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Dr. Mayur Patel is an enthusiastic serviceable young doctor who is an expert diabetologist and physician for the last 14 years. He runs his clinic and gives treatment at different hospitals in Ahemdabad. He has taken training in the medical field on diagnosis of diabetes as well as control and treatment of diabetes at the well-known Apollo Hospital in Madras. He has gained expert knowledge and treats patients suffering from diabetes, giving them good treatment both with a serviceable mind and with humanitarianism. He has earned blessings of so many patients. Because of his prestige as an expert, so many hospitals call him for his honorary services. Besides this, so many different health organizations like Indian academy of Speciality association of Ahemdabad have also chosen him as the president. This year he has been appointed general secretary of the All India Diabetes Society.

This much detail is given because for the last three years every year he attends Yogasana camps at Sivananda Asharam Ahemdabad. Initially, he attended along with his wife Dr. ma Patel, children, his father Ramanbhai and others. Now a day he brings in so many doctors from medical association and makes it obligatory on his diabetes patients to join these camps. In his Shibir, we teach flexibility exercises, principal Asanas, Pranayama, Kunjal process, Shanlch-prakshalana process and relaxation. It is the experience of Dr. Mayur Patel that with regular and proper medical treatment essential proper Yogasnanas, food taken with understanding and patient’s strong desire to get cured, one can control diabetes    completely This is not impossible!

For the last 25 years these matters are discussed in the Yoga classes. Thousands of people thereby, have obtained the boon of preservation of health and eradication of diseases thereby inhabiting a fresh lease of life through more than 550 Yoga Shibirs. But this year Dr. Mayur Patel invited me to perform the opening ceremony of the All India Diabetes Association’s meeting and thus now this knowledge has been impressed with the seal of medical association legally

In this age where people are sedentary, habituated to easy living, a life where there is no labour, people more or less suffer from diabetes. The specialty of this disease is that the patient comes to know of this ailment only after a doctor’s proper examination when the patients are unaware of this ailment in the initial period and remain careless. They do not seriously and with exactness get the diagnosis or treatment for removal of this disease. The result is that this disease gradually increases and results in heart attack, loss of sight, blood pressure and disease of kidneys. A patient’s life is then full of restlessness, boredom and fearfulness. The patient cannot eat or drink with peace of mind, one has to live the life taking precautions and care at every step, the happiness in life comes to an end. Sometimes life ends abruptly and the family gets ruined. That is why diabetes is called a Silent Killer. But if the patient gets timely warning and saves himself from the clutches of this killer, it is essential for a patient of diabetes to throw off the frustration and take active steps in the proper directions to treat the ailment.


The percentage of diabetic patients all over the world is increasing day by day It is believed that the proportion of diabetes in the world today is 3 to 12%. Diabetes is the third widespread and serious disease after heart disease and cancer.


It is estimated that there are two fold diabetic patients in India. While I am writing this, I have just returned from the well-known Hospital of Indiana named St. Margaret and St. Anthony hospital after delivering a lecture on stress management. While discussing with the doctors there so that I can write during the drive of two hours on the way, Dr. Kaze said, “Swamiji, America government pays enough to those who do not work at all and this arrangement is made as a public aid. Such people getting this type of aid are named Medicaid. The maximum number of patients who visit us are such friends. These friends do not work with their hands and feet in their life. They take fried chicken and hamburger in the morning and evening and are known as the members of Weight Watchers Programme ! 

The government pays them for food and they join health clubs as members to bring down their weight; what a travesty of nature! It is understood that 2 to 5% of pregnant American women are suffering from diabetes. It is also estimated that around 12 to 19% of population of this country are diabetic because it is but natural that heavy body resulting from gluttony causes obesity that naturally results in diabetes.

People may be rich or poor, high or low, male or female, this disease does not differentiate and obliges people of all the levels in the society inflicting this disease. In most of the cases even before people learn about their having diabetic, people start suffering from loss of sight, paralysis, failure of kidneys or an heart attack. Thus only they have an inkling that he has diabetes.


On diagnosis of this disease many patients approach quacks that have no scientific knowledge and act on there advise for a long time, as a result they suffer heavily When the side effect of diabetes takes virulent form they approach the experts. This is at a very late stage and the results are not satisfactory in some cases. Many patients die prematurely.

By proper self-control, living a disciplined life, main­taining control on diet, following the advice of a doctor and taking suitable exercises as well as consuming proper medi­cine including insulin, a diabetic patient can live a long life span of complete health.


Do not panic. Diabetes is diagnosed in routine medical examination or when a patient does not get healing of wound. What to do then? The world known and world respected individuals like Swami Vivekanand and Lokmanya Tilak also had diabetes. They did live successfully and had utilized each breathe of their life for the work of public welfare. Therefore, do not get despondent.

An expert Dr. R.D Lorens has told that only lucky person get diabetes. The reason for such statement is that if one gets a timely warning, this disease that can be a killer, can be treated with very limited expenditure.


To undertake any activity by the body, strength is necessary. Vehicle work on petrol and diesel. Our body converts glucose into working power and remains active. Ordinarily in order to provide necessary power a quantity of 70 to 110 mg glucose circulate through the blood daily when we consume Chapatti, Bhakari, Rice, Khichadi, bread, potatoes, sugar and similar things. Digestive process converts these items into glucose and the proportion of glucose in the blood increases. Immediately therefore, pancreas gland situated behind the stomach releases a juice known as insulin. It converts glucose in the form of power and stores the extra glucose in the cells of liver and muscles. Thus the quantum of glucose in the blood remains balanced.

