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August  2009

Divya Jivan Newsletter

August 2009  





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  Glories of the Lord  Sri Krishna on auspicious Sri Krishna Janmashthami ( August 14,  2009) 

"Sri Krishna is not merely a historical man who came and went, like others, but the Eternal Purusha who dwells even now and shall live in the everlasting future, in the core of all manifestation. It is the Symbol of the Absolute descended into relativity that we call Krishna, the ever-beloved protector of all that breathe and air."

 "So Sri Krishna is called an Avatara, a descent of God in the world, of the Whole in the parts, of the Absolute in the relative. An Avatara is different from a Rishi or a Jivanmukta who represents an ascent of man to God, whereas the Avatara is a descent of God to man, consciously and deliberately. Sri Krishna lived the universal life, laughed a universal laughter, and walked on earth as the moving Spirit of the universe. To worship Him is to be in the Presence of God; to know Him is to realise the Self."

 "What a grand life! The householder and the Sannyasin, the great enjoyer and the great renouncer, the child and the sagacious, the sportive and the contemplative, the human and the Divine, melt together in the menstruum of Sri Krishna and exist as One! Truly, God is All, and to God all are one. "He is woman and He is man; He is boy and He is girl; He is the old one tottering with a stick; He exists pervading all things" (Svetasvatara Upanishad, IV-3).

 Sri Krishna’s life is a standing example of the omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence of God, of the fact of Divine Grace and of individual instrumentality in the evolution and involution of the universe. His life is a pattern of life perfect, of the attainment of the ideal of the Superman, of the philosopher-statesman, the sage-administrator, the human realisation in life of the divine Transcendental Reality. Sri Krishna, as the ideal Superman, shows in His life the way and the goal of life of all, explains how to live and why to live. Life should aim at the direct knowledge and experience of the Absolute, and it should be lived in a way which does not, at any stage, violate the principle of this eternal Law, but affirms it in every walk of life." - Swami Sivananda <<More>>
Ideals of Superhuman- Swami Sivananda
A special page with enlightening articles
 Sri. Krishna stuti- audio clip
Worship of  Lord Sri Ganesh on auspicious Sri Ganesh Chaturthi ( August 23, 2009)

"Salutation to Lord Ganesha who is Brahman Himself, who is the Supreme Lord, who is the energy of Lord Shiva, who is the source of all bliss, and who is the bestower of all virtuous qualities and success in all undertakings." - Swami Sivananda

A special page with enlightening articles
Lord Ganesh - Removal of Obstacle  -Swami Krishnananda
Early Morning Meditation talks from" Ponder These Truths" by Sri Swami Chidananda

We Live in  a Friendly World 
- "We live in a friendly world in which everything that exists is eager to assist us. Everything seen, heard, touched, tasted, smelled, thought about, imagined are all eager to help in our evolution. As a matter of fact, they are not only there to help evolution, but you have been put here amidst them in order to assist and achieve your own evolution unto perfection. Everything wishes to help us; all things are part of our evolution.This is the Truth ".........

" Fire is indispensable in the kitchen; otherwise, we cannot cook food. A sharp knife is also indispensable for cutting the vegetables. And if we use the indispensable factors of fire and steel with caution, they will help us, and we will benefit from them day in, day out, year after year.".......
"Pondering this truth, one will behold the world as God, behold the world as angelic and not demonic. And it will arouse in one a great joy, a great hope, a great feeling of gratitude, a great feeling of friendliness to all life around, for all things around, animate and inanimate. For God made them all and put us amidst them. May this truth enlighten your onward march towards the great Goal!" - Swami Chidananda  <<More>>

"Yoga , A way of Life" by Swami Adhyatmananda
(Latest Release book )

Kapal Bhati Pranayam : Kapal in Sanskrit means Forehead and Bhati in Sanskrit means Shining. Practicing Kapalbhati on regular basis leads to shining face with inner radiance. Kapalbhati is highly energizing abdominal breathing exercise. What we do in Kapalbhati Pranayama ?
In Kapalabhati we do quick exhalation and natural inhalation. Normally exhalation takes one fourth of the time of inhalation.Quick exhalation and natural inhalation follow each other....................

