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July 2009

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July 2009  





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 On the Subject of  "Guru  Tattava" for upcoming Guru Purnima (July 7, 2009) 

"The Sadguru is Brahman Himself. He is an ocean of bliss, knowledge, and mercy. He is the captain of your soul. He is the fountain of joy. He removes all your troubles, sorrows, and obstacles. He shows you the right divine path."
"Guru is God. A word from him is a word from God. He need not-teach anything. Even his presence or company is elevating, inspiring, and stirring, His very company is self-illumination. Living in his company is spiritual education."
"Guru is the Moksha-dvara (door to liberation). He is the gateway to the transcendental Truth-Consciousness. But, it is the aspirant who has to enter through it. The, Guru is a help, but the actual task of practical Sadhana (spiritual practice) falls on the aspirant himself."- Swami Sivananda << More>>

Sivananda Ashtotra Shata Namavali

Dev Dev Sivananda.........................(audio clip)
GURU is His Teachings  by Swami Chidananda

" By the light of the sun, the whole world awakens.  By the light of the sun, darkness is banished, slumber gives place to wakefulness and sloth gives place to activity.  By the light of the sun, all beings in this world see things, perceive things clearly....

Thus the sun is the awakener; the sun is the enlightener; the sun is the marga darsaka (one who shows the path).  It is the sun that guarantees smooth, unhampered progress towards each one’s destination. When the sun is not there, one is, as it were, blind, even though having eyes. 

In the life of a sincere seeking soul, in the life of jijnasu, a mumukshu, a sadhaka, a spiritual aspirant, the Guru is as it were, the Sun"......<<More>>  Swami Chidananda

"Yoga , A way of Life" by Swami Adhyatmananda
(New Release book )

  Ichhashakti, Kriyashakti and Jnanshakti

 "Whatever is seen or heard around us in this universe contains Prana inside them. Prana is the sum total of energy, alertness and consciousness. Prana is the most subtle. Breath is the external appearance of Prana. We can control subtle Prana after controlling physical Prana. It means by controlling external, physical and visible Pranic capacity, subtle inner consciousness can be controlled.

 All the functions of our body are connected with one another. The body is connected with Prana, Prana with senses, senses with mind, and mind with intelligence. Paramtattva is separate and not understandable by intelligence as it is beyond it. There are no words. (Yato Vacho Nivartante Aprapya Manasa Sah.) It can be obtained by continuous practice of Pranayama. It is not physical so it is not sensible."
-  Swami Adhyatmananda. <<More>>

  "Divya Tour 2009" of H. H. Sri Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj
(May 30, 2009 - September 18, 2009)

"I was pleased to be able to welcome Swami Adhyatmanandaji to Toms River once again and thank him for inspiring the participants of Yoga," said Mayor Kelaher of the two-session seminar that drew out 100 able-bodied attendees. "All of the participants were so impressed not only by the Swami's charming personality, but his worldwide reputation."  - Mayor Thomas F. Kelaher of  Toms River,  New Jersey

"The Swami has planted more than 10 million trees worldwide and his acts are a wonderful example of how just one person with an open heart and mind can make a huge difference in this world," - Dr. Nick Mehta . <<  "Toms River Times (New Jersey )" >>

"The Learned Swamiji, who is renowned in practicing & teaching Yoga and Meditation says :  Yoga is eternal life in the soul or spirit. It transmutes a man into divinity. It brings a message of hope to the forlorn, joy to the depressed, strength to the weak and knowledge to the ignorant. Yoga way of Life brings happiness of sound mind in sound body. Yogic living implies discriminative living. Yoga is equanimity, equipoise or equilibrium. It is the secret master-key to open the realms of eternal bliss and deep abiding peace" << India Tribune , Chicago >>

These are just the glimpses of the feelings expressed on the start of  " Divya Tour 2009 " of  Pujya Swami Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj . For more, please find the link - From the Dairy of  "Divya Tour 2009 "  Details regarding the tour is available on   "Divya Tour 2009". Communicate through,

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“Serve all. Love all. Service of humanity is worship of God. There is no greater yoga than service of Mankind." These are the sterling utterances of Gurudev. He was an embodiment of karma yoga."- Swami Chidananda

Highlighting the Ashram News

News & Activity Report for the Month of June 2009

Divya Jivan (Gujarati)/June 2009
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"Guru, God and Self are one."  

"The grace of the Guru is like an ocean. If one comes with a cup he will only get a cupful. It is no use complaining of the niggardliness of the ocean. The bigger the vessel the more one will be able to carry. It is entirely up to him."

"What is the nature of Guru's grace? It is beyond thought and word. Then how can it be said that the devotee realises his true Being by virtue of the Guru's grace? It is like the elephant which wakes up on seeing a lion in its dream. Even as the elephant wakes up at the mere sight of the lion, so too is it certain that the disciple wakes up from the sleep of ignorance to the knowledge of Real. It is true and certain."  - Bhagwan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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