It is yet not properly discovered but die to these unknown reasons when pancreas does not manufacture sufficient insulin in the body, as for example in. case of juvenile diabetic or if although insulin readily available it does not become effective as for instant in case of elderly diabetic person who are heavy over-weight the’ proportion goes beyond 180 mg, one get glycosuria that is kidney releases glucose through urine: If the fresh threshold level of the kidney is high even though glucose may be very high in the blood, no glucose will be thrown out through the urine. Because of the insufficiency of insulin, body is not capable of making use of the same for strength. Body therefore, utilizes fat instead. This is equivalent to the use of kerosene in place of petrol in motorcar. When glucose is converted to strength, the fuel is fully utilized but when fat is utilized as a fuel, poisonous gases like acetone are produced. A diabetic patient becomes comatose., This is known as “diabetic coma”. If this is not diagnosed in time the patient can even die. By taking in use insulin in proper time the rate of death can be reduced.


Normally a patient of diabetes feels no trouble. They are therefore not careful about the treatment. The proportion of glucose in the blood, as a result, remains more than allowable continuously This condition of the body results in damage to each and every organ of the body That is why a diabetic has more difficulties than the common mass, as for example, high blood pressure, heart attack.

In comparison to the healthy man, the possibility of having high blood pressure and ailment of heart is 2 to 3 times more for a diabetic patient.

(i)   Paralysis

If diabetes is not properly controlled then in the long run fat gets deposited on inner layer of arteries and the possibilities of occurrence of paralysis increase. Because of the effect on sensory nerves One can contact diabetic neuropathy. This results in insensitivity in the skin of the soles. In the long run the muscles suffer from weakness.

(ii)    Damage of the kidneys

A diabetic patient can contact diseases of the kidneys 18 times more than a healthy man. Because of the adverse effect on the working capacity of the kidneys, blood is not properly purified. The result is that poisonous substances in the blood increase disproportionately. Diseased kidney ulti­mately fails. Need for very costly treatment of the kidney like dialysis, replacement and similar costly treatment has to be restored to. This process ruins the family economically.

(iii) Damage to the eyes 

The diabetic patient gets early cataract and there is likelihood of suffering of damage of retina, which can result in blindness. Diabetes is the biggest contributor of blindness in youth.

(iv) Gangrene

Gangrene results in putrefaction that necessitates the removal of the organ. Many a time the whole leg may have to be removed. The main cause of cutting of a limb next to an accident by vehicle is diabetes.

(v) Comatose condition

If  the proper equilibrium is not maintained in medicine, food and exercise, one gets hyperglycemia and poisonous substances like acetone start circulating in the blood, which is known as ketoacidosis one gets comatose thereby

(vi) Symptoms of ketoacidosis

1.        Feeling more of hunger and thirst

2.         Feeling need for passing urine often

3.         Sudden reduction in weight.  

4.         Pain in the stomach and vomiting  

5.       Feeling of tiredness  

6.      Getting easily irritated 

7.      Breathe emitting smell of fruits

8.       Quick and deep breathing

9.       Patient will involuntarily close his eyes

10.     Dehydration

 vii) Symptoms of hypoglycemia

1     Patient may feel giddy, he may feel tired 

 2    He may feel more hunger  

3    He may perspire amply  

4     Hands and feet turn cold.  

5   Patient may feel restless, heart beats increase  

6   Patient may get unconscious.  

7.      Convulsions 

In such circumstances, a patient should be made to consume any item that may be sweet. Both these conditions of getting unconscious are dangerous. Doctor should be contacted immediately

(viii) Infection 

Infectious diseases take place inside the body as well as on skin. Ladies get infectious diseases of urinary system.

 (ix) Weakness

One cannot enjoy life if one lacks in strength and sprightliness. Muscles feel weak. One feels loss of manliness sometimes.

All these problems are in fact serious and even a thought create feeling of fear.

It is therefore, essential to know how to control diabetes. It is necessary to spare time, make efforts and keep courage. Your doctor and his entire staff are there for your help. The whole world is out to guide you and help you in your individual life. But you may get the benediction of God, doctor is also helpful, medicine also suits you even then if you don’t help yourself and spend your life carelessly, how can we get well?

The knowledge of diabetes and this detailed explanation will be useful in your daily life and your increased knowl­edge will be helpful in removing your fear and help you to enjoy the life.


Diabetes is a disease, which can be likened to white ant rot. Usually it goes on progressing for years. However, one does not get any early signal. Quite often when some problem arises as a result of diabetes, one comes to know of it. However, one can notice the following symptoms:  

1.     One has to go for urination often. One has to get up at night more often. One gets  urine in  plenty.  

2.     One feels more thirsty.  

3.     One consumes more food, still the . weight goes on reducing.  

4.   Hands and feet feel empty and a tingling sensation.  

5.   One gets cramps m the muscles of leg.

6.   One feels weakness and tiredness.

7.   One takes longer in healing of a wound and gets boils often.  

8.   The eyes see unclearly and the numbers of spectacle goes on changing.

9.   One gets itching sensation on the private part.

10. One gets a heart attack or paralysis in young age. Ladies may give birth to a child with more weight, the child may be born with defect in the body or in heart. Ladies may get abortion frequently etc.


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