NEWSLETTER -  August 2016
Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad

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Divya Jivan Newsletter
Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad
   August 2016

OM Namo Bhagawate Sivanandaya!
OM Namo Bhagawate Chidanandaya!
OM Namo Narayanaya!
Glories of  Lord Sri Krishna on the occasion of Sri Krishna Jayanti  ( August 25, 2016)

"Bhagavan Sri Krishna is the immortal manifestation of God in all His splendor, that man was ever given the fortune to behold. Man! Blessed thou art, that hast visualised with thy fleshly eyes the mighty Dignity of the Supreme Sovereign of the Universe! Thou art purified; thy birthright is to realise Him; thy fortune is a part of His Greatness! Sri Krishna may be called the "Collective Man", who represented all beings hungering and thirsting to gain the Highest Freedom and who voiced forth their deepest aspirations in the loudest possible tone. He came to release man from the thraldom of vice and correct his vision so that he could walk along the ever-illumined path to perfection. Sri Krishna is the articulation of the pure longings that are buried in the hearts of people. Sri Krishna is not merely a historical man who came and went, like others, but the Eternal Purusha who dwells even now and shall live in the everlasting future, in the core of all manifestation. It is the Symbol of the Absolute descended into relativity that we call Krishna, the ever-beloved protector of all that breathe and air."

"So Sri Krishna is called an Avatara, a descent of God in the world, of the Whole in the parts, of the Absolute in the relative. An Avatara is different from a Rishi or a Jivanmukta who represents an ascent of man to God, whereas the Avatara is a descent of God to man, consciously and deliberately. Sri Krishna lived the universal life, laughed a universal laughter, and walked on earth as the moving Spirit of the universe. To worship Him is to be in the Presence of God; to know Him is to realise the Self."- Swami Sivananda << More>>

" Chidananda Darshan" - through HIS Teachings
Birth Centenary Celebration of Guru Bhagawan Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj (Sept 24, 2015 -Sept 24, 2016)

"It is the third dimension of life that is more important than either the outer secular life or the inner spiritual life. This Third dimension is your inner life of thoughts, feelings, attitudes, reactions, and memories. Your ancients went so far as to say that you live only in this interim dimension, this psychological level of your life. It is this interior dimension that decides how each and every thing in your life will affect you. Essentially, every human individual is a psychological being. Therefore, this is the link. And success in both the first two dimensions depends upon what is going on here. See that this inner world of our own psyche does not become a factor drawing us away from God. "- Swami Chidananda

"You should act your part in the scheme of things as dictated by the situations in which the Lord places you. You are where you are, and what you are, due to the Will of the Lord." - Swami Chidananda

"Every movement, every force, every form of energy, all power, is a manifestation of the great universal Power, the Universal Source. Everything in this universe - all movement, power, force, energy, is divine, derived from the divine Source. Therefore it is sacred. And so everything is saturated by that great power or force. Everything is to be treated with reverence." - Swami Chidananda

Learning of  "Jeevan Yog" from a Yoga Acharya Swami Adhyatmananda
Through TV episodes of Jeevan Yoga Series by Doordarshan Girnar

Surya Namaskara or Sun Salutation ("salute to the sun"), is a common sequence of Hatha Yoga asanas. Its origins lie in a worship of Surya, the Hindu Solar deity. This sequence of movements and poses can be practised on varying levels of awareness, ranging from that of physical exercise in various styles, to a complete sadhana, which incorporates asana, pranayama, mantra and chakra meditation.

The physical base of the practice links together twelve asanas in a dynamically performed series. These asanas are ordered so that they alternately stretch the spine backwards and forwards. When performed in the usual way, each asana is moved into with alternate inhalation and exhalation (except for the sixth asana where the breath is held in external suspension). A full round of Surya namaskara is considered to be two sets of the twelve poses with a change in the second set to moving the opposite leg first through the series.<< More>>

Highlighting News & Upcoming Events
Birth Centenary Celebration of Guru Bhagawan Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj continues........

Chidananda Birth Centernary Celebration Tour 2016 of H.H. Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji has concluded on Aug 1, 2016. Devotees here in the West expressed their love, joy & gratitude in their own ways to be a part of this memorable event. 
The highlights of the tour is Centenary Celebrations of Brother Monks Gurumaharaj Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj and H. H. Sri Swami Swami Chinmayanandaji Maharaj at Chicago, Chinmaya Mission at Atlanta and Chinmaya Mission at Houston, Mandir Mahotsv at Bharatiya Temple, Troy (MI), Yoga Teachers Training at Kul-kamala Ashram, a story of a devotee's offering of a Thepla (Indian roti) Thal and more.....  Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji released a booklet “Divinity - Chidananda Thy Name” commemorating the birth centenary of Pujya Swami Chidanandaji at Atlanta. Chidananda Sevashram brought out this booklet which displays the life and teachings of Swamiji in pictures and words. An impressive documentary was shown on the saintly personality of Pujya Swami Chidanandaji.

Here' we share a few sentiments of devotees.................

"It was indeed a joy to be a part of most memorable event of Jalaram Mandir Pranpratishta Mahotsav. That day, Pujya Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj ignited a special spark and created a big momentum with HIS holy presence & Kirtan. It reminded of the ecstatic site (that is read in the book) of Kirtan by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprbhu !" - sevak

"We have been and continued to be blessed by His presence in our life and His teachings. Wherever Swami-Ji goes, Love is there. Peace is there. Joy is there. God is there. We are better people as a result of His sharing of the Light."- Sharon Alitt

“Being in His presence brings feelings of love, kindness, calmness… his knowledge, history and experience allow me to walk away with the tools I need to continue my journey toward becoming a Yogi.” -  a devotee  << More>>

News & Activity Report for the Month of July 2016

Divya Jivan / July 2016 


"I am the Self, O Gudakesha, seated in the hearts of all beings! I am the beginning, the middle and also the end of all beings." (10:20)

"And, I am seated in the hearts of all; from Me are memory, knowledge, as well as their absence. I am verily that which has to be known by all the Vedas; I am indeed the author of the Vedanta, and the knower of the Vedas am I." (15:15)

"Having become the fire Vaisvanara, I abide in the body of living beings and, associated with the Prana and Apana, digest the fourfold food" (15:18)

"Abandoning all duties, take refuge in Me alone; I will liberate thee from all sins; grieve not."  (18:66)

Jai ho ! Jai Jai Lallaji ! 

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