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Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad 

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Divya Jivan Newsletter
Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad
April 2017
OM Namo Bhagawate Sivanandaya!
OM Namo Bhagawate Chidanandaya!
OM Namo Narayanaya!
"Glory to Sri Rama and HIS Name!" On auspicious Ramnavami Utsav (April 4, 2016)

"The Name of Lord Rama is the greatest purifier of the heart. It wipes away all one's sins. Not only this, but it wipes away the sinful tendencies as well. The Name is sweeter than the sweetest of objects. It is the haven of peace. It is the very life of pure souls. It is the purifier of all purifying agencies. It quenches the consuming fire of worldly desires. It awakens the knowledge of God. It bathes the aspirant in the, ocean of divine bliss. Glory to Sri Rama and His Name!.......

None but the righteous can be truly happy. None but he who has the correct sense of duty and the will for its implementation can be said to live worthily. One must be imbued with a definite conviction about the supremacy of moral principles, ethical values and spiritual ideals. These ought to guide one's day-to-day actions and serve as powerful means for the culture of the human personality. That is the purpose of life. That is the way to Self-realisation. That is the message and the mission of Lord Rama's Life on earth...... Swami Sivananda << More>>


Sri Hanuman Jayanti  ( April 25, 2013)

Hanuman was the living embodiment of the power of Ram-Nam. He was an ideal selfless worker, a true Karma Yogi who worked desirelessly. He was a great devotee and an exceptional Brahmachari or celibate. He served Sri Rama with pure love and devotion, without expecting any fruit in return. He lived only to serve Sri Rama."

"Hanuman ranks first amongst the heroes of the world. His heroic deeds, wonderful exploits and marvelous feats of strength and bravery cannot be adequately described.He is a Chiranjeevi. He is everywhere. He who has eyes and devotion beholds him and receives his blessing" Swami Sivananda << More>>

Early Morning Meditation Talks from Ponder These Truths by Sri Swami Chidananda

"The Divine Name" : The rupa of Bhagavan (the form of God) is beyond our comprehension. But here is something, an aspect of God identical with Him, discovered in ancient times. It is the mantra (sacred syllable or word) of the supreme absolute Being. Here is a “being” that is name, and yet it is formless. Therefore it has contact with the formless world. Itself being devoid of rupa (form), being nirakara (formless), it has contact with the nirakara parabrahma tattva (formless supreme Reality). Parabrahma is nirakara, nirguna (without form, without attributes), but here It is nirakara but saguna (formless but with attributes). It is in the form of sabda (sound). It is in the form of nama. It has vibration. It has a tangible sound form which we can hear with our gross ear.

"Jagat Guru Lord Krishna says: “He who repeats My Name at the time of leaving the body attains Me. He does not return once again into this mortal world.” Abheda, abhedata of nama and nami (The non-difference, identity of the Lord and His Name) has been established by the direct experience of those who have practised this path and attained perfection."

"The path of the Divine Name in this Kali Yuga is the supreme, the least complicated, the most efficacious, unfailing, simple and powerful path." - Swami Chidananda  << Read More>>

Learning of  Jeevan Yoga from a Yoga Acharya Swami Adhyatmananda
Through TV episodes of "Jeevan Yoga" Series by Doordarshan Girnar

Obesity : Yes, one can surely control hunger, thirst, sleep, behavior, thoughts and work by performance of Yogasanas and Pranayama. One can live with least consumption of food, water and sleep by practice of Shitali and Shitkari Pranayama. Practice of Bhujangasana reduces hunger.
Action taken to reduce the weight by compulsory dieting makes the body tired, sorrowful and depressed, whereas food con­sumed with proper understanding and practice of regular exercise as well as Yoga-abhyasa endows one with a balanced life. -Swami Adhyatmananda  << Read  More>>  / Jeevan Yoga Episode 6

Upcoming Yoga Teachers Training Course ( 38th YTTC) is organized from May 11, 2017 - May 30, 2017 : You can still enroll. 
Transform your life to Yoga way of Living. Enhance your skill in Yoga, be a teacher and spread the knowledge to others. On completion of three weeks residential YTTC and successfully passing the test including theory and practical, the graduate will receive a diploma certificate recognized by Gujarat University.  Contact the ashram for the details - 

Highlighting the news and upcoming events

Join with us in Utsav Ganga at the Sivananda Ashram starting from Chitra Navaratri (March 28, 201 - April 5, 2017), Ramnavami Utsav on April 5, 2016 (10 am, Maruti Yajna on Sri Hanuman Jayanti (April 11,  2017),  Navchandi yajana on Patotsav of Sri Maa Ashtalaxmi Adishakti Peeth Utsav (April 29, 2016), Divya Jeevan Sangh Annual Meeting  on April 30, 2017, Bhakti Sangeet and...............

Srimad Bhagawat Katha by H.H. Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj on Vyasapeeth ( April 21, 2017 to April 27, 2017 (4.30pm to 8.00pm) -  It is a blessed occasion to listen to Srimad Bhagawata through Pujya Swamiji's Maharaj.

"The book is named Bhagavata because it speaks of the glory of Bhagavan or Vishnu.The Bhagavata consists of eighteen thousand Slokas. . It contains the essence of all the Puranas. The Bhagavata Dharma as taught by the nine sages to King Nimi in the beginning of the eleventh Skandha, is thrilling and soul-stirring. The tenth Skandha contains all the Lilas of the Lord..........
"The teachings given by Lord Krishna to Uddhava on the eve of His departure from this world, are wonderful. These are contained in the eleventh Skandha. Sri Krishna clears all the doubts of Uddhava, His friend, foremost disciple and the chief of the Yadavas. He gives instructions on a variety of subjects. But the one ringing note is: “See Me in everything. Surrender yourself to Me. Do all actions for my sake. Cut off all sorts of attachments. Have perfect unswerving devotion to Me. Sing My glories.” - Swami Sivananda

News and Activity Report for the Month of March 2017
Upcoming Utsav & Satsang
Divya Jivan / March 2017

To those men who worship Me alone, thinking of no other, of those ever united, I secure what is not already possessed and preserve what they already possess. ( 9:22)



To those whose minds are set on Me, O Arjuna, verily I become ere long the saviour out of the ocean of the mortal Samsara!(12:7)



Fix thy mind on Me, be devoted to Me, sacrifice to Me, bow down to Me. Thou shalt come even to Me; truly do I promise unto thee, (for) thou art dear to Me.(18:65)

17th Patotsav of Maa Sri Ashtalaxmi

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