Four Powerful Transforming Factors

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Adorable Spiritual Presence, glorious all-pervading Reality, O Father of all mankind, Almighty Being, eternal, supreme God of grace, love and compassion! To Thee Who art the origin, support and ultimate end of countless millions of created universes that exist within Thee as drops exist within the vast, immeasurable, unfathomable and boundless ocean, to Thee our reverential adorations and worship at this moment, at this hour of the morning when Thy children are gathered together here in silent prayerfulness and spiritual fellowship to begin their day. May Your divine grace be upon them, and may they utilise this day to draw nearer and closer to Thee in dynamic awareness of the awakened consciousness of their real Being within!

Radiant Divinities! Beloved sadhaks and seekers! Today let us consider four valuable means of making your life sublime, four valuable factors that will keep your life moving towards the grand divine destiny, to fulfil which you have been endowed with this human status. For the power to feel, think, reason, understand, expand in knowledge and grow in wisdom is verily the uniqueness of this privileged status of yours as a human being on earth. These factors will enrich your human status, adorn your spiritual life, enrich your sadhana and abhyasa, and augment your movement towards your grand divine destiny of atma-jnana, transcendental experience, God-realisation.

The first factor is the great power which the Supreme Power has manifested and given to you, the power which can awaken, enlighten, illumine and bring about Self-realisation. That is the power of sabda-brahman, nada-brahman, the Name. The first primal expression of Brahman took place as the mystical cosmic sound vibration, adya spandana, in the form of the solemn, mysterious, divine cosmic sound, the pranava (OM), the Divine Name. Maharshi Patanjali identifies this particular sound symbol as the Name of that Nameless One, the Word that expresses That which cannot be expressed—tasya vachakah pranavah. It is the source and origin of all names, the mantra which successive saints and mystics, again and again, have dwelt upon and glorified. They declared: “When you have the Name, what have you to fear? It is God within you and without you, in your heart, in your mind, on your tongue, on your lips.” Let the Name be your constant companion. Let It be a propelling force and factor to take you towards God.

The second great force, power, dynamic unfailing factor, is remembrance of God through the mind. When the tongue is uttering the Name, the mind is to remember the Supreme Being. Again and again the saints have stressed this one means of keeping our life moving towards the glorious Goal—keeping our consciousness centred upon that grand Reality—remembrance, remembrance.

The third factor is the feeling that you bring into your every thought, every word, every action. What does it mean to you? Does it mean something mundane, something prosaic, something material, something worldly? Or does it mean something sublime, lofty and spiritual, divine? What does it mean? What is the feeling that infills you when you are living, moving, acting, day after day, moment after moment, through your thoughts, your words, your actions, through your vyavahara, your dealings with persons, beings, things, with life around you? What is the bhav that infills you? That is something which you have in your hand, because your bhav is your treasure. It is your domain, your territory, your monopoly, your inner kingdom where you have total say. If you have the sincerity, earnestness, wisdom, let this inner kingdom of bhav decide for you whether your life is mundane and prosaic, or lofty and spiritual, sublime and godly.

Last but not least is the fourth factor. What is the vision with which you behold this world? Do you behold this world as something sacred? See what the scriptures say, how the true sadhak should look upon everything. Again and again our scriptures reiterate this great vision, this great truth: The world is indwelt by the Divine, pervaded by the Divine. What should be our vision? What should be our bhav? Everything is sublime, everything is spiritual, and every act of mine—physical, verbal, mental, sentimental—is verily divine. With this vision, this bhav, whatever is seen, heard, tasted, smelt, touched, thought about, remembered is my ishta devata (chosen Deity). Read again and again Gurudev’s sublime composition, “Song of Immanence of Ram.” Ponder its implication to you.

These four powerful forces, powerful transforming factors, can enhance your spiritual life, make it fully God-oriented, give it a push in the right direction, take you towards the Goal Supreme—the power of the Name which immediately links you up with the Unmanifest, the transcendental Reality; constant remembrance of God in the mind; bhav, the right feeling, sublime spiritual feeling in your heart; and fourth, the right vision, which beholds the Reality everywhere, so that you live, move and have your being in God.

With these four factors or powers accepted and applied, what power is there in this universe that can stop your progress? What need is there for you to think of miscellaneous things, fill your mind with doubts and unnecessary, avoidable, superfluous questions, when at your doorstep is the key to heaven? These forces will help you to overcome everything, conquer maya, overcome life itself here and now. They are living spiritual forces, powers that are real in this world of passing unrealities. They will transform you and take you irresistibly to God-consciousness.

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