All Things are Possible
Swami Chidananda

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Beloved Immortal Atman! Blessed children of the Divine! The ways of the Lord are mysterious. But one fact is certain: no matter how other things might change, the Divine Reality, the Cosmic Being, the supreme Universal Spirit is always the same, the unchanging. He is always the ever-full, the all-perfect. He is always all-merciful. He is always the ocean of compassion, the ocean of love, an ocean of grace. And He is always sarva-samartha—omnipotent, all-powerful, capable of instantly doing anything and everything that He divinely wills.

For in Him there does not arise the necessity of doing anything. If He divinely wills, instantaneously, even as He is willing, that which He wills is immediately accomplished, immediately fulfilled. There is no interval between the Supreme Being divinely willing something and that something manifesting itself, occurring as a fact. The willing in the cosmic mind of God, and the manifestation of the will as a fact, are simultaneous. There is no impossible with the Supreme Being.

The human mind, limited, finite, having to function in time and space, a mixture of strengths and weaknesses, functions in a different way. We wish something; there arises in us a desire and the will to do it. But between the wish arising in the mind and the actualisation of this desire, there is sometimes a long period. There comes hesitation, there comes vacillation, there comes faltering and also numerous negative trends of the mind: “If I do this I may have this difficulty, this obstacle may come” and so on. So even before we initiate an action, we are already fearful of the outcome and we hesitate to take action. In this way, there is sometimes a long interval before we perform an action, and then sometimes we give it up before it is accomplished. Thus the human mind swings between opposite kinds of thought.

Because the human mind is limited. It is subject to the influence of sattva, rajas and tamas. A wish that arises when the mind is in a state of sattva is implemented immediately. A wish that arises in a state of rajas is implemented, but in a wrong way. Indeed, nothing comes out of it; something wrong comes out of it, because where there is rajas there is always an element of confusion. And if the will arises when tamas prevails, there is postponement, because lethargy, unwillingness to exert, is the defect of tamas.

But the Cosmic Being is beyond time, beyond dualities, beyond the three gunas. There, there is always purified thinking. There is no hesitation, no faltering, no procrastination. The will is to accomplish, and the thing is actualised.

Therefore, in the Divine Will all things are possible. To have absolute faith in this truth is to live in its light, to have victory over circumstances, to have an inward, steady, absolute progress, in the spiritual path. There is no hesitation in the inner journey godward towards illumination and liberation, no matter how vexing the outer factors.

You have seen the lives of saints, full of difficulties, full of persecutions, full of obstacles, full of adverse circumstances, many drawbacks and disadvantages. But through it all, in their interior, the mystics, the seekers, had absolute faith and trust in God. Take the life of Mira. Take the life of Jesus. Take the life of many a saint. In spite of fierce opposition from outside, their inner being went undaunted after the great Goal, had no hesitation, because it firmly rested on the faith: “All things are possible, all things are possible, all things are possible.” Why? Because they had absolute trust and faith in the omnipotence of God.

And God never changes. What He was a hundred years ago, a thousand years ago, ten thousand years ago, He is at this moment. And He will continue to be the same—all-merciful, all-love, omnipotent, capable of everything and all-powerful in His divine will.

And what a great thought, that we belong to Him. He belongs to us; we have a claim over Him. And He is all that you desire in the form of a life’s companion, a helper, a partner. When you contemplate this truth, that we have such a great Being, such an all-perfect, omnipotent Being, such a sympathetic, understanding and compassionate Being as our best friend, as our life partner, as our constant companion, as our ever-ready helper, you can do nothing but rejoice, rejoice and rejoice. You can do nothing but rejoice. It is the truth of our life, and that Being is the One who is closest to us, closer than anything else.

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