 Bhastrika Pranayam : The meaning of the Sanskrit word ‘Bhastrika’ is ‘Bellows’, thus the Bhastrika Pranayama is called the ‘bellows breath’. This form of breathing increases the flow of air into the body to produce inner heat at the physical and subtle level.
Bhastrika breathing is a dynamic and highly energizing abdominal breathing exercise requiring a large expenditure of physical energy. It is accomplished by breathing abdominally at the rate of 1-4 breaths per second, with inhalations and exhalations equally emphasized and equally active. << More>> 
“Each activity of Yogi Should bring him near to the eternal unfailing beauty of the Soul. This is a real sense and high value of Yoga. Yoga is like a vast sky which can envelop everyone, those who want peace & harmony.”- Swami Adhyatmananda

  "Divya Tour 2009" of H. H. Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj
(May 30, 2009 - September 18, 2009)

“Adapt, Adjust & Accommodate”, make “Yoga, A way of Life”, not only Pujya Swami Adhyatmanandaji talks about it on the podium but it reflects in each action of  His. It is inspiring to observe Him in action and to learn from the Life Divine (of HIS). What a blessings! to serve, to  live and to be in Holy company of a GODMAN, only the fortunate are the ones, who get such opportunity. Everybody essentially is Divine but the Divinity expresses through a few and rare ones.
Here are the Testimonies..................

“Swamiji, as he is respectfully known, is an ordinary man who has mastered extraordinary skills and discipline. He moves around the world with the greatest of ease, more like a young butterfly than a 65-year-old man. He is kind, generous and extremely articulate and has a good sense of humor. I spent an hour talking with him and his special graces made my day much more worth living. It’s true when they say words cannot describe him.” – Celeste Regal, reporter of Observer (New Jersey).  

Yoga expert coming to Utah -  "Many Americans think yoga is about stretching and exercise. This month a world-renowned instructor from India will lead four workshops in the Salt Lake Valley, explaining how it can be much more than that.
Swami Adhyatmanandaji -- or Swamiji, as he is known -- has written books on yoga and philosophy while hosting hundreds of yoga camps all over the world. The Utah events are part of his global tour." - Peggy Fletcher Stack, reporter of Salt Lake Tribune.

Divya Tour 2009 of H.H. Sri Swamij Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj is progressing well and people are reaping the benefits of yoga/spiritual teachings from Pujya Swamiji Maharaj. Morning Yoga and evening spiritual satsang are being organized all across USA. A week of Yoga camp and Jnana Yajana at New Jersey, Murti Sthapna  Mahotsav at Hindu Mandir of Madison, Gayatri Yajana at Chicago, Yoga workshops at Tampa, Youth camp at Anoopam Mission are a few programs to highlight the continuing of Divya Tour 2009 report . << MORE>> .
Divya Tour 2009 - News in Slide Show
Gujarat Times
Yoga expert coming to Utah
Details regarding the tour is available on   "Divya Tour 2009". Communicate through,

“Serve all. Love all. Service of humanity is worship of God. There is no greater yoga than service of Mankind." These are the sterling utterances of Gurudev. He was an embodiment of karma yoga."- Swami Chidananda

Highlighting the Ashram News

"Guru's Grace alone is sufficient for getting knowledge of Brahman" - Swami Sivananda 

"If ever there is a desire to remember GOD or longing for godly act or yearning for Japa, Meditation and Satsang;  know that it is due to GURUKRUPA ONLY"  - Swami Sivananda

Gurupurnima Celebration at the Ashram
News & Activity Report for the Month of July 2009
Divya Jivan (Gujarati)/July -August 2009
News in Slide Show
 Geetamrutam - Nectar Divine from Srimad Bhagvad Gita
Thy right is to work only, but never with its fruits; let not the fruits of actions be thy motive, nor let thy attachment be to inaction. (2:47)

Perform action, O Arjuna, being steadfast in Yoga, abandoning attachment and balanced in success and failure! Evenness of mind is called Yoga. (2:48)

Endowed with wisdom (evenness of mind), one casts off in this life both good and evil deeds; therefore, devote thyself to Yoga; Yoga is skill in action. (2:50)
The world is bound by actions other than those performed for the sake of sacrifice; do thou, therefore, O son of Kunti, perform action for that sake (for sacrifice) alone, free from attachment! (3:9)
Whatever thou doest, whatever thou eatest, whatever thou offerest in sacrifice, whatever thou givest, whatever thou practiseth as austerity, O Arjuna, do it as an offering unto Me!(9:27)

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