. For He, the infinite goodness, infinite love, infinite compassion, infinite justice, infinite wisdom, can never do to you anything that is wrong, harmful or inimical to your highest welfare.

“Thus, having firm faith, firm knowledge, being set and convinced, and thus being established in this conviction, be serene in whatever way He has placed you. Be pleased to be there and rejoice. Chant: ‘Sita Ram, Sita Ram, Sita Ram.’

“Thus by accepting His dispensation, His will for you, surrendering to that grand, great will and being at rest, keep on chanting His Name, glorifying Him, praising Him, lauding Him, ever sending your voice towards His throne.

“Let your hands always be engaged in His service, and while thus engaged, let your mouth, lips, tongue ceaselessly keep chanting His glorious, Divine Name. Never think that you are alone, abandoned, forlorn, forsaken, for it can never happen. By the very nature of things it can never happen. For He is the all-pervading, indwelling Lord Who is ever with you, ever by your side. He is with you; you are never alone. Know this.

“Knowing fully well and understanding that He is the dispenser of the destiny of all beings, just forbear. In success or failure, gain or loss, good or bad, in all things, endure whatever comes, knowing ‘He is the Supreme Dispenser, and if it is His will it is most acceptable to me.’ Thus in all conditions, in the dualities that fill this world, accept it and be at peace. In whatsoever way the Supreme Being has been pleased to keep you, O beloved pilgrim soul, be thou content with His dispensation, and rejoice in His company, glorify Him and chant His Name ever and ever.”

This is the way to overcome all life—all obstacles, tribulations, troubles and so-called adverse factors—and smoothly sail through life and reach the great destination with God as your companion, with His Name as the power that propels you forward overcoming all obstacles for you. This is the quintessence of prapatti marga (the path of surrender) and saranagati rahasya (the secret of surrender) put into the three lines of each single verse, for the fourth line is only the refrain. I am sharing this with you and commending the wisdom teaching of this unknown mystic to you. He did not even put his name. God bless you all! God speed you and grant you success!

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